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Riansh : An Incomplete Love Story – (Part-3)


Author’s POV:-

He grabbed her jaw and pinned her hands over the wall within a tight hold. She looked at him shocked. He took her lips into a forceful kiss, slowly sucking her lips. She hits his leg by her leg, making him move back. She then slapped him tightly.

Riddhima: How dare you to kiss me without my permission?

Riddhima asked him shocked by his action. He got up and held her hand at her back, pulling her to himself.

Vansh: How dare you to slap me? You….

Before he could say something or do, Angre knocked on the door. He didn’t left her but asked him to come in.

Angre came in bowing down his head.

Angre: Boss, party is still going on and everyone is asking for you.

Vansh looked at him and then at Riddhima who was trying to free her hand.

Vansh: Leave.

His one word and Angre left the room. He looked at her watery eyes and passed her a smirk.

Vansh: Be ready for tomorrow.

He said and left the room throwing her on the bed.

Riddhima: Now what is going to happen tomorrow?

She mumbled to herself and laid down again while hugging the pillow.


As the sun rays peeps inside the room and falls on the petite figure, Riddhima opens her eyes and got up. On seeing the vision a bit blur, she rubbed her eyes. She saw Vansh sitting on the couch while scrolling through his phone.

Riddhima: What are you doing here in my room?

She asked him. He looked up to see her in the same dress in which she was last night. He kept his phone on the couch and moved to her. Standing in front of her.

Vansh: Get ready.

He told her as she got down from the bed.

Riddhima: Why?

He looked at her face while she was giving him a questioning look.

Vansh: Don’t you think you are talking too much?

He asked her and she didn’t looked at him.

Vansh: Get ready we are going to your place, even they should know that their would be daughter-in-law is now my wife. Right sweetheart?

He asked her while the smirk was lingering on his face.

Riddhima: What’s the need to go there?

He looked at her tensed face.

Vansh: Why not? That night you only said that you aren’t afraid of anyone. Then these sweat buds. Are you scared?

He asked wiping her sweat from his hands.

Riddhima: I’m not. They are my family, even Ishani and Aryan are not here now.

She told him and heard him chuckling.

Vansh: Family. You will get to know that today.

He said and grabbing her hand pulled her towards the cupboard.

Riddhima: What are you doing?

Riddhima asked and looked at him, who took out 7-8 dresses at a time and closing the door kept them on the sofa.

Vansh: Choose one of the best out of these in which you’ll look more pretty. After all you are Vansh Raisinghania’s wife.

He said and sat back on the sofa while looking at her. She didn’t even looked at the dresses and moved towards the cupboard. Taking out one of the pink saree, she looked at him for a second and left towards the washroom. He smirked and looked at the dress still kept there as it is. He left the room.

After a while, Riddhima came out in her bathrobe, peeping outside she took a deep breath on not finding him. She comes out with her saree in one hand, she moves towards the couch and saw his phone kept there.

Unknown to whom it belongs, she picked it up and saw a pdf on downloading. After few second, a white screen appeared on the screen and slowly written words came into her view. It was some file.

Before she could zoom in and check it, she felt someone holding her hand and pulled her. Due to sudden pull she fell into his arms and encircled her arms around his neck.

She opened her eyes to look at Vansh in front of her, who was holding her by her waist. She looked into his eyes, deep black holding pain, misery and sadness and his face blank, hiding every emotions and feelings.

Feeling her continuously gazing at him, he made her stood up.

Riddhima: Sorry actually….

Before she could say further she saw him looking at her and moving forward she moved back and soon he pinned her to the wall keeping his both hands on the wall.

Vansh: Were you checking my phone?

He asked her raising his eyebrows, she shook her head and he left the room looking at her. She took a deep breath and closed the door.


Riddhima looked at the house in front of her, she took a deep breath and saw Vansh coming and standing in front of her. She moved forward and opening the front door entered in followed by Vansh.

She saw Anupriya, pacing around the room with phone in her hand. Riddhima for last time looked at Vansh who was still standing there with goggles and hands in the pocket.

Riddhima: Maa…

She said and Anupriya took a deep breath but may be soon realization hit her.

Anupriya: Don’t you dare to call me, Maa.

Riddhima was shocked by her words. She looked at her with teary eyes.

Anupriya: I can’t believe Riddhima, you did this. You said you love Kabir and was going to marry in few days but since when you started loving money and rich people that you got married to him. Chee…

Anupriya gave her a disgusting look. Tears were coming out of Riddhima’s eyes.

Riddhima: Maa, at least listen to me.

Riddhima entered in and asked hoping she could give some excuse.

Anupriya: I was wrong I shouldn’t have trusted you so easily, after all you are an orphan why you won’t love money more than family and love. Listen Riddhima, leave before I do something.

Anupriya yelled at her. Her words pierced though her heart.

Riddhima: Maa… please just for a while.

When she didn’t listened to her, Anupriya grabbed her elbow and threw her out of the door. Vansh held her to save her from falling. Giving a hateful gaze to Vansh she looked at Riddhima.

Anupriya: Don’t you dare to come here.

Anupriya closed the door on their face. Riddhima who was left with no option fell on the floor.

Vansh: Tch…Tch….I told you there no one as family here. You are alone for yourself.

Riddhima didn’t looked at him, her face was completely blank.

Vansh: Leave it. Come now we are leaving or stay here your wish.

He went from there and sat in his car, she neither looked at him nor heard him so she was sitting still there. He looked at her with red eyes but then ignoring her he drove back to VR Mansion leaving her there.

She was sitting still there for an hour or so. When she came out of her thoughts, looking around she didn’t found anyone except darkness. She looked at the door. Remembering Anupriya’s words, a sad chuckle escaped her mouth.

She started walking. Knowing according to the whole world she is now Vansh Raisinghania’s wife, who in reality hates her the most. Stopping one of the taxi, she sat in.


Riddhima entered the Mansion and was about to enter the room when she saw Vansh sitting on the bar counter drinking shots, she looked at him for a while and noticed he was drinking neat without any break.

She rushed to him and taking the glass from his hands threw it on the floor. One more mistake which rose his anger more.

He looked at her with hatred. Grabbing her hand he pulled her to him and pinned her to the counter.

Vansh: What the hell is your blo*dy problem? Why you every time want to interfere in my personal life?

He yelled at her, his voice shook her.

Vansh: You want to interfere in my life, ok… Be ready from today onwards you are going to sleep in my room with me and I’ll take full care of you.

He said and passed her a forced smile and then grabbed her hand in a tight grip and giving her an angry glare pulled her with him, smashing the broken glass pieces under his shoes. But as she was bare footed those glass pieces pierced through her feet, leaving her blood covered footprints on the floor. Vansh didn’t bothered to look at her as he was unaware of her.

She squeezed her eyes while silent tears were escaping. She knew from starting till now she wasn’t at fault anyhow but then to for her family, she’ll have to face him. She looks at him and her legs hit the table. He turns around and made her stand then his eyes fell on the footprints and he looks at her feet covered with blood.

Without asking or waiting for her approval, he picks her up and looks at her wet cheeks. Entering the room, he places her on the bed and moves to bring the first aid box. And he sits beside her to treat her legs.

Riddhima: Don’t. I’ll do by myself.

She said and looks at his angry face.

Vansh: First you hurt yourself on your own then you are behaving as if you don’t know anything.

He taunted her and she didn’t said anything further to him. He grabbed her feet and kept it on his, slowly taking out the pieces of glasses. He didn’t bothered to look at her but her slow shrieks made him know that it’s hurting her, so he slow blows hot air there and then slowly took that out. As he was done with it, he took out a small piece of cotton and pouring antiseptic on it.

She grabbed the pillow cover in a fist to control the pain and closed her eyes, she didn’t looked at him. As he was done and went to keep the box back. She stood up slowly and was about to move out when he again lifted her up from back making her shock.

Riddhima: What are you doing now?

She asked him and looked at him as he again placed her on the bed and leaned close to her face, she moved back.

Vansh: Didn’t I told you that from now onwards you are going to stay in my room with me.

He said with a dangerous voice, she looked at his eyes and then slowly nodded.

Riddhima: I thought you weren’t serious.

She said and heard him chuckling.

Vansh: The thing which in my whole life I’m not serious is about our relationship. So first of all care for that or what the world will think? Now sleep here only.

Vansh said and moved a bit more forward she moved back and before he can do anything she turns her face and saw him taking the pillow.

Vansh: Before kissing you I’ll better accept to die.

He said with a smirk and taking the pillow and duvet with him moved to the couch. He was looking at her while setting his bed there. She laid down there without the duvet and pillow while he laid there on the couch.

Vansh: Now will you turn off the lights or not?

He shouted without looking at her and she immediately turned off the lights getting scared of his voice, making him chuckle.


Next morning, Riddhima gets up and looks at the couch and saw it was empty. Ruffling her hands through her hairs, she took a deep breath.

Riddhima: Thank you Bappa, now my day will at least be better.

She said and was about to get down from the bed.

Vansh: I wish you a bad morning.

As she heard his voice, she turned around and saw him coming out of the bathroom while ruffling his wet hairs with the towel. She got down and was about to heed back to her room. When he pulled her suddenly.

Vansh: Are you dumb or deaf?

He asked her and looked at her face even being confused her face looked blank.

Riddhima: What?

He keeps his chin on her shoulder and craning his head look at her.

Vansh: Didn’t I asked you to stay here only? I’ll ask someone to arrange them here.

He said and was about to enter in the closet when turning around looked at her.

Vansh: Don’t think that I care for you I still hate you. It’s just I’m don’t want anyone to take me as bad here.

He said and looked at her from top to bottom and leaves from there.

Riddhima: Bipolar.

Mumbling she again sat on the bed.


Riddhima was sitting in their room looking all around. Just then a knock came on the door.

Riddhima: Come in.

She said slowly and kept her feet on the floor to get up.

Angre: Bhabhi…Bhabhi…You rest I came here to take some important file.

Angre said as he entered and she nodded at him. He went to the book shelf side and took out some files and started searching through them. When his phone rang, taking out his phone he kept it near his hear while it was still ringing.

Riddhima: Angre first pick up the call.

She said while chuckling, he hit his head with his hand for his stupidity. He gave her a smile and picked up the call.

Angre: I’m coming.

He said and disconnected the call and taking the file was about to leave when he heard her voice.


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