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RIANSH: WILL THEY FALL IN LOVE? (A beautiful journey) Episode 59

Hi guys, 

Thank you all for your immense response. Thank you all for trusting me. Please, do keep supporting me like this.. 

Episode begins with.. 

Riddhima changes her dress. She hears someone knocking the door. She wipes her tears and opens the door. She finds rudra there. She gets angry but still controls her anger. Riddhima was about to go from there but, rudra stops her.. 

RUDRA: Riddhima, from when you started you hate your dad? I can’t bear your hatred anymore. Please, tell me.. What’s your problem? Are you angry with me because of our company matter? Or, is there anything else? 

Riddhima looks at him.. 

RUDRA: But, I’m sure that there is something else. You can’t run away from me. Tell me.. 

RIDDHIMA: What should I tell you dad? Why should I tell you? Didn’t you hide anything from us till today? Tell me.. You are right dad, I can’t hate you. That’s my problem. I’m dying each and every second. You gave me such a pain which is greater than death. I can’t forget this till my last breath. Please dad, don’t make me to say anything. I don’t want to hurt you by my words. Don’t force me.. Hereafter, don’t expect that old riddhima.. Because, I came to know the new form of my dad, which I didn’t expect. Things have changed. Just leave.. 

RUDRA: No.. I won’t go until I get my answer. If you are stubborn then, don’t forget that I’m your dad. I’m more stubborn than you. I need my answers.. 

RIDDHIMA: You want your answers, right? Then, hear this. The reason is pappu dad.. Do you remember this name? Or still you want to hide it saying that you don’t know anyone with that name? 

Rudra gets shocked.. 

Riddhima goes to her cupboard and gets a photo and shows it to rudra.. 

RIDDHIMA: This photo has changed my life dad? The photo of my dad and pappu’s mother.. 

She throws the photo on the floor and cries… 

Just then, vansh and angre comes there.. 

RIDDHIMA: For the first time, I’m ashamed of you dad.. Don’t expect me to be like before. I can’t. Just leave from here.. 

Vansh and angre hears this.. 

ANGRE: (shouts) Riddhima… . 

Riddhima sees both and gets shocked. She turns and wipes her tears. Rudra wipes his tears and acts like being normal.. 

Angre and vansh comes in. 

ANGRE: How dare you to speak to dad like this? He is our dad.. 

Riddhima stays silent. Just then, she notices the photo on the floor and gets panic.. Vansh notices her.. He sees the photo down. He thinks of the photo which riddhima tried to hide in the company. Vansh pushes the photo under the bed using his leg.. 

RIDDHIMA: (thinking) Thank God.. Vansh unknowingly helped me.. 

ANGRE: Riddhima, I’m speaking to you. Today, I’m ashamed of you.. I supported you till today.. But not anymore.. 

Riddhima gets upset and leaves.. Angre takes rudra from there. After all left, vansh takes the photo from under the bed. He sees the photo.. 

VANSH: This is the same photo which I saw in the office. What is the truth that is related to this photo? Why did she speak like that to uncle?

Just then, uma calls everyone down for the puja.. Vansh leaves the photo under the bed and goes. Everyone gathers for the puja. Rudra thinks of riddhima’s words and looks at her.. 

As riddhima and vansh was about to sit in the puja rudra faints. Angre and others rush to her. Riddhima stands in shock.. 

Angre takes rudra to the hospital.  Everyone goes to the hospital. The doctor checks rudra.. 

DOCTOR: Sorry, he is no more.. He had a severe heart attack. It was too late. We couldn’t save him.. 

Angre and others gets shocked.. 

Angre looks angrily at riddhima. He comes to her. Vansh notices him. Angre angrily slaps riddhima but vansh comes in between and gets the slap.. Everyone gets shocked.. 

ANGRE: Vansh..

VANSH: Angre, you are not in your control. I don’t want you both to feel bad later. That’s why I came in between. 

ANGRE: No, vansh.. Don’t support her.. Riddhima, because of your anger, we lost our dad. Are you happy now? I lost my dad. Today, you have proved me wrong riddhima.. 

CHANCHAL: Angre, what are you saying? 

ANGRE: Mom, I saw riddhima scolding and behaving badly with dad.Her words hurted him. He couldn’t bear it. She is the reason mom.. Till today, I supported her, but I won’t do that mistake this time.. 

Chanchal angrily looks at riddhima. She comes near her. She was about to slap riddhima but vansh pulls riddhima and she escapes from the slap.. 

VANSH: Can you all stop this? What happened to you all? How will riddhima be responsible for this? She is not God, right? As far as I know, people’s death is not in our hands. Be it our dad or mom or whoever it is. In that case, why are you all holding her responsible for uncle’s death. I know all of you are in shock. But, you all forgot one think. Even uncle is dad for riddhima too. Think about her state. No children in this world will wish for their parent’s death.. 

Riddhima goes from there. 

VANSH: Angre, what happened to you? Where did your trust go? You used to tell there will be some reason for whatever riddhima do, did you forget it? 

ANGRE: Then, ask her to tell the reason. She won’t tell anything because she doesn’t have anything like that… 

Vansh thinks of riddhima hiding something each and everytime.. 

VANSH: (thinking) No.. Angre, you are wrong. The reason is something big which she is hiding. She have the answer for all your question. But, she doesn’t want you to know about this.. 

ANGRE: Vansh, she don’t have the answers..

VANSH: Angre, just think about all this being riddhima’s brother alone. You are in shock. You are not in your sense. I won’t pressurize you. I’ll give you the same time which you gave me. Don’t repeat my mistake.

SEJAL:Bhai, where is riddhima? 

Vansh finds her missing.. 

VANSH: Angre, you forgot your advice which you gave to me. But, I remember it. So, I don’t want to do the same mistake which I did earlier. 

He goes.. Sejal follows him.. 

VANSH: Sejal, you go and check in the office. I’ll go to the house and check.. 

Vansh and sejal searches for riddhima every where.. But, they couldn’t find her.. 

VANSH: Sejal, there is one place we left.. 

SEJAL: Where? 

VANSH: Riddhima’s house.. 

Vansh and sejal comes to riddhima’s house. They find rudra’s body in the centre of the house. All the others were also there. 

VANSH: Sejal, you be here.. I’ll go and check all the rooms. Don’t tell anything to anyone.. 

SEJAL: Okay bhai.. 

Vansh checks all the rooms and finally finds riddhima in rudra’s room.. He goes near her. He was shocked to see her. Riddhima had tears filled in her eyes. But, she didn’t cry. Her eyes were red. Her face was pale. Her hands were shivering. 

VANSH: Riddhima.. 

Riddhima doesn’t reply anything.. 

VANSH: Riddhima, look at me.. 

Riddhima stays silent.. 

VANSH: Riddhima, are you okay? 

RIDDHIMA: Just leave from here.. Leave me alone for sometime.. 

VANSH: Come down.. 

RIDDHIMA: I won’t.. You leave.. 

Vansh comes down and looks at everyone. He notices virat who was trying to control his tears. He was repeatedly wiping his tears. Vansh notices him.. 

VANSH: What’s wrong with this virat? 

Virat moves aside from there. He goes out. Vansh follows him. Virat sits in his car and drives. Vansh follows him. Virat comes to raisinghania house. Vansh too comes there.. 

VANSH: Why did he come here when everyone is there? and the tears and his emotions in his eyes which I saw today in his eyes is something which I didn’t see before.. What’s happening here? 

He follows him. Virat goes to his room. He takes a photo from a file and hugs the photo and cries.. 

Vansh sees him through window.. 

VIRAT: Why dad? Why did you leave me? Now I don’t that have anyone for me? Neither mom nor you.. When you met me on that day I asked you not to come back in my life. But, I was somewhere happy that atleast I were able to see you. But, today I lost that too.. Why dad? Why is this happening with me? I tried to punish riddhima but you punished me and left me. Why? I’m sure riddhima must have spoken about me to you. She doesn’t know me. Today, she even took my dad from me. Long back I lost my hope that you’ll introduce me as a son to this world. Today, I lost you too. Now, nothing is left with me. Riddhima took both my dad and my mom from me.. 

Vansh hears all this and gets shocked.. 

VIRAT: I wanted to take revenge from riddhima for what she did with my mom and me. But, you always wanted to protect her from me. Today, I wanted to break her, so I sent that old man. And even today you punished me. Why dad? Today for the first time I’m ashamed of myself that I couldn’t even do the last rites for you. I haven’t done anything for you. I couldn’t even show my emotions in front of others. Right from childhood, I’m used to it dad.. Dad.. I couldn’t even utter this word in front of others. You made your own son to call you as uncle.. Why? Why dad? I told you that I would happily be an orphan rather being your illegal son. But, the life of being an orphan is really equal to hell. And today, you throwed me in that hell for my entire life and you left. What wrong did I do? 

Virat keeps the photo in his cupboard and wipes his tears.. 

VIRAT: I’m used to this dad.. I’m tired of hiding my tears from others. I’m tired of living a fake life, fake identify.. My original identity is Virat Rudra sharma.. But, I can’t say this to this world. None will believe me.. 

He goes out. Vansh hides behind a wall. After virat leaves, vansh goes in and takes the photo which virat kept in. He gets shocked seeing the photo. It was virat’s photo with his mother and rudra. 

VANSH: This lady,.. 

He takes his mobile and checks the photo which he took on that day in the office. He gets shocked… 

VANSH: It means if this is virat then, she is his mother and rudra uncle is his father. So, this lady is rudra uncle’s second wife. So, this was the truth which riddhima tried to hide from  others. So, she confronted uncle regarding this.. This guilt killed him. Does riddhima know that virat is uncle’s son. Because, I got only uncle and this lady’s photo there. 

He keeps the photo inside. He comes out and sits in his car. He drives the car and comes to rudra’s house. He looks at virat who was wiping his tears. 

VANSH: So, this was the reason for virat’s enemity towards riddhima. But, why is mentioning  riddhima as the reason for his mother’s death? There is some misunderstanding. His anger was justified but, he is showing that on wrong person. Now, he has again misunderstood riddhima. He is thinking that she is responsible for uncle’s death.. Now, this enmity will get more. She is bearing all the insults because she doesn’t want anyone to get hurt because of this truth. What’s happening here? There is still something which I didn’t know? Why is virat holding riddhima as the reason for his mother’s death? 

Meanwhile, sejal goes to the room and sees riddhima. She asks about the old man. Riddhima tells everything to her. She also informs about her conversation with rudra.. 

RIDDHIMA: I didn’t kill him. His guilt that the truth which he had his all these years has come out. This guilt killed him. His thought of how to face her own daughter who knows about his past has killed him. But, I can’t tell this to anyone. I’m fed up with this truth. Why did this truth came in front of me? It turned my life upside down. Why? 

She is totally broken. But, still not even a drop of year comes from her eyes.. 

Just then, vansh comes there. He hides and hears them.. 

SEJAL: But, who is this pappu? Where he is? 

RIDDHIMA: I don’t know. But, I won’t let anyone get to know of this truth. I’ll find that pappu. 

SEJAL: Come down, riddhima.. Within few minutes, they’ll take uncle’s body for last rites.. 

RIDDHIMA: Sejal, I hated this bitter truth of my father. But, I didn’t hate him. I can’t hate him. I can’t see him in that state. For me, he is living somewhere in this world. He might not be in front of my eyes. But, he’ll be surely in my heart. When I was young he often used to go abroad for his business. I’ll consider this like that. But, this time he won’t return.. 

Sejal hugs her. Vansh sees riddhima.. 

VANSH: Who is this pappu? Is pappu virat? I’ll get all my answers only from sejal.. 


Vansh comes home with sejal and riddhima. Sejal leaves riddhima in her room. Vansh signs sejal to come out. Sejal comes out.. 

SEJAL: Tell me, bhai.. 

VANSH: I need a direct answer. Who is pappu? What is his relation with uncle? 

Sejal gets shocked.. 

SEJAL: Bhai, what are you speaking? I don’t know anyone with that name.. 

VANSH: Sejal, if you have ever considered me as your bhai then, tell me. I can’t see riddhima in tis state. To solve all this, I need to know the truth. If you trust me then, tell the truth. I won’t tell this to anyone. I assure you. I just want to help riddhima.. Tell me..

SEJAL: Bhai, I don’t know anyone with that name. What are you saying?. 

VANSH: Sejal, please.. I’m asking you for one last time. If you trust that your bhai can solve all this then, tell me.. 

Sejal stays silent. Vansh was about to go.. 

SEJAL: Pappu is rudra uncle’s son. He is riddhima’s brother. 

She tells everything to vansh.. 

SEJAL: Bhai, riddhima has asked me not to tell this to anyone. I have even promised her. Despite that I’m saying this because I trust you. More than a friend, riddhima is like a sister to me. Both my bhai and my friend have lost their happiness. I don’t want this to be like this. I trust that you can’t solve all this. That’s the reason why I told you all this. But, I don’t know who pappu is? Even riddhima doesn’t know. All this is happening mainly because of riddhima enterprise. Take care bhai.. 

Sejal goes. 

VANSH: Pappu is none other than virat.. I know this. But, I won’t tell this now. I’ll make virat realise his mistake. I’ll give both angre and virat to you riddhima.. This is my promise.. 

On the other hand riddhima thinks of all the incidents.. 

RIDDHIMA: I’ll find pappu. This is my promise.. 

PRECAP : Vansh takes care of riddhima.

Guys, as you all have guessed virat is pappu. He is riddhima’s brother. But, riddhima doesn’t know that. But, vansh knows it. Now there won’t be anymore negativity. Do comment your views and suggestions if any to be made.. 

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