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Junooniyat #RiAnsh Short Story by Tanya K (Part 3)

Riddhima was settled in VR MANSION from a week and got mixed up with everyone smoothly. Her bonding with dadi, Siya and Ishani was really strong and unique.

Siya, Ishani, Riddhima, and Aryan were Partners in crime and were prankster doing pranks whole day on everyone.

It was a fine day, Riddhima was sitting in dadi’s room seeing Ishani, Siya and Vansh’s childhood pictures.

Dadi: Look Riddhima it’s Vansh’s picture when he was just 1 year old.

Riddhima(murmur): He looked cute though. But now he is just a devil scaring everyone whole day in whole Mansion.

Dadi: Did you said anything?

She asked while Riddhima bitted her tongue and nodded in no. And they continued seeing the pictures.

Dadi: Beta, if you don’t mind can you please keep this album in the store room. I would have went but my legs are paining.

Riddhima: Dadi, you don’t need to ask me just order.

Saying so she took the album in her hand and went to the store room. Entering there she started coughing as she was allergic from dust and dirt she took her dupatta and covered her face with that.

Keeping the album on an almirah she was about to go from there but her hand got touched by something and it fell on the floor. Riddhima looked at the big portrait which was now scattered in millions of pieces.

It was a portrait of a beautiful lady seeing her Riddhima started getting flashes which made her panick.

She started shivering, crying and rubbing her chest to calm herself down. Vansh who was passing through the store room was shocked to see her in this condition.

And without wasting time she ran towards her and took her in his arms trying to calm her while she felt unconscious in his arms.

Vansh took her in his arms and ran towards her room calling the doctor immediately.

After some time doctor came there and checked her while whole family was waiting outside restlessly.

After few minutes doctor came outside and looked at whole VR FAMILY.

Dadi: What happened to her is she fine doctor.

Vansh: Yes doctor please say something.

Doctor: She got panic attacks, she is suffering from amnesia and she saw something from her past which lead her to get flashback and she for panic attack. It’s not for the first she time she have get it in past also. I will suggest you don’t make her remember anything from her past which is harm for her health and lead her to the death bed.

She said and went from there while the whole family was rotted to their place. While Vansh was just standing numb his heart was piercing seeing her like this. A chirpy and bubbly soul was laying there lifelessly and they were just seeing her with tears in her their eyes.

To be continued…


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