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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 14th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Kartik wants to marry Naira

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 14th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Kartik and Naira try to explain everyone. Kirti asks are we mad, we always supported you, you made us dance for two years, we danced, sometimes by wish and sometimes unwillingly. Naksh says I supported you when you wanted divorce, I got scolding from dad and made Kirti upset, you changed your decision and didn’t tell me. Kirti says you have become selfish. Naira says we were confused, we are sure. Manish asks what’s guarantee this time. Dadi says your love didn’t stay last time. Naksh says you will be confused even now. Kartik says no. Manish says you are stupid, you don’t care for anyone, look at everyone, whom you have hurt. Kartik goes to Suwarna and says I have hurt you a lot, I didn’t wish to lie to you, I decided to tell you truth. Suwarna stares

at Naira. Dadi says you should have thought well before deciding this. Suwarna cries. Kartik says we thought you all will be happy with our decision, you wanted us to realize mistake. Naira says yes, we realized mitake and apologized to each other. Kartik says it was not Naira’s mistake, we didn’t do right with her, she didn’t deserve this. Suwarna gets shocked and recalls Shubham’s death.

Naira says Kartik also didn’t deserve that. Dadi asks them to stop it. Naitik says we are more hurt today. Rajshri asks what are you saying, they both realized their mistake, I can testify this. Devyaani says you didn’t tell us. Surekha says you were upset with us that we didn’t try to stop them. Manish says come with us Kartik. Kartik asks Dadi to explain. Dadi says you are not a kid, Naira isn’t a toy, this relation can’t happen again. Manish takes Kartik. Maine socha bhi na tha…..plays… Naira cries. Kartik says listen to me, I can’t live without Naira. Manish shouts Kartik. They leave. Naira sees Rajshri and cries. They all go. Kirti says everyone is so hurt, I have fought with everyone for them, you supported them, they didn’t understand. Naksh says calm down. She says they don’t value anyone’s feeling, when they both took divorce, families got away, they are together now, they can’t take everyone granted. Naira talks to Kartik on video call and cries. He says we had well thought but.. She says I feel bad for them, not us. He says they would feel cheated, what can we do, we have to explain them, don’t lose before trying, you trust me right, we shall talk to them in morning and try our best.

Its morning, Kartik and Naira pray that everyone understands and not get hurt. No one talks to them. Kartik goes to Manish. Manish says I don’t want to talk. Naitik says you do anything, keep us away from this. Yeh rishta kya…..plays….Naira sends crying emoji to Kartik. He replies meet me now. Kartik and Naira meet at tea stall. She says everyone is hurt, they can scold, they didn’t have food. He says we will get married. She says how shall I handle this. He says we will get married, I know they are hurt, we will marry and apologize to them, they will understand, trust me, I love them as you do, we will marry so that we don’t make any mistake, I m scared they will separate us. She says our families won’t separate us. He says but Lord can punish us. She says don’t say this, I m also scared, we took fate for granted. He says lets get married.

She asks won’t families get hurt, no, we can’t hurt them, especially Suwarna. He says how will I explain my heart, we should take this risk, maybe family is checking if we are serious. She says we are very serious. He says we will prove it, lets get married, if we marry, everything will get fine, sometimes when decisions get delay, things get bad. She says give me some time to think, I m not prepared, I m not refusing. He agrees. Manish and Akhilesh are on the way and discuss a project. Manish says don’t know when will Kartik understand this, his madness is hurting us. Akhilesh says he will get fine. Manish says what will happen, when will he get right. Akhilesh says give him some time. Manish asks driver to stop the car. They see Kartik at tea stall.

Manish says I will just come. Akhilesh says we can’t park car here, we are getting late for meeting. They see Naira with Kartik. Naksh asks are you fine. Kirti says I m tired. He says I will cancel meeting. She says its fine, I spoke to Devyaani, she told me symptoms, go for work, its imp. He says my wife is my priority. She says I won’t feel bad if you go for work. He says promise, husband and wife should have understanding, else stress affects child too, I love you Kirti and coming baby too, some relations get strong before forming. Naira kisses Kartik and says promise me you won’t take stress, we should take family’s blessings. Rahatein….plays….. He asks for kiss. They kiss on the window glass. He comes in front of car and stops her. She signs him. He lets her go.

Dadi says its not necessary to send Kartik to US. Manish says I want to send him tomorrow. Naira cries and says you are going US, I heard Manish and Dadi talking.

Update Credit to: Amena

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