Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 14th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Jaya Helps Samar Control His Panic Attack

Main Maayke Chali Jaaungi 14th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Samar continues showing house to Jaya. Jaya notes down details and says she will fix mantap in living room and asks if there is any store room in ground floor to keep wedding items. He says they have 4-5 guest rooms, he will show them. She is surprised and says they dont have guest room or room concept and wherever they find place, they sleep. He asks what they do when guests arrive. She says her family is different than his.

In temple, Satya fumes it is already 15 minutes, Karthik must be brainwashing Shikha and Kabeer. Sarika with her fiance sits on adjacent bench and chat. He asks her hobbies. She says swimming and driving. He asks what about cooking. She asks if he knows cooking. He says no. She says mom has taught her cooking and she will cook for him, but what

about emergency. He says he will not. Jaya hears that and interrupts them and says if he is marrying to have a wife who can cook for him, it is better not marry and hire cooks. Sarika says she will adjust. Satya says she has seen many marriages breaking trying to adjust. Rama passes by and says she has taught her daughter to adjust and marriages are for life and not to break. Satya excuses and leaves fuming.

On the other side, Karthik does pooja with Kabir while Shikha stands aside. Kabeer asks Shika to perform pooja with them. She does pooja alone. Rama sees that and says that as an elder she wants to suggest that pooja completes only if couple perform it together. Shikha says they are divorced. Rama asks what about this child. Kartika says he is their son. Kabeer sadly says he can meet papa only twice in a month. Rama suggests why don’t they give a marriage another chance for their son’s sake. Sarika walks in and says never, she has taught her daughter not to rejoin broken pots and walks away holding Shikha and Kabeer’s hands. Kartik says she is the first woman who breaks her own daughters’ houses. Rama says she must be some problem. He says if she gets associated with this woman, she will know his pain and leaves from there.

Samar takes Sarika to a dark guest room and applies stopper on door, saying she can keep any precious items in locker here and never close the door. She closes door and says it locks. He panics and shouts why did she close door and tries to open it. Handle breaks. Jaya asks to relax. Samar continues panicking, his shirt buttons open. Jaya yells he is trying to take advantage, she knows his kind of guys. Their arugment starts at high pitch. Family returns and opens door. Samar walks out and asks family to cancel Jaya’s contract. Rama asks what happened. Jaya explains that her mom taught to divert a person’s attention if he gets panic attack, she did same to Samar. Rama thanks her and asks Samnar if she should cancel Jaya’s contract. He says no and says she will not go into dark room until lights and locks are fixed. She says yes and leaves smiling. Samar looks at her. Rama notices that and asks what is happening. He shies.

Sarika’s haldi ceremony starts. Dadaji says let us wait for Jaya, she may have some new idea. Chachi says they cannot wait and let us start ceremony. Jaya enters and asks dadaji how they used to celebrate haldi ceremonoy during their times. He says grind it and then apply. She calls men who bring traditional manual grinder. Dadaji gets very happy Jaya says they will grind haldi and then apply it. Family grinds haldi. Samar watches Jaya wherever she goes. Pehli bar hai ji…song..plays in the background. Rama notices it. Samar says Jaya that her idea is good, but it is taking lot of time. She says it is one of most memorable for his sister, let her enjoy. After sometime, Samar’s family gets groom’s family’s call and says Samar will reach with haldi soon. Jaya says she sent Lallan with haldi already. Chachi says it is abshagun, bride’s brother delivers haldi always. Rama asks her to relax and asks Samar to call Lallan and stop him. Lallan does not pick call. Samar says he will go and stop him. He rushes towards his car. Jaya asks him to take her bike, there would be huge traffic.

Precap: Jaya and Samar play with haldi and smear it on each other. Jaya enters and stands with frowning face seeing them.

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