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Silence whisper with a devil ( chapter 24 ) last one

sorry for delay…..there are 3000 words so be happy😋😋😋and don’t miss any part as this is the last part….💗💗💗💗💗


Tears were rolling down non-stop reading her letter….and the letter was already soaked by my tears… I barely knew about Lily but reading this I can say she is truly an angle…. I myself feeling guilty for thinking selfishly ….. I hugged the letter wiping my tears …. I don’t how she bear all of these…..I don’t know how Vansh bear all of these…. Why Lily this world this much bad?

I am sorry Lily if ever hurt you …..I am sorry and I promise I will do my best to fulfil what you ask….I will try my best to keep Vansh’s  world filled with happiness…. I promise but…..

suddenly I began to cough badly …. it was unstoppable…. covering my mouth from hand I went to the kitchen to get some water…. with sudden feeling of wetness coming from hand I looked at my hand which was covering my mouth hoping that it will not what I think…. but no there was ,


I quickly ran into washroom and washed my mouth and splashed water on my face….I a shivering…. wiping my face from my bare hands I sit on the floor putting head against the wall …. I don’t wanna believe it….but it’s the truth… truth is bitter like they say but how can I  believe it when I was about to start my life again with him.….

I took my hoodie and stepped out of the house without any idea to go where in this night…but yet it’s just 9.p.m …. Finally my feet stop in front of a place where my mind think I get get a little peace…..


”Vodka please” I said adjusting myself in bar counter…. even though the service man look amazed at me but next he had a smirk on his face…. a black hoodie girl asking for vodka ….any surprise there?

I took the first shot like drinking water but when it passed through the throat I felt like my throat is burning …..





”one more” I said forwarding my glass….

”ma’m you are already had five shots…. ” the service man said leaving sigh

”did I *hiccup* drink on *hiccup* you money?*hiccup* noooo then mind your *hiccup* own business and give me one more  *hiccup*”



Author’s POV,

”you know *hiccup* I am so sad *hiccup* so sad *hiccup* she was right *hiccup* I am such an *hiccup* unfortunate girl….*hiccup* ” she said pointing index finger at service boy who is watching her craziness folding arms….

”hey boy come her…*hiccup* come here na *hiccup*” service boy come a little close to her and she dragged him and made him sit beside her…

”ma’m what?”

”shhh *hiccup* today drinks on me…. *hiccup* I drink you drink *hiccup* I am happy you are happy*hiccup* we are happy ok? *hiccup* ” she said laughing while putting her hand around his shoulder….

he was like a mouse who trap in mouse trap cage…..


”yah boy say cheese*hiccup* she said making a pose like taking selfies…. she is now too much as she complete her nine shot already …..

”Ma’m you are too much drunken now….tell me someone’s number to call…. ”

”NOOOO YOU SHUT *hiccup* UP….. CAN’t you see *hiccup* I am talking… just*hiccup* listen…” she said pushing the service boy while grabbing the whole bottle of Vodka …..

(imagine like this )

(imagine like this )

”you know *hiccup* I have such a devil *hiccup* no a cute *hiccup* devil…. my angelic devil *hiccup* you know he is such a arrogant brat *hiccup* but I like him *hiccup* I am sad….so sad… *hiccup* she should have lived instead of me *hiccup* but the world is cruel  *hiccup* she had such a angle heart but they took her away*hiccup*from him*hiccup*” she talking like chatter box while sobbing….

” having a great time sweetheart” 

she quickly looked behind and saw Vansh …. she began clap while shouting seeing him like a nursery kid….

”see ….I told you na *hiccup* here the devil *hiccup* ”

”Vansh….I love you *hiccup* see he is my devil hubby…. love you so much my devil….ummmmmaaaa ”

she shouted giving non-stop flying kisses to Vansh and she showed Vansh to that service boy like a proud father who show their daughter to his friends when she become class 1st….

”sir she drinks a lot can you please take her with you if you know her…. we are almost about to close the bar…” service boy asked with pleading eyes…. can you imagine how much Ridz torture that boy 😂 he is literally on the edge to stop his job….

 ”yeah sure…sorry for the troubles ” Vansh said with a smile and looked at Ridz who in her own world singing while hugging that Vodka bottle ….

”sweetheart let’s go” Vansh said forwarding his hand

”nope *hiccup* baby’s legs are hurting…*hiccup*  ” she said pouting…. next second Vansh carry her piggyback…. she wrapped her both hands around Vansh neck and began to laugh while shouting

”yah…ho…piggyback ….I loved it…. *hiccup* come on horse …come on…. yeah…see…*hiccup* ummm you’r hair smells good *hiccup* vansh…  ” she shouted smeeling Vansh’s hair …..

she began to sing ”believer ” song and trust your author that time Vansh felt like his ear drums are going to say good bye to him…. that much Ridz’s vocals are perfect most like the sound when rain drops fall on tins….

”Vansh *hiccup* fly please…I wanna flyyyyyy *hiccup* please… please…” as Vansh know how much she is stubborn carrying her in bridal style he free his wings and came to the sky for a while…

'' as Vansh know how much she is stubborn carrying her in bridal style he free his wings and came to the sky for a while

(imagine him like this carrying Ridz in bridal style too )

”waoh!!!! yeah!!! I am flying….*hiccup* yeah!!!! I am flying *hiccup*…. god see I am flying with my devil love…yeah!!!!” She began to shout and how much she happy is visible in her face…even Vansh was lost in her glimmering eyes which are full of pure happiness….


Next second without wasting time Vansh quickly teleport to Ridz’s house as he know that Riddima is impossible  …..

”wait here” Vnash said placing Ridz on her bed thinking to make a lime juice for her….

”*hiccup* nope…don’t go….stay here… *hiccup*” she said making Vansh sit beside her…

”sweetheart you rest… I will come back”

”no*hiccup* I wanna sleep but first *hiccup* give me good night kiss…. ” she said pouting while closing her eyes hoping her good night kiss…

Vansh just peck on her cheeks as he perfectly know if she was in her senses she will never ask that… and he know if he kiss her now then he will not able to control himself so he also don’t want to take advantages from Riddima when she is in such state….

”Vansh…. you are naughty *hiccup* come here” saying this Ridz grabbed Vansh closer by his wrist and cupped his face saying

 ” I love you…..I love you my king of helllll…..I love you so much….”

Vansh smiled but his heart was beating like a drum ….he was lost in his own world remembering Ridz ‘s words but ,

but next second she vomit on him making he scream…..

”ewwww sweetheart”

Time skip~~~~~~~~ ( sorry ….your innocent author skip the time as she don’t know what happened there after that as Vansh locked the door of room stopping me watch further….😌😌🙄🙄 )

Ridz’s POV,

I opened my eyes little by little as my sleep was disturbed by the sun rays coming throw window…. ahhhh my head…. it’s hurting like hell…. did I hit my head somewhere…. ahhh…. I hold my head while yawning and my widened mouth didn’t shut but my eyes widened seeing the view in front of my eyes…..

Vansh in only a Towel

just only a freaking towel

I gulped my own saliva seeing him…he just came out of the washroom wearing only a towel…. water drops are still rolling down on his milky chest….my virgin eyes stoop at his abs…. woah!!!… he has perfectly built abs …. do devil also working out…. are there gyms in hell too….. why is he so hot with wet hair ….ahhhh stop it Ridz…. ahhh control your dirty hormones….

”yahhh starring is rude sweetheart…. ” I shrugged my thoughts and closed my eyes to avoid the embarrassment….. aish!!!! what a shame…. cheee…. My virgin eyes….

”yahhh Vansh ….you bastard…. wear your clothes…. chee…..” I said covering my eyes….after minutes I screamed  realising what is happening now




”so it seems like someone forget everything….” I gulped hearing Vansh….what does he mean….did he raped me….oh no….I quickly look under the bed sheet and find my clothes are perfectly fine….. I left heavy sigh….

”ufff sweetheart… how can you think about me like that…you should thanks me that I didn’t do anything…. btw try to remember what happened yesterday” he said with a smirk…..

little by little I began to remember everything…. ahhh what have I done….. Riddima go and dig a grave for you…. see what you little crazy had done…. ahhhh….. I hid my face between my legs and trust me my cheeks are getting red due to the embarrassment….. it’s getting worse by Vansh’s chuckles….😒😒

Making fun of me Vansh left after giving me a peck on my forehead….. as I was still sleepy I lay on bed again with a thought to sleep but next second again I heavy cough came and I ran into the washroom and here again


📞”Doctor it has started ….. ”


📞”how much time left?”


 Six months later 

Ridz POV

”Cute pie did you bought it ?” Sejal asked hugging me

”ha Seju…I bought it…. let me show you” saying that I take out a box from my bad and opened it revealing our rings…..

 let me show you" saying that I take out a box from my bad and opened it revealing our rings

”Did you show this to Vansh?”

”nope….I bought it today and hope to show this the day before engagement …. he will be surprised and I am sure he will love this…. ”

”of course…. and I am so happy for you cute pie…. I love you ” Sejal said hugging me tightly….

”Thanks Seju…. I love you too” I said hugging her back…. again and again I say I an fortunate have her as my bestie….. but we broke the hug hearing the voice from behind

”Kabir see they are confessing to each other …..why not us? love you bro” Vansh said hugging Kabir…..

”love you too bro….after all KAVA is the best ” Kabir said winking at Vansh…. both Sejal and me burst into laugh seeing their Bromance….

ha for your kind information now Kava is trending…ha they are buddies now….even I can’t believe how Vansh befriend with Kabir…. but that’s how our lives changed during these 6 months…..

Vansh confessed to me months ago and he already knew my answer as he heard it from me the day I got drunken…. I didn’t told Vansh about Lily’s letter nor I told that I know everything about his past…. like let bygones be bygones , I didn’t want to renew Vansh’s past wounds remembering them…. but the day he confessed to me I took a promise from him that he will be again get along with Aryan making all the misunderstandings clear…. and he did it too… I don’t know what happened between those two brother what I want and important to me is now they are gain live like brothers….that all I want as I can fulfil Lily’s one promise…… Vansh start to do business and try to live like a human in earth without erasing memories…. and now Sejal and Kabir are a couple and Kava get along too quickly …..and even my parents loves Vansh and care for him like their own son….but only Sejal know among them that Vansh’s real identity….

During this six months of time , we spent quality time together and make so many beautiful memories…. ~my life was filled with his love , care and warmth… love , which I always craved…but who thought the love which I always craved will be have from the king of hell who is the devil himself.… That’s what they call destiny…..

I always took photographs and make a memory book …maybe because I am too afraid that Vansh will forget me with time being…… 

”where my sweetheart lost ” Vansh asked back hugging me and placing a peck on my left cheek…. I just smile and closed my eyes to feel his warmth and to be honest now I am too addicted to his warmth maybe I am afraid of losing that warmth…..

”You will never lose me sweetheart… ” he said cupping my face….. ha this idiot still reading my mind….

suddenly my throat began to burn and I know what will happen next….

”Vansh, one second ….I need to use washroom…” excusing myself I ran into the wash room and began to cough like hell…. and my head too began to ache like hell and holding my head I washed my mouth and washed the sink which is filled with my blood drops…..

Ha I have a rare brain tumour……

Time skip~~~~

I was making a hot chocolate for me in kitchen when two strong arms wrapped around my waist….

”ahhh Vansh…you are tickling me….yah stop it….” I said laughing while he tickle me more and more….

”see my dear future wifey getting so childish day by day… don’t be so much childish as I can’t handle you with our babies…” he said rubbing his nose on mine….

”yaahhh Vansh…. I don’t want devil babies…. and I don’t wanna share you with them” I said hugging him ….he just left a chuckle messing my hair….. ”I love you sweetheart”

”I love you too my cute devil” I said giving him a peck…. but suddenly my vision got blurry and my whole body become weak…

I think time has come 

Third POV,

Vansh suddenly look at Riddima feeling her grip becoming loose….

”Riddimaaaaaaa” Vansh shouted seeing Riddima lifelessly in his arms…he pat her cheeks and sprinkle water but no words coming from even though her eyes are still open…. and what next Vansh saw make him gasp….

Her nose is bleeding

”Riddima…..sweetheart…please….please talk to me….babe …babe what is happening….please talk to me….sweetheart you are making your devil afraid… sweetheart…”

she looked at Vansh who is talking like crazy all she can do was give a slight smile for him as she is too weak to talk now and she don’t want to use that energy which is saved to stare at Vansh as much as she can as she too too much afraid to that she will forget her love’s face….

”Vansh….listen me babe…. I have a rare brain tumour and I have no time left now…. ” she think as she can’t talk

”noooo sweetheart….nooooo”

”ha Vansh…I found that a day before I went to the restaurant with Kabir…. Doctors said that it was a rare type and by now it was spread all over my brain and I have little time left like 6 or 5 months…. I am sorry Vansh…I am sorry…..I didn’t said this to you as all I wanted to do was live the rest of time happily with you….”

”’Nooo sweetheart….noooo you can’t leave me no……” He screamed and literally he crying like hell….. ”wait let….let me take you to hospital” saying this he teleport to hospital and placed her on hospital bed and screamed for doctors…….

”Vansh….listen…I have no time left…see …give me you hand ” she took his hand and placed that ring in his finger while Vansh crying miserably….

”Vansh please place this finger in in hand” she gave the other ring to him with a week smile …. he placed it while sobbing hardly….

”sweetheart I am gonna stop the time wait….”

”my devil….you know I am just a human and even if you stop time you can’t talk with me ….Vansh babe look at me….. see we are engaged now ….they say when people marry their will have their bond for next 7 lives….so don’t worry Vansh I will be there for you in those 7 lives….”

she thought giving him a week smile ….tears are rolling down making her face wet and next second he pulled Vansh into a kiss which was their last kiss ……. both of crying in kiss but today wants to pull away…..

feeling a a little breath coming out of Ridz he looked at her and saw her angelic face becoming pale and her eyes are closed…..

ha a devil can feel when people die but this time he doesn’t want to feel that….but deep inside him knew that , that little breath was her last breath …….

He hugged her lifeless body tightly and let out a scream making three worlds tremble in fear….that was like an announcement to say that,

Devil’s love left him making him again lost in dark……


When devil falls in love 

even angles smile

only love can conquer

the devil himself  

and devil had the 

most devoted love 

as only pure love can

🖤kiss devil’s soul🖤

~~~~THE END ~~~~


p.s. if you read this ff carefully I said somewhere that Riddima had a severe headache when she was 10 years old and that came in control when she wear that necklace…. and every time she take off the necklace that severe headache came ….. so she had the brain tumour since her childhood but kept in control and didn’t show any symptom because of necklace …… but when Lily left her body the necklace also vanished as that necklace was for the angle in her body…. but now she is all a human and then that brain tumour popped and by that time it was all spread…. and it was a rare one and she was too late when she get to know it that’s why she let t go and thought to live the rest of time with Vansh happily…..

P.S. DON’T FORGET THERE IS AN EPILOGUE COMING SO DON’T GET ANGRY OR SAD 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺trust me epilogue can turn everything happy💗💗💗


tell me your honest feeling about this ff🥺🥺🥺🥺

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