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Ishq Subhan Allah~Riansh OS by Tanya K

Hi guys, here we go with a new OS and I hope you’ll will like it….

OS starts with;

A girl in her mid twenties is seen wearing a white coloured kurti with white sharara and hair covered with white dupatta doing prayer in a dargah Kneeling down on her knees.

At the same time in a gurdwara a boy in his mid twenties is seen wearing a white kurta and pajama with head covered with white handkerchief doing sewa in Langar ghar.

After getting up the girl went towards the gurdwara which was near the dargah to pray there. Reaching there she knelt down in front of GURU GRANTH SAHIB the same boy also came there and knelt down on his knees doing prayer. They both got up still on their knees together and joint their hands together in front of Guru Granth Sahib and screen focus on their faces.

And the girl was revealed to be Riddhima Mohammad Ali.

And the boy was none other than Vansh Raisinghania.

After doing the prayer the Riddhima also went towards the Langar ghar and did sewa. She was going to her house when she got bumped by some one and the some one was none other than Vansh.

Riddhima was about to fall but got caught by Vansh by her waist and they both shared an eyelock. Vansh was lost in her beauty she was not looking less then a angel descended from heaven in that white dress. After sometime they both got back and looked at each other.

Riddhima: Thank you Mr.

Vansh: Vansh, Vansh Raisighania….

Riddhima: Ohh I’m riddhima, Riddhima Mohammad Ali.

Vansh was bit shocked listening her name but still let it go they passing a warm and sweet smile went to their respective homes with their mind occupied by each other’s thoughts.

After few days Riddhima was sitting in a café holding a book in her hand. She got up from her seat and went to the coffee counter to get a fresh and hot cappuccino for herself.

She ordered a cappuccino for herself taking it she was about to go from there but when she turned a boy was standing their and the whole cappuccino fell upon him…

Riddhima: VANSHHHHHHHHH I’m sorry I didn’t saw you. I’m sorry.

Taking an end of her dupatta she started cleaning his shirt while he was just admiring her cute and innocent face.

Riddhima: Sorry Vansh! Did you get hurt?

She asked as few tears rolled down from her eyes cleaning them Vansh said.

Vansh: Relax Riddhima kuch nhi hua.

Riddhima was about go from there but stopped by Vansh.

Vansh: Can we friends?

Riddhima: of course

Vansh: can I get your number?

Riddhima: Yes! Wait.

She gave him her number and they both went to their respective homes with small smile on their faces.

Vansh reached to his home, wearing a loose and comfy clothes he made him self comfortable on the bed.

After that he took his phone and opened social media on it. Searching Riddhima’s name on it he admired her each and every photo with smile on his face and slept hugging his pillow dreaming about her.

Days started passing and Riansh started talking, meeting, knowing, coming closer and trusting each other. They started developing feelings for each other.

Riddhima was head over heal in love with him but suppressed her feelings because of this so called society.

It was a fine day Vansh called Riddhima to a garden and told her that he have a surprise for her.

Reaching their she smiled seeing the decorations and in front there was written R♡V in bold letters. Vansh came towards her from behind and sat on his knees.

Vansh: Riddhima tum meri zindagi mein ek stranger ban kar ayi, lekin by the time passed you became my life. I love you preeta I love you from bottom of my heart. Will you be mine.

Riddhima looked at him with tears in her eyes she was happy that he also love her but there was a bit insecurities in her heart that he will go far away from her.

Riddhima: Vansh I love you too but I can’t be yours.

She said and turned her head in other direction. Vansh got up and went towards her and holding her chin he made her see in his eyes.

Vansh: But why? Why can’t be mine?

Riddhima: because of our religion. We are from other religions you are from a punjabi family and I’m from a Muslim family and in the society we are living people will never accept relationship.

She said and cried while vansh hugged her and she tried to push him.

Vansh: Riddhima, I accept that in which society we are living their are many people who are of low mentality. But I don’t have any problem with you being a Muslim and even you don’t have any problem with me being a punjabi. Riddhima we love each other, we trust each other that’s what is more important and I don’t care about society or world. When you are in my small world I don’t care of any thing. And even if you are Muslim you go to gurdwara right when you never cared about society then why are caring about them now?!

Riddhima: but Vansh will this society accept our inter religious marriage??

Vansh: it’s like making a whole ocean ripple by throwing a stone. Love is within the ripple boundaries that’s where the proof of happiness lies. People who are so called society lies outside the ripple boundary and will never get the feel of what veritable love is…. now will you be mine.

Riddhima looked at him for good minutes and then smilingly nodded at him and hugged him.

Riddhima: I’m sorry Vansh I got scared. I’m sorry I love you…

Vansh: I love you too…

They talked to their family and after many pleadings and seeing their behavior towards both families they agreed.

After 1 week they both got married. They both got tied in the knot of pure relationship in both Punjabi and Muslim style

And lived happily ever after….♥♥




AUTHOR’S NOTE: This OS was not to hurt anyone’s feelings but just wanted to write something on this topic in which awareness is important.

So how was it hope you’ll liked it do tell me how was it in the comment section.

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