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Chale Na Zor Ishq Pe (Ishqaan – Ishq Par Zor Nahin) Part 27

Hi guys. Sorry for missing an update on fri and yesterday, so I am posting it today.

Was busy with the Ganesha festival.. wishing you all a very happy Ganesh Chaturthi

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Shefali hesitated “I am not ready Karthik. The kind of relationship I have seen of my parents scares me. Please give me some more time”

Karthik got sad hearing her reply “I will wait for you, and you have to say yes, else I will come and stay in your home only” they both laugh

“Ghar jamai banoge?” she asks teasingly

He nods, and she smiles.

“Now go, it’s very late” she pushes him

“ye kya baat hui, ek toh proposal thukra diya aur ab bhaga rahi ho” he winked and started to go towards the balcony

“Aree waha kaha se jaa rahe ho, I will open the door for you come” she held his hand

He smiled at that “you care for me”. “Of course, I do” she smiled too

She opened their main door and asked him to go “I will miss you, good night” he said, just as he was about to go, she held his hand, tiptoed and planted a kiss on his cheek

“Is this consolation for rejecting my proposal” he asked eyes twinkling

“consider it that “she winked and closed the door

Karthik came to his car and thought about what had happened. He put a brave front, but he was hurt by her rejection. He came home and saw the two love birds Isqhaan on the sofa.

“I am sorry about what happened with Riya” he heard Ahaan say

Isqhi held his hand “why are you saying sorry, its not your fault”

Karthik felt a little jealous seeing them. They had so much of understanding, and trust on each other. Will he able to build that with Shefali he thought.

Isqhi came and shook him” I have been calling your name for some time now, where are you lost”

“Shefali rejected my marriage proposal” he blurted out. He wanted to share it with Ishqi and try to understand Shefali rejection

“Did she say no” Ahaan asked him

“She said she need time to think” he said

“Karthik, she didn’t say no. Give her some time, we all can clearly see she likes you. Also, you should ask her about her internal fears. She has seen her parent’s relationship breaking, and how her mother was affected by it” Ishqi said to him patiently and he nodded his head

“Now come on you don’t look handsome like this, smile” she says and pulls his cheeks

He hugs her “you’re the best Bhabhi ever”

“Bhabhi aagayi toh Bhai ko bhul gaya” Ahaan teases him

Karthik lifts his other hand, and Ahaan also comes and hugs him.

“I am so lucky to be a part of this family” Ishqi thinks

The next day was the mehndi ceremony. Ahaan was getting ready when he got a call

“Do you want to know the truth about your mother, then go to Sharda Mental hospital”

“Who are you, and what do you know about my mother” Ahaan shouts but the call gets disconnected.

He picks his overcoat and was leaving for the hospital when dadi stops him

“Its not auspicious to go out on your mehndi day” she tells him

“But dadi I have some important work”

“No come in now” she says and takes him inside.

He sees Isqhi talking and laughing with Shefali, and he smiles automatically.

“Hayeeee… Bhabhi ko dekhte hi bhai smile karne lagte hai” Karthik teases

“Yes, her happiness means a lot to me” Ahaan says dreamily

Ahaan comes and sits beside Isqhi and puts his hand forward

Isqhi looks at him surprised “Even I want to apply mehndi, lets see how much you love me” he says and seeing her confused look he says “The more the color of mehndi that much more is the love, right”

She rolls her eyes “Yeah lets see how much you love me too” and they both laugh

Sonu, kaki and maasi were dancing happily along with kaka and Karthik

“My family seems so happy” Ahana says

“Of course, its all because of me” Ishqi takes the credit

“It is because of you” he says seriously, and she smiles

“But I feel dadi is still not happy with the wedding” isqhi tells her doubt to Ahaan

“Don’t worry she will be” he assures her

Isqhi thinks that will never happen. She remembers Suraj telling her how dadi had contacted him again to kill Isqhi, and he had just delayed things, so that they get some more time for Ahaan to find the truth.

The servant comes and hands Isqhi a cold drink. Her both hands were designed with mehndi, Ahaan takes the glass and puts the glass to her lips, but someone calls Ahaan and he excuses himself

Ishqi wanted to drink it but there was no in sight. Her phone rings just then, and just then Karthik comes to her. Isqhi tells him to pick her phone and Karthik is stunned to hear what is said on the other line.

Seeing him so shocked she checks who the caller is, and gets nervous herself

“Who was that Isqhi” He asks her

“let’s go somewhere else and talk” she tells him

While going Karthik spills the glass of cold drink with his foot

He calls the servant” it happened by mistake please clean it. And whatever Isqhi will eat or drink bring it to me first” He says it loudly enough for dadi to hear

“Looks like your dadi is not giving up killing me “Ishqi says

“How can you be so cool about it, there could have been poison in that glass” Karthik asks her

“I would rather die than leave without Ahaan, I won’t leave him” she says

“the person who called me is Suraj, he is Ahaan ’fathers’ friend. Savitri aunty is staying with him right now. He pretended to be an ally with dadi so that he could save me” she explained “All the incidents happened till now, the jhoomar falling, and accident was all dadi’s plan”

Karthik was shocked that his dadi could fall to this level, then he remembered “So it’s true that savitri aunty ran off with him”

“No, it’s not true, she was in mental asylum from past so many years. Just few months back just before my wedding with Mayank broke, she escaped and then met with an accident. I had saved her and admitted her to another hospital. She was in coma for all these months, Only now she regained consciousness, and is leaving with suraj for now” she completed

When she saw Karthik doubted what she said “ I had met her in mental asylum before, I just didn’t know she was Ahaan’s mother”

“So it means dadi lied, but why” he asks, but Ishqi doesn’t answer

“Some answers Ahaan has to find for himself, after all its about his parents” she says sadly

They come back to the hall and see everyone dancing. It was time to remove the mehendi and see the color

Isqhi hands color darkened a lot, but Ahaan color remained slight orange.

“Dek lo, kitna pyaar karti hai ye Ishqi mere Ahaan se” dadi taunted and Isqhi felt sad. But she loved Ahaan, why didn’t his mehndi color become dark she pondered

Ahaan came to her “ I was just kidding before, I don’t need the mehndi color to tell me how much you love me “ he said and her eyes filled with tears

She hugged him and he hugged her back








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