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Lamp of Love Episode-20: Bondita and Anirudh gets suspicious.

Hey Fam, thank you so much really overwhelmed by your response actually I have locked characters but reconsidering it seeing some of your suggestion so will reveal my selection in next episode.

The episode starts with Kabir and Anirudh arranging the paper works, Kabir asks Anu is everything fine? Mithi looks so disturbed. Anirudh tries to hide but Kabir asks him to open up as he never hide anything from him. Anirudh narrates the whole incident, Kabir gets stunned hearing this and tells, Anu our society is turning cruel and his eyes looks moist. Anirudh tells, we cannot say that everyone is like this, one side our society is growing up but on other side it is still practicing this evil customs, we will try our best to eradicate this evil issues.

Vibha hugs Bondita and asks why she is looking dull, Bondita without taking eyes from Vibha remains numb by her behavior. Thakumaa tells that she is not well and asks Vibha to take rest as they have grand veneration tomorrow. Bondita asks Thakumaa what special as she is planning veneration. Tapur says, di did you forgot everything by going to London? Bondita looks confused. Thakumaa tells tomorrow is color of festival. Anirudh comes there and asks Bondita to accompany him to Holi purchase. Bondita looks little happy and recalls her memory when she used to fear for colors and how Anirudh made her comfortable about colors and gets nostalgic.

Ksj asks Bihari and Koyli to make all arrangements at best as this is Bondita’s first Holi after she is returning from London. Bihari assures that everything will be made according to his commends. Thakumaa asks Ksj to relax as they will make preparation as his wish. Thakumaa goes to Vibha’s room and asks her to rest well and tells her to ask if she needs anything, Vibha smiles and nods. Sampoorna, Som and Tapur sits in Tapur room and chit chats. Som says, “Sampoorna maa this is really good chance to execute our plan”. Tapur tells that we should not commit any mistake, if it happens then we will be in big trouble Sampoorna di. Som says, yes Tapur you are right, we have to be very careful.

Bondita and Anirudh goes to market. Anirudh asks Bondita to buy whatever she wants and goes to a textile shop. Bondita gets everything needed for Holi celebration. Anirudh selects saree for her, he chooses a white saree with golden border. Anirudh takes saree in his hands and imagines how Bondita would look in it. Bondita wears the saree and comes near him with plate of colors, she asks him to apply colors on her, and Anirudh takes colors and applies on her cheeks. Bondita closes her eyes when his hands touched and Anirudh looks at her with full of love in his eyes. Sakha babu… Bondita calls him, Anirudh comes to reality and asks the shopkeeper to pack this saree and asks him to send all the dress the family has chosen by evening to their haveli. Anirudh comes out and sees Bondita searching him. Anirudh calls Bondita, she turns and asks where he went leaving her alone and keeps her face dull. Anirudh tells that he went to textile shop to inform about sending their dresses on time. Anirudh asks her if she bought everything, Bondita nods yes and they both heads to jeep.

Kabir types something in type writer and imagines the girl and smiles, why are you smiling when nobody is around you? if someone sees this they will think that you have gone mad, Kabir turns to the voice and shocked to see that girl. Vibha stands with tray in which she has kept tea and biscuits for him, she places the tea near him and smiles. Kabir asks you? Oh sorry you would have not seen me before and tells the she is Vibha, sort of maid staying in RC haveli. Kabir asks what? Are you Vibha? She nods without her saree pallu drops from her head. Kabir eyes gets moist looking at her. Kabir starts to tremble looking at her. Vibha asks him to have his tea and leaves. Kabir sits numb with tears rolling down his cheek and thinks why god? You have made her like this, does she deserves this kind of life that too in this younger age and looks at the direction she went.

Bondita and Anirudh comes to haveli, Bondita asks Bihari to take the things out from jeep and asks him to make sure that she bought everything. Bihari says, choti malkin can never forget anything and goes to get things. Anirudh smiles and when he was about to move from there, Bondita calls Sakha babu I want to talk to you something important. Anirudh gets puzzled and asks is anything serious, Bondita asks him to not panic. Anirudh asks her to wait in her room and he will come within 5 minutes.

Sampoorna tells Thakumaa about their plan, Thakumaa asks but bahu there will be lots of guest right? Then it will be really a mess for us. Tapur says, no Thakumaa this will happen just in front of our family and in our haveli only. Thakumaa asks them to be careful as this involves everyone’s reputation and leaves.

Anirudh comes to Bondita room. They sit in the couch. Bondita tells Anirudh that Vibha seems to be normal and asks him if he knows anything about this. Anirudh asks what? Vibha is normal. Bondita says, “Yes Sakha babu she seems to be happy you didn’t see her in morning, she behaves really very casual, and I am not sure what is happening”. Bondita asks did Som dada told Vibha about baby or did hide the truth from her. Anirudh says, “Bondita I didn’t ask what happened in hospital”. Bondita tells then we have to ask him, if she is not informed with truth then it will really be very tough for her to overcome. What toughness are you speaking about di? Bondita turns and shocked to see Vibha there.

To be continued…

Hey guys, Thank you so much for all the love, sorry for this much delay. I hope you all like today’ episode. Don’t forget to comment your views.

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