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Good Morning My Lovely Readers Thanks alot dear jasmine sia and silent readers

Recap- Adiya’s marriage  is fixed It will take place after 3 days Roshnaq  was reluctant  but wasim refused n fixed everything

Anjana  made zoya wear bangles

Zoya confronts  her regarding Aditya’s desire to get married

To which Anjana  out of her mamta has lied something  to zoya But believes once they get married  everything  will settle


Zoya looks at bangle

Adi’s voice echoes in her ears

That he doesn’t  want to marry her

Tears fall from her eyes

She dails adi’s no

Adi gets nervous  seeing  her call

Adi picks up

Mustering  courage -Hii zoya Am glad u called how r u I mean did u forgive me

Zoya-Aditya Anjana  Aunty came home today she said she wants us to get married after 3 days

Adi-I know zoya actually  that is a very auspicious  muharaat  after that we…..

Zoya (interrupts)-but Aditya if one doesn’t  marry willingly  then even auspicious  muharaat  cannot make marriage  successful

Adi-zoya I can understand  u r still confused n angry with  me trust me it was just a prank

Zoya(teareyed )Aditya I saw some truth in ur eyes I request  u pls tell me whatever  is in ur heart marriage  is not a joke


Zoya if u saw truth in my eyes

Am nervous  am scared of getting  marriage  but……..

I Feel I really feel once we get married i will be able  to overcome  my fears

Zoya-Aditya  if u want it too can refuse for marriage  but Pls only if u r completely  ready from heart say yes

Adi-Am ready Zoya This path is difficult  but I feel together  we will walk through  it.

Zoya -hmmm mm

Adi’s pov-zoya I cannot tell u truth am sorry but I cannot  even speak more lies

Adi-zoya I need to go now pls dnt wry am marrying  u with my complete desire that was just a prank till I will agree with ur decision

Tom is mehendi  I hope u will get my name written on ur hand

Zoya-bye Aditya take care

Adi is worried

Zoya looks outside window  teareyed

She goes to living  room

She sees that her abuu is excitedly  inviting  everyone on phone

Zoya notices that Noor is busy selecting  her dresses

Roshnaq  notices a worried  zoya

Roshnaq  takes her to room

Roshnaq  is holding  her hand


Decisions regarding  marriage are big decision  it is a life changing  decision  zoya whatever  is in ur heart tell ur ammi beta u Dnt need to feel any pressure

Zoya hugs her

She breaksdown

Zoya-ammi how will i stay without  u n abuu am just upset because  of that

Roshnaq  smiles-beta we are always with u n am sure u will get more love in ur saasuraal as Anjana  treats u like a daughter  n even Harsh bhaishaab n Arjun will pamper Infact u will not even remember  us

They hug

Zoya’s pov-Ammi if Allah has made this alliance  possible  am nobody to break it I cannot make my family upset just because  I have little  doubt on Aditya Now whatever  Allah feels I deserve  i will get

I will get married i will

Zoya is shown talking  on phone

Yash (shocked )-After three days??Zoya am feeling  something  is very fishy u should  refuse zoya

Zoya -i spoke to Aditya n also to Anjana Aunty They are not lying  Yash nothing  is fishy am getting  married  This is my destiny N as u r my best friend  I hope  u will accept my decision  n enjoy my marriage  pls do come tom for mehendi


Zoya-pls yash forget about everything  am happy my family is happy  with this alliance u pls come bye

Yash is confused

Yash-no zoya no something  is very fishy I need to find our afterall Its question  of my best friends whole life I cannot risk it

Zoya has got ready for mehendi

Aditya is moving  about restlessly  in his room

Arjun comes

Adi hugs him-Arjun I feel am doing  wrong  with zoya but then. ….

Arjun-bhai pls relax pls

Scene shifts

A excited Anjana  comes

She is glad to see adi ready

She hugs him

Anjana  (teareyed )-Today am feeling  so so so happy u have given me the best gift

Adi-love u maa

Adi’s pov-Anything  for ur smile

Hoodas welcome Siddquis  to their home for mehendi ceremony

Anjana  hugs zoya

Adi looks with blank expression  at zoya

Zoya tries to smile

Adi nods

Mehendi  rasam begins

Anjana  applies mehendi  to zoya

Yash comes

He notices  that adi is roaming  around  restlessly

Zoya smiles  at  yash

Yash congratulates her

Wasim is not happy with his presence

Zoya happily introduces him to hooda family  as her best friend

Adi greets him

Yash finds something  about adi different

Dhol n music is played

Family members  begin to dance happily

Adi sits in corner

Zoya looks at him

But he doesn’t  look at her even once

Yash notices

Yash sits besides adi

Yash -so adi are u getting  bored

Adi-no no

Yash-actually  u might be used to western  culture  more

Adi-nothing  like that its just that too much  noise makes me uneasy


Yash-Adi can I ask u something Actually  Dnt get me wrong  but zoya  is my best friend  am really very concerned for her Aditya are  u happy  with  this marriage

Adi gives him puzzled  look- what makes u ask this I already  told u am little low as my health is not good

Yash-pls relax i just felt

Adi-I Dnt understand  anyways I need to leave

Yash looks

Yash’s  pov-he is definitely  lying


Adi n zoya are sitting  in Mandap

Yash goes through  something  on his laptop  he is stunned

He tries to call zoya  multiple  times

But her phone is with wasim

Wasim picks up

Yash -zoya Adi has somebody else in his life i just got to know pls refuse for this marriage

Wasim is shocked

Yash arrives at wedding location

He shows some photos to wasim

Wasim (angrily )I always felt u will harm my zoya someway yash i know about this girl and adi we all know even zoya knows she is his past how dare u

Yash but uncle

Wasim (yells)-get lost get out from here

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