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Sasural Simar Ka 2 14th September 2021 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 2 14th September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Devesh telling Reema that his plan will be fulfilled when his takes revenge from her husband. He says the love which you have left far behind, why are you getting mad for him, what will get. He says whatever you get is from me. I have an offer for you. Reema asks him to be quiet. He says I have an offer for you. Reema asks him to get lost. Devesh says we shall go to Mumbai and shall fulfill our dreams, as you have dream in your heart and says I will make you Ms. India this time. He says in Mumbai, nobody cares if you are married or not, and says I am sorry, you was married. He laughs. Reema cries. Devesh says first I will take revenge from Vivaan. Reema says if you look at Vivaan then I will pluck out your eyes. Devesh acts and says save me from Reema, laughs. Reema asks him to stay away from him. Devesh says I will give a push to your injured lover. He ends the call. Reema tries to call him, but his phone was off. He says first you was yearning in love and now feeling pain hearing my talks. He says you will yearn all your life seeing what happened with Vivaan.

Aditi tries to come out of the Oswal Mansion late in the night. She throws the stone to distract the watchmen. They go to other side to check. Aditi checks the gate locked. She uses table to climb down the wall and goes.

Aarav comes to the room and says beautiful, seeing Simar decorating the room. She says our divorce countdown started so I have decided to gather all our happy moments, from today till last day. she says she will capture the moments in the pictures and keep them with her. Aarav says moments can be painful. Simar says it can cheer us too, it depends how we see. He says this kurta. She says your smell comes from this kurta. Mahiya song plays….Simar says I will bring the phone and come. She brings phone and keeps the camera on. They click their selfies. Ishq Ishq plays…..Aarav says we look good together. Simar looks at him. He says I will select the best pic as my favorite. Simar says I want to talk to you about something important and says Roma di called, she is worried about jija ji’s job. Aarav says if they need money. Simar says no. She says Roma di requested for some job for him. He says you don’t need to clarify and says I will talk to Badi Maa tomorrow. He says it is stressful to see our brothers and sisters in trouble. Simar says tomorrow she will go to meet Di. She says Aarav ji and says nothing.

Reema asks Devesh to be silent and not to do anything with her. Devesh asks do you think I am joking. He sees Aditi getting down from the auto and says what Aditi is doing at Narayan house. Reema hears him and runs out of her room. Aditi gets inside the gate. Devesh clicks her pictures and thinks why did she come here secretly? He thinks my stars would have been merciful on me. He sends Aditi’s pics to Chitra.

Chitra is sleeping and hears the message tune. She checks the pics and gets shocked. She asks Giriraj to wake up and shows Aditi’s pic outside Narayan house. She says Devesh sent the trump card. Reema comes downstairs and sees Aditi meeting Gagan at the corner of the house. Aditi asks are you fine Gagan? Gagan says I am fine, but you shouldn’t have come at this time. Reema comes near them. They hear someone coming. Reema asks them to hide. They hide behind the sofa. Indu comes there. Reema says she couldn’t get sleep and was checking net. Indu says this is your home, you can stay here, but it is not good to fight with husband and come to mayka. She says the differences increase between them. She says in mayka you get love and in sasural, you have to give love and fulfill the relation. Reema says one shall get the chance. Indu says Vivaan is a nice guy and loves you so much. She goes. Reema comes to Gagan and Aditi. She holds Gagan and Aditi’s hands and takes them to the room. She says what happened between the two families because of you both and asks them to stop.

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