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Shakti 14th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Ganpati Utsav Preparations

Shakti 14th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Preeto slaps Shanno who recovers her senses. Harak Singh shouts at the villagers to leave. Preeto was fearful and runs inside saying she won’t harm anyone but they shouldn’t tie her hands. Shanno poses to be clueless of what just happened. Veeran takes her inside the room. Ravi hugs Harak Singh out of worry but he was still hopeful.
Mr. Kaushal announces in the hospital about Ganpati celebrations. Lameet was excited and announces a performance with Jolly. Suomya promises everyone she will make the arrangements. Agni ji hits Harman’s photo with a dart, and considers him a hurdle. The doctor says its already really late. The kinners forward around, but Agni clarifies they won’t take orders from anyone and will only bring Suomya here to increase their own circle.
Veeran was shocked to hear Harak Singh’s plan of celebrating Ganpati. Ravi was hopeful that everything will be perfect once God is here. Veeran asks what if Harman still doesn’t return. Harak Singh shouts at Veeran if he is a true brother? He was determined that Harman will soon return.
Harman and Lameet were carrying the idol in a procession. Agni pointed an arrow towards Harman. She pulls the strings, but a man instead holds the arrow. The kinners run away. Harman was a true believer that Ganpati was with them. The procession continue. At the Pooja, Suomya prays to meet her family and love, though she is contented to have so much love here. Harman also wish to get out of this problem and meet his family. Lameet tells Mr. Kaushal that someone attacked Harman with an arrow. Mr. Kaushal says it might be some kids play.
At home, Mr and Mrs. Kaushal discuss about Jolly and Khushi’s fights. Mrs Kaushal says they are interesting, as they care for each other as well.
Lameet and Harman practice dance in the hospital. Suomya watch them work together. She gets a few unclear flashes of similar dances. Lameet slips and her hand runs over Harman’s face. He was furious. Suomya feels lonely and comes to pray that she meets her partner.

Precap: There was a Ganesh Utsav celebration.

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