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Living for Her-OS by Parita

Heyy guys, I’m here with another OS that was requested by @Jhjjkb from Wattpad

I’m sorry I’m not able to post HHIL as I’m getting a lot of work, busy with school so i’ll be irregular, but when i get time to write i’ll write and post soon. 

This One shot starts from the Christmas party but right before the shootout. Vihaan/Vansh was in the bathroom.


Vihaan: It’s finally the time for Anupriya and Kabir’s game to come to an end. Thought they’ll be able to fool me by framing my Sweetheart! Naah! (smirking) My sweetheart was always innocent. Finally today she’ll get justice, my mom (choking) will get her justice that she deserved. Anupriya killed my mom, she’ll get the punishment. (Wiping off his tears)

Vansh looked in the mirror with his red blood shot eyes that were depicting; betrayal, pain, guilt, love. He was a mummy’s boy. He loved Uma a lot and was extremely close to her. After she had passed away, he had slipped in to depression becoming the ruthless, stone-hearted mafia everybody knew until Riddhima once again added color in to his life.

He loved her immensely but the main question was did she too? That question is what he pondered on for the past few weeks before he fell off the cliff as well as till date. Was all that he saw through the CCTV when he was away; Riddhima crying hugging his shirt, sleeping inhaling his scent, just pity or loneliness? Just the way he forced her into marrying him was probably the same way she was forced to feel bad about him dying.

Were the moments spent during Karwa Chauth all a façade? Was their relation just a forced one? He pinched the bridge of his nose and forehead as the questions haunted him. Feeling his knees go weak, he took the support of the cool granite top. Switching on the tap he splashed the cool running water on his face, trying to calm the storm within himself.

He wiped his face with the napkin and bent down to the cabinet. He opened the cabinet and took a small box out of it. Unlatching the box, he got himself a syringe and small glass bottle containing some fluid. Filling in the syringe with the fluid, he prepared to inject it in himself.

Vansh: After mom left, I had no one to live for till my sweetheart came. I finally felt that I’d gotten a replica of mom, another reason for my living but (sadly chuckling) I guess life can’t see me happy for a long time. The strong Vansh Rai Singhania has once again fallen weak. (in his baritone) Riddhima maybe never loved me and maybe will never be able to, after all it was a forced one! I once again have no reason for living!

Pouring out his feelings in front of the mirror, he injected himself with the fluid and hissed in pain when the needle pierced him. He sighed, this was nothing compared to the pain he had undergone when he found out his mom was murdered. Closing the box, he put it aside and was about to walk when he felt dizzy. He closed his eyes and stabled himself, he had to be there to witness his mom getting the justice she deserved.

Walking out of the washroom, he approached his wardrobe and removed a bunch of papers. Flipping through some, he pulled out the one he was finding for. Placing the set of papers on the small coffee table, he picked up a pen and signed, revealing it to be the divorce papers. He stood up and went away from his room to the hall where everyone was sipping their drinks. As he got down, he saw no trace of Riddhima. Walking down the steps, he went to Angre and asked about Riddhima’s whereabouts however he was unknown of it too.

Soon after some time, he saw her come down in a beautiful green saree. Composing himself he went away to prepare for the next part of the plan. Later, coming as the savior for Riddhima, he tripped her and threw her sandal far away causing a blast. Shocked at the happenings, Riddhima turned to see Vihaan revealing himself to be the santa claus.

With all the revelations taking place, Anupriya got out of the costume saving Kabir. After the pressure Vihaan posing as Vansh, according to Riddhima, put on Anupriya, she finally got exposed. All her sinful deeds were out in the light along with hers and Kabir’s partnership

(I didn’t want to write all that in detail)

Vansh sighed and closed his eyes to prevent the tears from falling, his heart got the peace it craved, and his mom got the justice. Vansh had started getting weak, things started becoming hazy around him. As soon as Kabir and Anupriya reached the door step, ready to exit the mansion, a loud thud was heard from the back. Everyone turned to see Riddhima on the floor with blood dropping from her mouth.

Vansh shouted her name with all the strength he had and went to her, almost falling on the ground. Slowly taking her onto his laps, he pat her cheeks as she tried keeping her eyes open. He suddenly started coughing, soon coughing blood too. The rest panicked seeing everything.

Vansh: Wha…what did you…do? (coughing) Riddh..ima

Riddhima: you….said you…..wanted to die, you want to leav…e me! (breathing heavily) I….did wha….t you di….d

Vansh: (widened his eyes) you… injected (she nodded)

Flashback starts

Riddhima heard and witnessed everything Vansh did in the washroom. Seeing him broken, hurt her immensely, who had told him that she didn’t love him? She loved him more than anything! Hiding behind the bed, as he walked out of the washroom she saw him signing a document. As soon as he went out she went in to the washroom. She opened the box and read the label.

Slow poison

Sighing while tears rolled down, she injected herself, twice. She couldn’t see her love die in front of her and if he wanted to die, to end this game then she would die too, with him. Either live with him forever or die together. She couldn’t afford to see her life, her jaan die in front of her resulting in taking double the dose, hoping she would die before and maybe in his arms.

Flashback ends

Riddhima: I….I ca..n peacefully di…die with…you! (tears)

Vansh: (crying)

Riddhima: I…love you!

Angre: Boss what’s happening?

Dadi: Call the doctor (crying)

Angre: Boss, you’re bleeding too! (shocked)

Vansh: Ridd…hima!

Soon Vansh fell with Riddhima in his laps, both lost their consciousness.

Death is a challenge. It tells us not to waste time. It tell us to tell each other right now that we love each other.



Doctor: They both had consumed poison, slow poison. Mr Rai Singhania luckily was save by the dose of the antidote however Mrs. Rai Singhania had a stronger dose of the poison. Let’s see if it works on her or not otherwise I fear she may….die.

Angre: Nothing should happen to both of them, do you get it! (shouting)

Doctor: we’ll try our best!


She couldn’t see me dying so she called death to herself too. If this is not love then what is it? (sad chuckles) And I, being an idiot ignored how much she loved me taking the stupid step. Life has always been unfair to me, first mom and now Riddhima. The doctors managed to save me but my sweetheart, she’s there on the bed, lying. She’s brain dead, but she has to wake up for me, one day. I’m living for her and her only.

As the wind blew, the pages of the diary once again flipped. Ishani, who was reading, closed the diary with tears in her eyes. Her brother had so much within him that he never showed it to anyone. She felt extremely guilty for defaming Riddhima, all she ever did was good to them. She was ready to die for her brother, for her baby, for their family.

She diverted her eyes to the figure that entered the room in full joy. She closed her eyes and opened them back to see her brother sitting beside her sister-in-law with a few gifts in his hand. He was telling his story to her, how he spent his day and all. While Riddhima, quietly listened.

Ishani: Bhai

Vansh: Ishani! You’re here too, look I’ve got all the type of items she likes, now I’m sure she’ll wake up.

Ishani: (stern) Bhai let her go. Let her be free, free her from this cage. She’ll get peace. Switch the life machine off.

Vansh: Out of the room now! (shouting)

Ishani left the room very well knowing what would happen. She went outside and met Angre, she hugged him and cried out while he comforted her.

Vansh: Get up Sweetheart, see I’m living, I didn’t die so who gives you the right to die. Everyone tells me to let you go, but I can’t. I’m living for you….don’t break my hopes. The day you’ll get up will prove to everyone, my true love for you.

He kissed her forehead and laid beside her, holding her hand.

If there ever comes a day when we can’t be together, keep me in your heart, I’ll stay there forever.

The End

Hope you all enjoyed, please do comment and support.


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