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Muskaan 14th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Muskaan makes a clever plan

Muskaan 14th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Aarti going to doctor. Tabassum sees VIP and handles him. She asks Rakhi to handle Aarti. Suzaine pities Aarti’s fate. She feels bad. The doctor checks Muskaan. Muskaan cries and asks for Aarti. Aarti asks is Muskaan fine. Doctor says she will be fine. Suzaine gets angry and threatens Tabassum that she will tell Aarti about VIP, that Muskaan is sold to him. Tabassum stops her and reminds her words. She threatens about Aarti and Muskaan, and laughs. Muskaan says I m much hurt. Suzaine comes and says Aarti can still take care of Muskaan. She tells her plan to Muskaan. She asks Muskaan to just have medicines by Aarti’s hand. Rakhi gets medicines. Muskaan refuses to have medicines.

Rakhi says you have to take medicines. Muskaan throws medicines and shouts. Suzaine stops

Rakhi from beating Muskaan. She warns Rakhi and sends her away. Tabassum also scolds Rakhi. Rakhi says this girl is adamant even in pain, go and feed her medicines. Tabassum asks Aarti to feed her medicines. Aarti goes to Muskaan and gives her medicines. Muskaan asks her to feed her. Aarti makes her have medicines. Rakhi asks Tabassum not to drag this matter. Tabassum says I know what I have to do. Aarti acts rude. Suzaine insists her to listen to Muskaan. Aarti talks to Muskaan with love. Muskaan asks her to hug her. Aarti hugs her. Tabassum permits her. Aarti cries.

Muskaan kisses Aarti. They cry. Suzaine smiles. Muskaan thanks Lord for giving her old mum back. Tabassum thinks they got together, this can’t happen. She signs Aarti to get away. Muskaan takes medicines and says if mumma loves me, my pain will get over. Aarti goes out and cries. She says I have felt the peace after a long time today. Tabassum comes and threatens her. Aarti gets shocked seeing kerosene. Tabassum asks her to burn her love for Muskaan. She tells her plan. Aarti says no, I can’t imagine this, don’t take the test of my love, I will not do this. She begs Tabassum.

Tabassum says I can ruin Muskaan’s future, you have to do this for her bright future. Aarti gets shocked. Muskaan comes to Aarti. She asks her to feed her medicines. Aarti turns rude again and gets angry on her. Everyone looks on. Suzaine asks Muskaan to have medicines on own. She taunts Aarti. Muskaan refuses. Aarti drags Muskaan. Suzaine stops Aarti. Muskaan says let me go with mumma, maybe she got a gift for me. Aarti cries and takes Muskaan to lock her up. Tabassum smiles.

Muskaan saves a guy and does aid to his hand. She introduces herself. He fights with goons and asks the price of her favor. She says what price can I say when my own price is fixed.

Update Credit to: Amena

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