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Mere Sai 14th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Sai Revives Old Lady’s Vision

Mere Sai 14th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Tatya looks into liquor shop owner’s eyes and asks if he brought Keshav. Owner sees Sai’s face in Tatya’s eyes and gets afraid, tells truth that he is seeing this boy for the first time and Keshav came alone. Keshav lies that Tatya must have known about this beforehand and bribed liquor shop owner to lie. Kulkarni says Keshav is right, Tatya has bribed owner. Anta beats owner and asks if he is lying.. Owner says he is telling truth…Anta continues beating him and finds Keshav’s ring in his hand. He gives it to Kulkarni and says this is same ring which Kulkarni gifted Keshav on his birthday. Owner unable to bear trashes shouts Keshav is lying, he came to liquor shop and drinks like a fish, he mortgaged this ring in exchange of liquor.

Blind old lady gives laddoo

to Sai. Sai says one more. Lady excitedly tells her husband that Sai liked her laddoo. She then realizes she is can see and says she can see everyone and thanks Sai for blessing her. Sai smiles..

Appa confronts Kulkarni that it is proved Tatya is innocent as he has good sanskars from him and his mother, his son will never do anything wrong, it is Kulkarni’s wrong upbringing that Keshav is a spoilt brat, he warns Keshav to look into his home before alleging others and leaves with Tatya. Kulkarni angrily slaps Keshav that because of him Appa Patil taunted him and spoke looking into his eyes, he trashes Keshav and kicks him out of house. Keshav walks to liquor shop and tells its owner he is homeless because of owner, so he will stay in liquor shop from hereon and will drink liquor. Owner asks servant to do as Keshav says as he will not stay in hardship for more than 1-2 days.

Tatya returns home. His grandma scolds not to help Keshav from hereon and says Kulkarni will not keep quiet and will try to take revenge again. Sai reaches there. Keshav tell him how Kulkarni and Keshav alleged him and asked liquor shop owner if he took Keshav to liquor shop, he looked into liquor shop owner’s eyes and asks to tell truth. Sai says liquor shop owner told truth seeing Tatya’s true eyes. Tatya says yes and says he is worried about Keshav. Sai asks not to worry about Keshav as his mother is there to take care of him.

Precap: Rukmini thinks only Sai can help Keshav, but how to go. Govinda takes her to Sai.

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