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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 14th November 2018 Written Episode Update Vibhuti selected for space travel

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 14th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Anu says god please let something good take place,Tiwari walks in and says i have some good news, today i saw him go for interviews for the ones where people are sent to moon,but let me tell he is useless and will achieve nothing but still he has made an attempt to go where he wont be so that’s a good news and just imagine him being kicked out anyways here are sweets,Anu gets upset and asks what’s wrong, Vibhu walks in excited and says im selected,i have all the qualities,Anu asks what else,Vibhu says lets throw this man away go upstairs and celebrate.

Angoori singing and gardening, vibhu walks to her dressed as astraunaut, Angoori asks what dress is it,Vibhu says SRO gave me this, Angoori says oh i get it,but tell me one thing why wearing it now,vibhu says so i get used

to it,even natures call,saxena says when you have to pee,how will you in it,vibhu slaps him.tiwari walks to him and says angoori please go get tea and vibhu you look so good and so proud yo have you as neighbor,vibhu asks whAt you want, Tiwari says advertise my lingrie on moon,vibhu says are you mad, tiwari says i will pay you.vibhu says done.

Anu telling meenal and Anurag about choosing vibhu, and says Vibhu is Superior than all of us, you know his right side brain is stronger and so he has so high balance,he was once said you are born astraunaut,im lucky to have him as my husband. Vibhu walks in and greets them. Anu says how handsome,Vibhu says i know that, meenal asks can i have a selfie, vibhu says this suit has a prestige so you can’t,meenal says cmon, vibhu says that will alert our competitors and they will go before us.Gupta walks in, Meenal asks why did you choose him and not my husband, Gupta says we wanted someone who is useless like vibhuti unemployed,he has brains but doesn’t use it,he is useless and unemployed perfectly as we wanted.

Vibhu walks to Angoori, vibhu says im here to say good bye and if you miss me do look at moon you will find me there, angoori says why will i miss you.anyways i have packed food for you so that you wont stay hungry,vibhu says not needed,angoori says keep quite and keep the food and constipation tablets and tulsi plant,plant it on moon,now go pack.

Boys discussing and says we are useless too but vibhu won that position, a baba starts coughing, teeka says baba careful,he asks for water, malkan gives him water. He thanks malkan, malkna says dont my uncle use to say if you give water to dying person you get blessings,baba says i wont die,i actually I have burriedy treasure in the police station land.teeka says why wait till this day,baba says i heard you talk and felt your pain,go get the treasure,just give 10% to me to deal with this old age,go now.

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