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Vighnaharta Ganesh 14th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Parvati tells the story of durva.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 14th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The episode starts with parvati saying durva is very special for ganesh. Kartikeya says mother I remember mahaganpati ji telling us that durva is special for ganesh but he never said why? Parvati says I will tell you why! Many years ago, a girl named durva was walking through a forest near her house. In flashback, durva walks with a basket of flowers, she then hears ganesh ji meditating with his beautiful voice. Durva says ganesh ji’s voice is so beautiful, she goes back to her house and makes an idol of ganesh and starts praying to it by singing a beautiful song for ganesh.
As durva sings, parvati hears this beautiful song in Kailash and says whose sweet voice is that? it is so mesmerizing, I would love to meet this disciple of ganesh. There as durva sings, parvati appears in front

of her. Durva opens her eyes and she says mata parvati! She does pranam and says I am grateful that you gave me darshan mata. Parvati says durva, your voice made me come and give you darshan, the song you were singing for ganesh was so beautiful. Parvati says I am impressed durva, what do you want? Durva says mata, I am a disciple of ganesh ji, I want nothing but only one thing. Parvati says what is that? durva says mata, ganesh ji is so kind that he accepts even the smallest and the most simplest thing in the world, I want to stay with ganesh ji forever in any simple form if possible but I want my name always connected to ganesh ji. Parvati smiles and says durva, your name shall always be taken with ganesh and shall be connected to him, it shall be in the form of the durva grass and shall be named as durva. Durva thanks parvati.
In present, ganesh says mata, I ate the durva and it also destroyed all lava and made me feel better again. ganesh says from now, the durva shall always be with me and whoever prays to me and offers durva to me, I shall take away all their problems. Suddenly ganesh’s stomach groans and the gods gets worried. Ganesh says don’t be worried everyone, the lava has been destroyed, this sound is because I am very hungry now, everyone laugh.
Everyone go.
In Kailash, parvati serves ganesh food and ganesh eats. After eating ganesh says I feel so sleepy now, then he remembers what kartikeya said that you should not sleep after eating and it is better to walk. Ganesh says brother, I will go and walk because I remember what you had told me. Kartikeya smiles. Ganesh then sees a bowl of modak and says I will eat this as well while I walk. Everyone laugh. Ganesh goes with mushak as he walks and eats modak kept in the bowl on mushak ji, ganesh eats all modak and then says mushak ji, now I feel we should rest. Ganesh reaches far away from Kailash in a forest and says I did not even see where we were coming, we have come far from Kailash, we should rest under a tree. mushak says yes prabhu and he and ganesh sit under a tree. ganesh says mushak ji, I will tell you a horror story of a ghost, you are scared right? Mushak says no prabhu, with you I have fought so many demons then why will I be scared? Ganesh starts and says once there was a man who was walking in a forest, he was so thirsty that h was finding for a small pond or even a pot kept somewhere with water. So he came in the silent forest and looked here and there for water, he saw everywhere but could not find water. Mushak says then what happened prabhu? Ganesh says then the man walked a bit ahead and he heard a sound behind him? mushak gets scared and says what sound? Ganesh says some scary sound behind him but he did not look back. mushak says then? Ganesh says then again he heard the sound and he got scared. Mushak hears a sound too and thinks why am I feeling as if what ganesh ji is saying is actually happening? Ganesh then says then the man looked behind and he saw a demon who turned into a tornado. Mushak says what? Then what happened? Ganesh says the demon followed the man as he ran for his life, the tornado followed him.
There a demon watches ganesh and mushak as ganesh tells the story.

Precap: mushak runs towards ganesh as he is being followed by a demon in the form of a tornado. Ganesh traps the demon in a bag and says I will leave you only if you appear in front of me in your true form.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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