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Siddhi Vinayak 13th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Manjari is given shock therapy

Siddhi Vinayak 13th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rudra is sitting angrily in his room. So they succeeded in coming together! He cuts Vin’s name in the notebook. It wont happen every time Vinayak Kundra as it isn’t your film. It is real life. I am the hero here. I will make Siddhi mine and you will be nowhere in the story. He caresses Siddhi’s name. Her every action will have a mark of Rudra in it. I will be all over her life and Vinayak Kundra will be nowhere! This will begin with Ganesha puja. This time it wont be Siddhi Vinayak but Siddhi and Rudra who will do the puja.

Next morning, Gauri and Siddhi are in the kitchen. Gauri is unhappy that their plan was foiled yesterday. Only a sentence was left to be said. Siddhi points out that Vinu came in between. Son’s love became a hindrance in the path of truth. It is painful that

the son whose mother who can stoop to any level to kill her son, wants to save her only. I cannot do anything but watch this drama unfold. Gauri tells her not to lose heart. All this shows that we are on the right track. Chachi ji will very soon utter this truth too. You only said that this path isn’t easy. All this is happening because of our hard work too. I wont be able to make you understand any more of it. Please smile. Siddhi smiles for her sake but is still tensed.

Manjari realises she was about to tell yesterday that she is the one who killed Vaibhavi. What would have happened then! Why isn’t this Vaibhavi going? Kanta left and so did the others but Vaibhavi isn’t going! What does she want? She makes a video call to Baba. Your Vibhuti dint work. I saw that spirit yester night again. He is unhappy to hear it. I will come to your house and tackle that spirit. Manjari invites him over. I will give you whatever you will ask for. Just send this spirit away. Shankar asks Manjari who she was talking to. She tells him about the Baba. Shankar thinks this is turning serious. I wont let it happen. He does not say anything to her though.

Shankar fixes an appointment with Dr. Tripathi. Vin asks him why he was booking an appointment. Shankar shares that he found a perfect psychiatrist for his mother. Siddhi finds it to be the perfect trap for Manjari. Vin is sure Ma is fine but Shankar says her condition is deteriorating. She is only seeing spirits and blood everywhere. I saw her talking to some tantric today. She was inviting him over to our house. It is very important to show her to the psychiatrist now. Bappa is anyways come home. Vin is sure Ma will be fine but Siddhi suggests taking Manjari to doc once. Don’t know what’s bothering her. We should fine out. Manjari refuses to see any doctor. You think I am mad? I wont see any doctor. You guys are the ones who are mad. I wont go anywhere. Vin tries to make her understand but in vain. Siddhi tells Shankar they should take Ma to hospital right away. She also tells Vin to take care of Ma. Shankar and Vin hold her from either of the sides and take her with them.

Prachi throws stuff in her room angrily. How dare he! She throws Rajvir’s clothes on the floor and decides to set them afire. She throws alcohol on him. He stops her. She tells him that Roopmati and producer assaulted her. He finds it small thing. Her anger is on peak. I wont spare you if you take revenge of my insult. Call Roopmati. He dials Roopmati’s number. She asks him why he called her so late. You dint come on shoot. You will see what we will do to you. He is scared of her. Prachi asks him to scold her or he will set everything on fire. Ranvir calls her names and ends the call. She vows to teach him a lesson. Rajvir is worried of the consequences though.

Dr. Tripathi tells Shankar, Vin and Siddhi that they brought Manjari to him on the right time. She is suffering from a scary disease. People begin to imagine strange stuff in this condition. Vin is in disbelief. She was fine till a few days back. He is calling my Ma mad! I cannot bear it. Manjari shouts at the nurse and ward boy to leave her. I want to go home. Dr. Tripathi gives her injection. Shankar looks away feeling bad for her. Dr. Tripathi tells them that her condition is only aggravating. She has already started hallucinating. Only shock therapy can work now. Siddhi thinks this may make Ma say everything. Dr. Tripathi gives them a consent letter to sign. Siddhi thinks it is going just the way Dadi told me. She convinces Vin and Shankar. Ma’s condition is worsening day by day. I don’t think we should take much time. Dr. Tripathi asks them what they have decided. Siddhi tells him to do what’s best for Ma. Vin is hesitant to sign the consent letter but Shankar seconds Siddhi. Siddhi is sure Ma will be so fearful next time that she will have to come clear with the truth to avoid it the next time.

Dr. Tripathi gives electric shocks to Manjari. Shankar and Vin are pained to see her thus. Siddhi too is scared. Vin walks in but nurse advises him to let Manjari rest. Dr. Tripathi tells them not to worry. She will be fine. You will have to bring her here daily for the next 21 days. He goes. Vin refuses to let it happen. He frees his Ma. Siddhi tells Shankar to make Vin understand they have no other option left. We all are concerned for her. She will wake up in a while. We will discuss this at home. Shankar nods and looks at them. Vin is crying holding his Ma.

Gauri is shocked to know about the electric shock treatment. Has she confessed everything? Siddhi denies. It will happen very soon though. This spirit thing and therapy will break her down soon. She has killed many innocents. Her truth should come out real soon. Bappa will help us in making Ma confess her crimes. Rudra asks her who has to confess what. Siddhi lies that she was talking about her confession. It is about me and Bappa. Gauri seconds her. Bappa never says no to Siddhi. Prayer is very powerful. What do you think? Rudra says I don’t know about this. I don’t like asking anyone anything, even if it’s God. Gauri says prayer is a way to thank God. Rudra asks her why one has to thank God. Gauri explains that it is for the life given to us by Bappa. Rudra says it is good. Gauri shares that Bappa is going to stay at their house for the next 11 days. You will find out lot many good things and will understand his power too. She goes with Siddhi. Rudra is certain he will do this prayer only with Siddhi!

Manjari refuses to continue the therapy. I am fine. Siddhi tells her only 20 sessions are left now. You will be fine then. Manjari says only one has passed. Rest all are left. Manjari calls her mad. Do you want to kill me? Siddhi tells her to think and understand she hasn’t seen any spirit since the treatment began. You will recover after the rest. Ma will have to accept her crime now.

Precap: Gauri gives turmeric milk to Manjari. Siddhi says it will be the most difficult night of Ma’s life. Truth will shine brightly tomorrow.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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