Krishna Chali London 14th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Krishna and Radhe leave for Mumbai

Krishna Chali London 14th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Radhe giving bouquet and wishing Gajanan for anniversary. Gajanan says fine, we shall leave. Krishna says we will check flight details and come. She give boarding pass. Radhe says we are going to celebrate your anniversary. Gajanan gets angry and says we are going home. Krishna says we won’t go home, we will go Mumbai. Lali asks her to understand. Krishna asks why, are you scared of Gajanan. Gajanan shouts Radhe. Krishna stops Radhe.

Krishna says Lali wants to go to Mumbai as she loves Gajanan a lot and wants to spend some moments of peace with him on anniversary. She says I got angry when Lali took complaint back, she told me that its easy to understand a person by understanding his situation, she thinks a lot about you, did your sister ask you to agree

by scolding you, I m different type of sister, I m calling you a brother, I will take you both there. Gajanan’s daughter asks him to please take them to Mumbai. Lali cries. Gajanan cries and wipes tears. He asks Radhe to get his luggage. They all smile. Shukla gets ready. Shuklain says everyone has to leave today, why are you going to Bela’s house. He says you will thank me all life for it. Bela says I m ready, come. She jokes on Shuklain and laughs. Shukla and Shuklain stare. Bela says I was joking. Prashant comes to airport and asks constable to let him go, he is IFS officer. Constable asks him for ID.

Prashant insists. He sees Krishna there. He thinks to call her and realizes his phone fell down. He asks constable to give his phone. He calls Krishna. Bela asks why are we going home. Shukla says my plan is to hit two target with one arrow. He jokes on her. He asks her to let him sleep now. She worries. Krishna gives her phone to Radhe. Radhe answers call. Prashant says Radhe is a big liar, you passed in the exam, Radhe kidnapped you, you cancel ticket and come out. He sees Radhe on call. Radhe asks him not to call again. Prashant calls again. Radhe scolds him. He calls Saajan. Saajan asks why do you call at wrong time. Radhe says you can’t do anything, Prashant has run away, he was telling truth to Krishna, thank God I had the phone. Saajan gets shocked.

He asks him to go on honeymoon. He says I will manage Prashant here. Radhe asks what will happen when Krishna about the fake results. Saajan says let me think, will you ask everything now. Radhe turns and sees Krishna. He gets shocked. She asks what were you saying. He says I told him that I will get admission in classes again for your happiness. She asks him to come.

Shukla talks to Bela’s parents. He asks for Bela’s sister TT. They ask the matter. Shukla says I hope you will just say yes, I didn’t come from far to hear no. Prashant asks about flight. The man says Mumbai flight check in is going on. Prashant says I have to do something else, Radhe you go and come, I will end this matter. Shukla asks for TT’s hand for Radhe. They get shocked. Bela asks what about krishna. Shuka says you are very smart, I know, Radhe will marry TT, you can become owner, I will out Krishna from home and you get TT home. Bela nods.

Radhe holds Krishna. She wakes up from sleep and screams seeing someone at the window.

Update Credit to: Amena

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