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Savitri Devi 13th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Sanchi finds Rudraksh

Savitri Devi 13th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Savitri asking about Sanchi. She says Sanchi saved Anand’s life, my heart got clear for her. Veer says she is still in hospital, I will call and talk to her once. Servant says I got this from Priya’s room. They get shocked seeing drugs and says how is this possible, Priya was taking drugs, so she has taken such a bad step. Veer says its my mistake, I didn’t focus on her. Riya thinks what is mom planning to do. Naintara taunts Sanchi. She can’t touch the door knob and thinks what’s inside that’s stopping me, it means someone is asking Sanchi to do all this, Sanchi is not alone, who is helping her. Sanchi meets Tantric. Tantric says I knew she will trap you, you will know her real power. Sanchi says yes, help me in saving family.

He gives some solution to

make time run on right time. Sanchi goes. She sees Naintara in front. Naintara ties Sanchi with an extended cloth of her saree. She attacks Sanchi again. Sanchi gets tied up and recalls tantric’s words. Sanchi frees her hand and strikes the cloth with tantric’s given bead. The clock’s glass breaks. Everything gets to normal. Naintara screams and goes. Nurse asks Sanchi are you fine. Sanchi says yes. Veer consoles Savitri and says we can at least save our family. Savitri says someone’s bad sight affected our family. He says even Sanchi’s life has problems. He doesn’t tell about Sanchi’s divorce. He says Sanchi fell in blind beliefs, she is saying strange things. Sanchi looks for Rudraksh. Naintara wipes the ink marks.

She says you can’t defeat me Sanchi. Sanchi thinks to find Rudraksh and save Veer and his family. Riya asks Gayatri what’s her plan. Gayatri says you don’t have any right to ask me, go from here. Riya says no, you told me you will tell everything to me. Gayatri says no way, go from here. Riya hears a knock from cupboard, and asks Gayatri. She opens the cupboard and shouts. Kabir falls out. Veer hears Riya and comes to ask what happened. Riya puts Kabir back in cupboard. Veer enters the room and ask what happened, are you fine. Riya says something has hurt my finger. Gayatri says she is fine.

He goes and thinks Riya is a doctor, she won’t shout for a small wound. Riya asks why did you kidnap Kabir. Gayatri says I have some work, I will leave him when he does my work, don’t disturb me. She injects Kabir. Riya says don’t do this, its high dose. Gayatri says its necessary, everything will be ruined if Kabir gets conscious. Sanchi prays to Lord. Naintara jokes on her. Sanchoi does aarti. A thread roll falls down the aarti plate and goes. Sanchi sees the thread and follows. She gets the Rudraksh and picks it. She goes to tantric and says I got the Rudraksh. He does rituals and asks Sanchi to put this Rudraksh in Veer’s house soon. Sanchi agrees. She thinks to go Malhotra mansion. Naintara gets Sanchi’s bracelet. She says Sanchi gave me a way to kill her love.

Sanchi comes home and gets shocked seeing Naintara. Naintara asks won’t you welcome me. She attacks Sanchi with her evil powers. Sanchi falls down.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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