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All raisinghania’s seated down to play truth or dare , the bottle tip then stopped on to two persons , with no option , both decided to do the dare ,
The bottle’s end led to siya , the two person’s bua (aunt)
” Riva & Reyansh … Ready to play ? ”
” Yes bua ”
” Hmm truth or dare ?? ”
” Dare ”
” Good … Now dedicate each song to your badi bua ishani ”
Reyansh started his song –
” ek ladki ko dekha toh aisa laga ,
Aankh toh iski jangli billi ka yaar
Nails toh iski rakshas ka yaar
Ghamand toh isko bahut hai yaar
Muh toh iski gangor hai yaar
Finally isne monster hai my dude
(When I saw a girl it felt like ,
Eyes of her are of jungle cat ,
Nails of her are of a dangerous creature
Proud feeling in her is soo high
Face of her is soo annoying yaar
Finally she is a monster dude ) ”
Everyone suppressed their lips not to laugh , while ishani is frowning
” Now my turn …. ”
Saying so riva started her song ,
As she started singing
” Tujhe dekha toh yeh jaana sanam
Aaj ki din barbad hoti teri kasam
Iske aage jo hote naa jane hum
Tum hoti toh vinash hoti meri poori janam
( When I saw you , I felt like this my beloved … , That my day will be destroyed ( bcoz the person saw her face … ) After this , what will happen I don’t know ,but if you are there , my whole life will be completely destroyed )
I wanted to represent these songs here …
Bakwaas toh hai … So sorry for it
Enjoy laughing .

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