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Bepannah 14th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Harsh slaps Aditya

Bepannah 14th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Harsh asks Nani if she is hiding something. Is this true? Anjana asks him why he is even talking to her. Who is she? You are asking her all this instead of throwing them out? You don’t see your family? These are cheaters. They have come to snatch our happiness. They are with Zoya. Harsh tells her to shut up. You very well know that Zoya isn’t involved in any of it. You also know they aren’t lying so stop your acting! They aren’t strangers but my closed ones only. He is about to warn Anjana when Aditya interrupts him calling him Mr. Hooda. He stands between his father and mother. Think who you are talking to before talking to my mother. What was her mistake? She forgave you once! He turns to Anjana. I told you against it yet she still forgave you for some reason! Don’t forget that she has

accepted you knowing your every weakness. She was with you and is with you today too! You are talking like this to my mother in front of strangers! Arjun asks Harsh if he knew about Rajvir. Harsh says atleast you know me. I swear on all of you. I knew nothing about Rajvir. He turns to Nani again. Why did you hide it from me? Why dint you come to me earlier? Nani replies that Pallavi came to meet him but she wasn’t allowed to even meet you.

Flashback shows Pallavi requesting Anjana to let her meet Harsh. I want to tell him about our son. Anjana refuses to let her go near Harsh. How should I believe it that he is Harsh’s son? Don’t know what garbage you have brought inside my house! Pallavi tells her not to say so. It is my and Harsh’s son. Anjana warns her to shut up. She gives her a cheque. I will give you more. Just leave and never come back in our lives! I will make sure you and this kid isn’t seen ever again if you wont listen to me! Get lost with your kid! Don’t know from where you have come! Pallavi cries as she leaves. Anjana touches her womb (she is pregnant). Flashback ends.

Nani tells Harsh to ask his wife if he thinks she is lying. She pressurised Pallavi so much that she had to leave her son in an orphanage.

Flashback shows Pallavi handing over Rajvir to an orphanage. Forgive me for not being able to get you your dues. It will be better for you to be called an orphan instead of being called illegitimate. Flashback ends.

Pallavi was heartbroken. She sacrificed her love, her family, her everything. No one knows where she disappeared afterwards. She came back 8 years later. You must remember it Mr. Hooda or maybe not? You had a great family and had become rich. You had everything but my daughter only had the pain and memories given by you. She was mad. She thought if she would love you with all her heart then one day, God might pity her and return her love to her. She was mad to think she will gain everything again. She died every day while hoping for all that! You also gave her false assurance by saying that you were going to divorce Anjana but it never happened! I wont be able to forget that call ever. She was so thrilled as if she was about to get her life back.

Another flashback shows Pallavi calling her mother. I told you that everything will be fine. I told you that Harsh will return in my life. Her mother is happy hearing it. Come back with Rajvir. I will look after you guys. Pallavi wants to wait for Harsh. I will then return home with Harsh and Rajvir. Nani asks her if she told Harsh about Rajvir. Pallavi says I am about to tell him. I will tell him once he talks to Anjana about divorce. She lies to her mother that Rajvir is right here in front of her. They end the call. Pallavi is tensed. How to tell Ma that Rajvir is not with me? World would have mocked him. I will bring him home once Harsh asks for divorce from Anjana. We will then live as a happy family.

Harsh is heading out of the house holding a suitcase when Anjana warns Harsh that he will never be able to see his sons again if he crosses the threshold of this house. You are leaving your family behind to make a new home? Don’t forget that you are here today because of me and my father! Is this how you will pay us back? Little Aditya overhears their convo. Anjana again warns Harsh to forget about his sons if he steps out of the house today. I will make sure they also forget they had a father. Harsh lets go of the suitcase. On the other hand, Pallavi dresses up like a bride. Only vermilion is missing now. Her phone rings just then. (Missed a one minute epi due to bad weather).

Nani tells Harsh that Pallavi dint commit suicide. She was murdered. You cheated her for this Anjana! You couldn’t meet your son because of her. Aditya asks her how she dare speak like that about his mother. I wont respect you anymore considering your age if you talk like that once again! My mother wasn’t wrong. She did all that for her family, her kids and for her husband. She dint cheat anyone. She lived by her every promise. Only Harsh is at fault! Anjana is crying. Aditya says sadly he is my father. Anjana again tells Harsh that they are lying. That Pallavi only loved your position, your money. Think once about it. How did you accept that Rajvir is your son? Don’t know whose illegitimate child he is! Rajvir lunges at her to hit her but Aditya pushes him behind. He even picks up a knife in an attempt to push him away / hit him. Harsh ends up slapping Aditya. Everyone looks on stunned. Nani smirks. Aditya glares at Harsh.

Precap: Zoya tells Arjun it might be Aditya’s doings. Arjun and Zoya search the house but Aditya is nowhere to be seen. She rushes upstairs. There are drops of bloods on the floor. Harsh is lying unconscious and stabbed on the floor. They see Aditya lying unconscious on a sofa holding a bloodied knife in his hand.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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