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Riansh OS # Fareb wala pyar # by aisha08

Hello peeepies aagyi me..

Here is the os..

Ps: Bdi mehnt se likha hai..100 votes chahiye merko🙄

Let’s start

Scene 1

A man is lying on top of a girl in a room

Covering themselves with a duvet two naked bodies are moving frenticaly with each other..

Man (thrusting her hard)- Are u enjoying sweetheart!!

Girl (shouting)- Ahhhh!!! Vansh!! Stop plz..its hurting like hell..🥺

Vansh -why!! Aren’t u enjoying my touch .. that’s what u wanted na riddhima😡

He thrusts her more hard angrily..she is crying and begging in front of him to stop but paying no heed to her words he kept thrusting her untill she passed out in his arms..

Placing her carefully on bed he covered her with duvet and left towards the window holding a cigarette in his hands

His pov

What’s the value of this name fame..when I can’t fill the inner void inside me … being the most famous business tycoon of asia i am complete yet devastated..

Why the one i love most hurts me always…

Just look at peacefully she is sleeping after destroying my life

You were the most innocent person in my life but u turned out to be a villian of my love life..

Pov ends

He gazes at stars remembering how his life change drastically within a short span of time

Flashback starts

Riansh are talking in a room..

Vansh (pleading)- What the hell are u even saying riddhu..i am your friend best can u think like this..

Riddhima – what i did..i am helping u na..

Vansh (angry)- are making a deal in pretext of help..

You call this love…no riddhima you are can’t love me..

Riddhima (rolling her eyes)- c’mon vansh what’s wrong in being selfish..

You want a baby and i want u..

U give me urself and i will give u ur baby..your heir..

Vansh- And what about ragini can i cheat my wife..

Riddhima- she also wants a baby vansh.. can’t u fullfill a single wish of her..

Vansh- Never..i will never allow u to touch me..

Keep dreaming about me but i love my wife ragini only..

It will be ok if i won’t get a baby.. but i will never love u ..i will never touch u..

Riddhima (smirking)- we will see..

Very soon u will be laying with me on bed!!

Flashback ends

Scene 2

Vansh comes in his room drinking

Ragini (crying)- Va..vansh..why are u drinking this much

Vansh- to remove the memories of that filthy woman..

Her touch suffocates me..

Ragini – Sorry vansh..😭 just because of me you are suffering this much..

Vansh (cupping her face)- i can even die for u..i never let your any wish unfulfilled..i will surely give u what u want..

He thuddd on the bed with tears in his eyes..

Flashback starts

Ragini (crying)- Vansh..plz..agree with riddhima..i want a baby..

Vansh – will u be able to see me with someone else..🥺

Ragini- i would love to die hundered times instead of that😭

But i want a baby..i want someone who will call u dad .

I want someone with whom we will spend our whole life..

Plz maan jao vansh😭..riddhima ki deal accept krlo..

Once she will get don’t have to touch her even..

Vansh(crying)- Just for u..only for u jaan😭


Riddhima’s room

Riddhima (smirking)- are here..

I know u can’t stay away from me..hena my love..

Vansh- Don’t keep ur hopes high..

U will get only my body..not my love..

Deal is on riddhima!!

Be ready at honeymoon sweet tonight

Riddhima – wanna see u soon beneath me on bed my love..

I am dying to feel u inside me..

She left giving a flying kiss to him

Flashback ends

2 days later

At night

Riddhima’s room

Vansh came dragging riddhima by her arm with him..

Riddhima- Van..vansh leave me..plz its hurting..

Vansh – it will hurt more..i will give u the equal amount of pain u gave to me and my ragini..

He pushed her on bed and hovered upon her..

Vansh (tearing her dress)- Wanna be love by me sweetheart..

Now i will love u so much..

Riddhima – Vansh plz.. listen to me once..🥺

Vansh (tearing her clothes completely)- Shhhh!!! The night is gonna be long..

Thrusting inside her core harshly he let her shouting in pain without paying heed to her pleeds..

Scene 3

A week later

VR mansion (riddhima doesn’t live in VR mansion)

At hall

Ragini – what’s the need of this vansh..i know u love me..

Vansh – its ok ragini..your insecurities are valid..

But all i can say is after getting baby from riddhima..she will be out of my life completely..

My all wealth ..this name fame will yours and yours only and our baby’s..

That’s why i am signing my all property on your name

Ragini – its ok vansh..i trust u ..

Vansh- And i love u..i can do anything for u..

Kya frk pdta hai.. property mere nam pr ho ya tumhare..rhegi to hamari hi na..

He signs the paper..and leaves..

Ragini (smirking)- Poor hubby!!!


Ragini – Out of my house right now!!

Vansh (shocked)- what are u saying jaan..we love each other so much..

Ragini (laughing)- love..😂.. where did this come from..

I never loved u vansh..all i wanted was your property..

Do u know how much efforts i had to make for this property

What do u think..i will be the mother of your child😂i am not even sterile

Vansh – you wanted a baby na🥺

Ragini – oh c’mon poor hubby..that baby was just an that i can persuade u to sign the property paper..

Why will i destroy my s*xy figure for your baby😏..

And that riddhima..oh god..such a idiot she was .

Just to save u from a heartbreak she became the villian in front of u

Vansh- what do u mean 🥺

Ragini- Riddhima got to know about my plan..

But she thought u will believe her over me..poor girl..

I blackmailed her that if she will spit out my true colors to u .. you will be broken like hell..

And she being your best friend accepted my deal and became the villian..

She did that all  that drama on my saying..and see i got the results ..all your property is mine now..

Now u leave from my mansion and go to your beloved riddhima..urf the to be mother of your child..

Scene 4

5 months later

Riddhima’s room

Riddhima (crying)- vansh🥺what happened to u .why are u crying like this..

And where were u since 5 months..i was scared for u..

Vansh (crying)- just stop being so nice to everyone..

I know everything..ragini spitted out everything..

I loved her more than my life..i hurted u for her and she betrayed me😭

Riddhimaaa- shhh!! Don’t cry plz..i am with u..

Vansh(hugging her)- plz don’t leave me .i need u riddhu..😭

Riddhima – but what about ragini🥺

Vansh- she understimated me..

Although i loved her very much but at the end i am the Vansh raisinghania..

My will stated she will get my property once she will deliver my heir..

And she is not gonna do this in her next 7 birth..

I gave her divorce and throw enough money on her face..she left with her boyfriend..

Now u don’t have to worry for anything..i didn’t come to u because i was guilty and busy in clearing that shit ragini..

Riddhima (hugging him)- finally i got my vanshu back..

Vansh (smiling)- Your vanshu..only yours..

Riddhiima (holding her stomach)- oucchhh!!

Vansh- sweetheart..what happened are u is fine na..

Riddhima- relex vansh..i am fine and your princess is also fine..

It’s just she loves her papa alot and she kicked me when u hugged me..

Vansh(cupping her face)- can u forgive me for my sin..

I hurted u to the core..i even rape..

Riddhima (cutting him off)- never..never ever use that word for yourself..

You were not at fault vansh..we both suffered so we will stay happy with our baby..

Vansh (hugging her)- me..and our princess

Riddhima (happily)- No ragini at all..

She won’t be in our life now..

Vansh (smirking)- She won’t be even in this world now..

Riddhima (confused)- Means..

Vansh – just focus on us now .

( You all can imagine what would have happened with nagini till now😂)

Scene 5

1 year later..

Riansh’s room

Ps : they are not married yet nor love each other ..

Vansh comes in the room happily

Vansh – what my princess is doing..

Riddhima- your princess is troubling her mumma so much😏such a drama queen she is..

Vansh- hey!! Don’t say anything about my vanya..she is the most innocent creature..hena vaanu baby..

Vanya clapped her hands laughing wholeheartedly agreeing to his father ..

Vansh picks her and make her sit on his neck

Riddhima (pouting)- no-one loves me..🙄..only vanu and papa love each other huffff!!

Vanya also pouts seeing her mother complaining life a kid..

Vansh- C’mon sweetheart.. don’t be jealous..

He places vaanya in cradle and moved to riddhima

Vansh makes her stand in front of mirror

Vansh (hugging her from back)- riddhima!!

Riddhima (confuse)- van..vansh..what..

Vansh- shhh!! don’t say a word..

Kuch mt kaho riddhima..meri himmat tut jayegi .

I have gathered so much courage for saying this in front of u..

I have hurted u in the past badly..still u never complained

You accepted me and my baby without any complaint even started living with me without any legal realitionship

After ragini..i was broken riddhima but u healed made this vansh again..

I started living my life again because of u..

You and vaanya are my lifelines..i can’t imagine my life without u .

Will u give me the honour of loving u till eternity..

Will u be Mrs raisinghania..

Riddhima was dumbstrucked listening his confession..

Although she loves him since the day they met but she never hoped his love in return..

Riddhima (with tears)- Van..vansh wo..

Vansh – its ok riddhima..if u don’t love me..all i want is u beside me.. that’s it..

Riddhima- buddhu..i love u..i love u so much😍..

Vansh(happily)- really…i am the most luckiest person in the world..

He kisses her forehead and twirls her around in air..

Riansh – i love u riddhu/vanshu..


A faint voice came from behind..

They turned only to see  the little bundle of joy of their life was smiling brightly throwing her hands in air.. saying faintly in her childish voice I..L..U..(i love u )

Riddhima (glaring vansh)- don’t spoil my baby..

Vansh picks vanya in his arms and hugs riddhima from side

Vansh – i love u both my lifelines..

Riddhima (smiling)-i love u both

Vanya- I …l..U..

Loving someone is easy..but loving someone and not expecting from them to love u back is indeed difficult..

Kisi ke liye mrna bohot aasan hai pr kisi ke liye jina bohot mushkil

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