Siddhi Vinayak 14th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Shankar promises a movie to Prachi and Ranvir

Siddhi Vinayak 14th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Siddhi tells Manjari to think and understand she hasn’t seen any spirit since the treatment began. You will recover after the rest. Shankar seconds her. All the problems will end after 20 sessions. Manjari turns to Vin for help. Bappa is coming home tomorrow. Rid me from this treatment for the next 11 days atleast. Maybe I will get fine just like that. I trust him very much. Vin gives in. She hugs him relieved. He tells her to rest and excuses himself. Shankar sends Siddhi to make preps for puja. I will stay with Manjari.

Gauri and Siddhi are making preps for puja. Gauri says I thought Chachi ji will spill the beans now and her game would be up but Vin always stands in front of us as her shield. How will we bring out her truth this way? Siddhi suggests creating an atmosphere in the house

wherein she has to choose if she should keep quiet in panic or mumble everything out in open. Gauri asks her what she is going to do. Siddhi tells her to wait and watch. This time Ma will confess everything on Ganesha Chaturthi.

Roopmati and producer shout Rajvir and Prachi’s name as they enter in Kundra House. Shankar asks them what they want. Roopmati mocks him for not knowing what is going on in his own house. Prachi and Rajvir panic seeing her. Tiwari asks them to come. Madam is waiting. Roopmati asks Rajvir if he hasn’t told Shankar that they are acting in her next blockbuster. I announced it long back. Don’t know how Shankar Kundra dint hear it. I have nothing to do with your family drama. I came here as your DIL and son aren’t coming in the shoot. We have incurred a loss of 20 lacs. We just want our money back! Shankar asks her if she knows who he is. I will make one call and you will stop getting finances from anywhere. I know the budget of regional films and per day expenses really well. Don’t try to fool me into all this. They will come to complete the shoot. Leave now! Roopmati and Tiwari leave. Rajvir apologizes to Shankar. We made a really big mistake. We should have told you everything beforehand. Prachi says we were trapped in this. Rajvir asks them to get them out of this movie. We don’t want to do it. Shankar says you should have asked me once before choosing the film. Both Roopmati and Tiwari are worst people. Siddhi accepts they made a mistake but Rajvir did it on his own. He dint seek any help. He must have been waiting for a chance from you since long. Shankar realises he promised them a movie but couldn’t fulfil it. I missed out on it somehow. He tells Prachi and Rajvir to fulfil their current commitment. We are known for this. After this, I will cast you both in one movie. Prachi and Rajvir thank him happily. Shankar goes. Rajvir is pleased.

Siddhi notices Vin tensed. I know you are worried for Ma and upset with me for what I did. Vin denies. I am very much unhappy seeing Ma’s condition. I know you want to help her but I cannot see her in this condition. I feel the current when she had to undergo shock treatment. I fail to understand why Ma has to go through all this. She makes him sit down and massages his head. I am with Ma. I will manage everything. He knows Ma is going through a really rough patch. You should be really caring and loving towards her. Siddhi promises him that she will behave with Ma just the way she needs it right now. I asked Raghu to make dry fruit milk for Ma. I will give it to her. He pulls her back in his lap. You made everything so comforting in a second. I was so worried few minutes back. She says I know this much that I can even give my life to make your problems / life easier. They share an eye lock and a kiss.

Roopmati tells Tiwari they have to wind up the shooting in 2 days. Prachi refuses to come. She walks in throwing full tantrums. I wont come tomorrow especially on Sundays. Plan your shot well. Spot boy brings the same clothes that she had worn few days back and she refuses to wear them. Roopmati takes out the jewellery kept along with the clothes and asks Prachi to return it. She calls her thief. You knew how costly it was. Return it now! Prachi says how a necklace can be that costly when the budget of the movie is so low. Roopmati demands for her necklace or threatens to call police. Prachi gets tensed.

Manjari is muttering to herself. Don’t know from which side the spirit will come tonight. Gauri comes in with turmeric milk for Manjari. Manjari asks her to stay till she falls asleep. I feel scared otherwise. Gauri agrees. Manjari drinks milk. Gauri smirks. I added sleeping pills in the milk. By the time she will wake up, our next plan will be in action. Manjari makes her hold her hand as she lies down to sleep. Gauri notices her sleeping peacefully and dips her hand in water to double check. She walks out of the room after she is positive that Manjari has fallen asleep.

Outside, Siddhi gives clothes to Gauri. It will be the most difficult night of Ma’s life. Truth will shine brightly tomorrow. Everyone will sleep by 12. We start our game then. I will be outside your room at 1. Be ready. Always remember that Bappa is with us. Gauri heads to her room.

Siddhi checks her phone. It is 12:45 AM. She removes her hand from Vin’s hand and goes out. Gauri is dressed like Vaibhavi when Siddhi knocks at the door. Gauri takes the mask and they head to Manjari’s room. Manjari is still fast asleep but is mumbling in her sleep. Gauri and Siddhi lift her and take her with them. Prachi steps out of the room just then. They hide. Prachi overhears Manjari taking Vaibhavi’s name but sees no one around. I must be imagining things. She goes.

Siddhi and Gauri bring Manjari near the fountain and make her lie down there. Gauri goes to get ready. Siddhi too leaves. Manjari wakes up hearing the sound of the fountain and gets shocked seeing herself in the garden. Gauri comes there just then wearing Vaibhavi’s mask. Manjari panics. No! Siddhi thinks only the truth can save Ma from vaibhavi now. she will surely save herself now.

Precap: Bappa comes to Kundra House. Manjari thinks of Vaibhavi’s warning. I want to say something. I have done a lot many crimes in life. They can be called illegal. I want to confess everything in front of Bappa today. Siddhi thinks Ma’s truth will be out in front of everyone today.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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