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Being with my so called kidnapper # episode 50 # New planning

Hello peepies aagyi me..

I was busy since 2 days but i am back..

Thnk u so much for loving this garib mahila..we completed golden jubilee

I never planned this ff..i just wrote 1st chp as it came in my mind randomly and posted on watty..and i was literally shocked by the response..

Ps : u may find i am dragging the story unnecessarily but i don’t want to rush things.. keep supporting
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Let’s start

Scene 1

Vansh’s pov

Gosh!!is she even my riddhu or some doppelganger..

She smashed her lips on mine and pulled me by my collar..

Chewing my lips harshly she slided her tongue in my mouth forcefully..

Not getting any response from me as it was too fast to react for me..

“Kiss me back or i will chop of ur dick” she said between the kiss and i kissed her back being a scared cat instantly

Never in my wildest dream i had imagined a girl will threaten me like this..

We parted away due to the lack of breath..

“Angre and Maanyata are also here” i said joining my forehead with her’s

“Let them know how romantic we are..i wanna set an example for them” she said i chuckled seeing my not so innocent riddhu this much bold..

I kissed her forehead pouring all my love for her..

Hugging her tightly i rested my head on her crown insuring she is with me…

Pov ends

Angre’s pov

I wanna dig a grave for myself or want earth to swallow me..

It was ok when they used to do romance before me..but this was something  out of the box..chheee cheee my virgin eyes🙈..

I started looking here and there as soon as bhabhi kissed boss..

Then i realised I am not alone..

f**k!! Maanyata is with me..we both turned and bowed down our head in embarrassment..

What else could i expect from boss..

Being a love sick kutta he kissed her back..

“Ab..ab..wo..ab let’s go into water” i said trying to change the topic..

“You can go..i am scared sorry”Maanyata said slowly..

Don’t know why but i didn’t feel good hearing her no..

One part of me badly wanted to take her with me..

I never been into girls in my whole life..

But i feel good near her..seems like my whole world stops near her..

May be because she is like me introvert and shy person..

Not wanting to go alone i forwarded my hand to her smiling in hope that she will accept..

She stood their shocked and assuming this as a no i was about to take my hand back but i felt a soft touch on my palm

I looked up and saw she holded my hand hesitantly

I smiled at her and she reciprocated and we started walking in water..

Pov ends

Maanyata’s pov

I clutched his arms tightly closing my eyes as soon as cold waves hitted my legs..

“Shhh!! nothing will happen to u until i am here” angre said and i nodded in yes ..

Don’t know what made me trust  him..but i started walking further cluthching his arm..

Soon my fear vanished i started playing in water with angre..

Splashing some water on him i ran away in hope he will catch me..

I ran few meters away but didn’t find him chasing me..

May be i behaved too childish..and he seems to be a mature person..

“Bhoooo!!pakad lia” i flinched at my place as soon as this word hitted my ear..

His cold hands clutched my waist from behind and a shiver ran down my spine..

We smiled at each other gazing intensely into each other’s eyes..

Tinggggg! His phone pinged with Vansh’s bhai message stating he left with bhabhi to home and asked him to take me with him

Our eye lock broke and we parted away from each other in embarrassment

“Lets go ” he said and i followed him with my chrimson red cheeks

Pov ends

Riddhima’s pov

As soon as we entered the room i was pinned to the wall by this bhari bharkam raisinghania..

“Vansh..what are u doing” i said trying to breath as i was sandwhiched between the wall and his rock chest..

“Romancing with my wifey any problem” he said sniffing in my hairs..

“I am not your wife yet” i said hitting him slightly on his chest

“Very soon u will be” he said directly looking into my eyes

“And what if i refuse to marry u ” i said  kidding..

” Aaah..vansh!!” This word came from my mouth as he pulled me by my hairs and i crashed on his chest..

Planting continuous kisses on my jawline and forehead his eyes darkened

“You are mine..did u get that..tell me to whom u belong to” he said with dangerous obsession in his eyes

“Tell me sweetheart to whom u belong” he again asked pecking my cheek and i gulped sensing his obsessive tone

“” i said gulping down..

“I love u more than my life riddhima” he said digging his head in the valley of my boss*ms..

And i smiled looking at the baby raisinghania in front of me..

Ruffling his hairs i dragged him to the bed and we lay down beside each other

“Pamper me sweetheart” he asked with a pleading eyes as if a kid is asking his mother to love him..

I kissed his forehead ruffling his hairs..

He pretends to be strong..cold heartless , ruthless in front of the world but with me he seems to be a innocent kid who longs for love and only love..

Keeping his head on my chest i petted his back ruffling his hairs like a mother..

“U won’t leave me na” he asked and i pepeered some feather kisses on his hairs..

“Never” i said and turned our positions..

I hovered upon him slowly and started kissing him on his chest opening the first 3 buttons..

Tracing his bare chest with my fingers i planted as much as kiss i could have given on his whole body..

Once i felt he got satisfied with my pampering i lay down on him..

Removing my upper clothes slightly he started sucking my boss*ms like a kid who is hungry for his mother’s milk..

Although i was tired like hell but i let him do what he wanted..

“Vansh” i said as soon as i felt his hand under my panty..

“Plz jaan ” he said and i smiled digging my head in his embrace giving up..

“Don’t be harsh plz i am feeling tired nowdays” i said and he kissed my forehead slowly

” Promise..” he said entering into my core..

I closed my eyes letting him do what he wants and he hugged me closing his eyes still his member in my core..

We slept in each other’s embrace being my vanshu still in me..

Pov ends

Vansh’s pov

I was sleeping peacefully in my jaan’s embrace untill i saw a nightmare and my sleep broke..

Opening my eye scarly i kissed her forehead to ensure myself that she is with me..

Just a mere thought of she being going far away from me scares the shit out of me..

Then i realised i was still inside her.. pulling out my cock from her womanhood slightly not hurting her i pecked her cheeks twice ..

Grabbing my phone from table i walked up towards window .

I was standing only in my boxers Leaning against window

Dialing angre’s number i waited for him to pick the call.

“Where this idiot went” i murmered cursing him under my breath for mot picking up the call

Where can a person go at raat ke 2 baje.. my subconscious mind mocked me..

“Hello…kon hai be” he said as soon as he picked up the call still in sleep

“Tera baap” i said in my deep baritone

“Bo..boss..sorry wo..i was sleeping” he said when he realised it was me

“I have a work angre do *******************” i said and waited for him to preach me..#typical angre

“But boss it’s cheating u can’t do this to her..when she will get to know about this she will be broken” he said and i rolled my eyes

“Then what are u expecting from me.. should i go and tell her that i am biding her with me legally so that she can’t elope after knowing my truth ” i said being agitated

“But boss..” he said again and i hanged the call in anger..

I turned back and my eyes soften seeing my love sleeping peacefully hugging a pillow

I sat beside her in half laying position stroking her hairs

“Sorry jaan..” I murmered kissing her forehead..

God knows why she looks pale nowdays..her face is looking so tired ..

I will turn all your sorrows in happiness riddhima..but in return you have to stay with me..i may sound selfish but this is what i am..

“Mine” i said and slept hugging tightly in my embrace

Pov ends

Done done dana done ✅

Hope u all like it..

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