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“Don’t Hate Me!!”~ TWINJ (SS) by Shalini – Shot 2

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Shot 2

**Hotel Palm**

Preparation was done nd all the guest have almost arrived nd finally the one, everyone was waiting for, Groom also arrived with his Family.. RT welcome them nd introduced them with his some special guest..

“Mr. Mehta, meet my very special friend nd would be relative Mr. Surjeet Luthra nd his wife Anita Luthra.. nd he is my would be son-in-law ACP Yuvaraj Luthra.. recently joined his duty in Amritsar”.. he was proudly saying this to all his guest.. all introduces themselves to him nd had chitchat..

“Mr. Taneja, I think we should call the Twinkle nd do the ring ceremony”.. Anita said being excited.. nd RT ask one of the girl present there to call Twinkle nd she left from there…

“Papa, Twinkle is not in room”.. Mahi said to him coming from the room with the girl

“What?.. Did you check out her in everywhere?.. she must be in another room?

“No papa I checked her in all the rooms nd she is nowhere.. Papa I’m very tensed.. don’t know where she is”

“Don’t worry uncle, she must have gone somewhere nd come in any time”.. said Uv making them calm

“No.. she never go anywhere without informing them at least not in such occasions”.. Mahi said to him..

“I think we should search her once again”.. he said while going in followed by others.. they searched her everywhere in hotel but didn’t found her.. all were tensed.. her phone was switched off..

“Where is she?.. has someone seen her?”.. he was also tensed..

“KUNJ”.. Rt said angrily confusing Uv..

“Kunj?.. who is he? nd what do you want to say uncle?”..

“Kunj is the one behind all this”..

“But why nd who is he?”

“kunj Sarna, most powerful businessman Of Amritsar nd Owner of Sarna empire”.. a man replied to him.. Uv was transferred in Amritsar just a month ago nd he was just focusing on criminals nd other corrupted people here. He has heard about him nd his fame but he never heard anything serious about him.. he was trying to understand the matter..

“Kunj is the one who has been breaking all the alliance of Twinkle.. I’ve heard he is behind her”..

“As much as I’ve heard, Kunj nd Twinkle were in same college nd used to be a very good friends”…

“Friends or more than friends?”… some people were muttering about Twinj nd their past gaining Uv’s attention.. there was so many suspense nd mystery.. RT was angry listening their conversations but he could do nothing bcz they were his guest nd also somewhere they were right..

“I’m sorry sir nd mam but don’t you feel ashamed while talking such shits about a girl in such situation?.. without knowing reality how can you talk like this about someone?”… Uv said trying to control his anger.. he couldn’t show his anger to them bc even he didn’t know the truth neither he was sure that kunj was behind this.. he could do just inquiry…

“Uncle, don’t worry.. we’ll find her”.. he assured him nd his parents to..  he ask the hotel manager to show him all the footage of cctv cameras.. all the guest has been also left the hotel after RT’s apologies to them.. In cctv footage they found an unknown person nd no one knew who was he.. when Uv asked about it, Mahi told him that he was the dress man..

“Actually, tailor told me he can’t come bcz he was going to hospital to admit his wife so he send a worker of his boutique”.. Uv was feeling something wrong.. from then he was just noticing his(Kunj’s) every move but found nothing.. bcz he left hotel alone but not with Twinkle.. everything was suspicious.. nobody was sure that he was Kunj.. as he didn’t found any proof against him(Kunj) so he can’t blame him but as RT was blaming Kunj only so he has to do inquiry.. no one knew where Twinkle was

“Is there any other exit door in hotel where is no cctv camera’s?”.. he ask to hotel manager..

“No sir, there is no other exit door nd we’ve set cameras everywhere in hotel”…

“Then from where the hell he took Twinkle with him?”.. he bang his hand on the table while thinking everything..

“We should check her room again”.. he went in the Twinkle’s room to find some clue but there everything was perfect.. he saw window was open nd went there nd didn’t found any clue but some people can’t stay quite nd always make an issue of everything nd create doubts in others mind..

“It seems like Twinkle herself left from there by using this was”.. a man said this

“No, Twinkle can never do this.. why would she run away?.. she is not like this.. she will never do such cheap act.. it’s all that Kunj’s plan”.. RT said clearing his doubts..

“Uncle, are you sure he was Kunj nd he only did this?”..

“Yes, I’m hundred percent sure that Kunj is only behind this.. he has done such cheap act before also”…

“But why is he doing this?.. why he want to break her marriage?.. uncle please tell me everything so that I can take an action against him”

“For the sake of his revenge.. he want to destroy Twinkle nd me”..


“You’ll get it in police record against him.. you can check it out”..

“What?.. police record?.. but I didn’t found anything like that since I came here”..

“Bcz his case in closed now”… Uv was all confused that what was the matter.. why he couldn’t noticed it before.. then he called someone.


A lady’s voice was coming from kitchen who was instructing a girl for dinner..

“Kunj, what should I make in dinner for you”

“Nothing Mom, I’ve some work nd I’m going out I’ll eat my dinner there”.. Kunj answered Usha from the hall..

“What is this Kunj, where have you been going now a days?.. neither you are doing your lunch with me nd not your dinner.. what’s going on?”

“It’s something important Mom, I’ll tell later”.

“Don’t know when your ‘later’ will come”.. then she heard doorbell nd went to open it.. there she found police along with Uv at the door..

“Where is Kunj Sarna?.. we have a complaint against him”.. asked Uv without wasting his time..

“What?.. but why?..what he has done?”

“What happened Mom.. who is there?”.. asked Kunj coming to her..

“Mr. Sarna.. Mr. Ramindar Taneja has filled a complain against you that you’ve kidnapped his daughter Miss Twinkle Taneja nd on the base of it we’ve a search warrant of your every personal nd professional places”..

“What?.. kidnapping nd Kunj?.. sorry inspector but you are at wrong place.. my Kunj can’t do this”

“No Mrs. Sarna, we are at right place for the right person.. nd if you stop us from doing our duty then we’ll have to arrest Kunj”

“Sorry inspector but I was to see the search warrent”

“Yeah sure, you can see.. we’ve an order to inquest your all the places that is your house, all form houses nd office nd if we get Twinkle Taneja then you’ll be arrest”.. he warned him nd asked constables to check his house nd on the phone to other constables to check out his other place..

“You won’t find out her any of my place bcz I’ve not kidnapped her”

“Inspector, what do you think if Kunj has kidnapped her, he’ll hide her here.. is he that fool you think?”..

“Sorry Mrs. Sarna, but we are just doing our duty”.. all the constables were checking everywhere in his house while Kunj with usha nd Uv nd some other constables, was sitting in the hall.. Uv has took Kunj’s nd Usha’s phone so that they can’t interrupt or disturb his investigation by calling someone.. Usha was just staring at Kunj with questioning eyes.. Kunj was not giving her any hint he was quite.. after sometime one by one all the constables came with nothing.. all have same answer that there in nothing.. Uv was frustrated nd looked at Kunj.. nd his phone rang nd he received it.. nd got same reply that Twinkle not even in his form houses nd office.. they didn’t found her anywhere..

“I told you that you’ll not get her.. you should check her somewhere else.. who knows she must have run away from her house maybe.. it’s not necessary that somebody has kidnap her.. she is mature nd know what is wrong for her or what is right.. Mr. Taneja shouldn’t take much tension.. it’s not good for his health”.. Kunj said while getting up from the sofa with a victory smile on his face.. it was his taunt to Uv especially to RT.. Uv was speechless.. he was just thinking where he must have hide Twinkle even for a second he doubted is he right.. is Twinkle really run away by her own.. but then he shrugged his thoughts nd cleared his doubts that there is nothing like Kunj said.. he could sense that it was done by Kunj by his sarcastic smile.. but he said nothing bcz of the lack of proof against him but didn’t forget to warn him..

“But Kunj Sarna, don’t think that now you are free from this case bcz from now my eyes will be on you until we get Twinkle”

“As your wish but please firstly concentrate on the ‘Twinkle searching’ mission instead of me otherwise you’ll get nothing”..

“You don’t need to tell me my job”.. he left from there with everyone while handling him his nd Usha’s phone.. Kunj went into kitchen to drink water while usha called someone..

“Maria, is this true?.. is Twinkle there?”.. ending the call she looked at Kunj who has arrived from kitchen..

“So it was your important work?.. you were busy in this nd was waiting for the right time to tell me about?”.. she asked being rude to him

“Mom when know your answer now then why are asking?”

“Even you know why I’m asking so don’t make excuses nd tell me why are you doing this.. aaj tak tumne jo bhi kiya uski wajah se kabhi police humare ghar nahi ayi but today’s your this cheap act really very ashamed Kunj.. why you did this?”

“Bcz I can’t let her marry with anyone else Mom nd you know what, who was the guy this time?.. few minutes ago, the officer left from here while warning me, he is the only man who was getting engaged with her today.. nd you know main kabhi kisi honest aur innocent insan ke saath kuch galat nahi karta so instead of doing something with him I thought it’ll be better to end this game here only”..

“Kunj, I can understand.. you don’t want her life get spoil by getting married with any random guy.. nd that’s why you’ve been trying to break her marriage with everyone.. I know you care for her.. I know also she is not listening you but still you are protecting her.. your Love..”..

“No Mom.. you are misunderstanding me nd my feelings.. it’s not ‘My Love’.. don’t think it my care for her.. yes, I don’t want her to get in someone else life, I don’t want her life to be ruined by somebody else nd I’m protecting her, no Mom it’s not the fact nd you know that.. I’m doing this bcz I Want To Destroy Her Life.. Only I’ve Right To Ruin Her Happiness.. Nd only I’ve Right To Spoil Her Life.. Mom today if we are in this situation Just Bcz Of Her.. our happiness, our beautiful life destroyed just bcz of her.. She is the reason of your tears, our sorrows nd I’ll never forgive her for that Mom”

“Kunj! itni nafrat mat kar usse ki ek din tujhe khud se bhi nafrat hone lage.. she is your love.. she is most beautiful part of your life don’t make it hell.. what she did with us was unexpected but what you are doing with her is also not good.. it’s not I’ve teach you”

“I’m sorry Mom for disrespecting your manners nd I request you never forgive me for it but Mom I can’t be like you.. you can forgive her, you can forget everything but I can never.. I hate myself for loving her unconditionally once.. nd I was wrong Mom that I was thinking she is my life’s most beautiful part bcz the fact is she was always worst part of our life.. aur Mom nafrat to mujhe khud se usi din se ho gayi thi jin usne humari life ko hell banaya tha.. nd now it’s my turn to make her life hell.. is ladki se itna pyar kiya usi ne meri life spoil ki hai to ab aise kaise use kisi aur ke saath jane dun?”.. Usha was unable to make him understand.. she also knew his condition that how hurt he was.. he was completely broken but still trying to be strong.. nd she knew that his son want her support more than her morals.. she always just tried to stop him doing anything bad with her but never force her to listen her.. she knew her son will never let her disappoint with his any act… Kunj looked at the watch nd remember something…


Kunj laid down unconscious Twinkle on the bed nd another girl comes to him

“Maria, when will she back in conscious state?”..

“About 2 hours Bhaiya”

“OK, then I’m leaving right now nd will be back in 2 hours till then take care of her nd don’t forget to lock the room when you go out.. ok?”..

“Don’t worry Bhaiya, I’ll keep it in my mind”…

“Ok, take care of yourself too”

“You too bhaiya”… he left from there but not before giving a glance to Twinkle..

**Flashback Ends**

“Mom, now I’ve to leave.. have your dinner nd medicines on time.. n d if you face any problem call me”..

“Don’t worry about me.. but don’t skip your dinner.. ok?”..

“Don’t worry Mom, today your son don’t skip anything”.. he said while kissing Usha’s forehead..

“Ranjna, take care of Mom”.. he ordered to the caretaker of Usha nd left while grabbing his car key nd mobile.. he was sure that police must be spying on him nd he knew what he has to do… he has already planned for it.. he drove off the car nd went to Raghav’s place.. it was a crowdie area where anybody can hardly get spotted.. he went in Raghav’s house..

“Raghav, give me keys”.. he handover his car’s key to him while talking to him..

“Raghav, how many times I’ve warned you don’t call me ‘Sir’.. I’m not your boss.. you are my friend”

“I’ve also told you don’t talk rudely.. when you talk like this I see reflection of a Hitler in you nd that I feel scared of you”

“Shut up.. I’m not in mood of joke”

“Look, this is why I call you ‘Sir’.. angry man.. huh”..

“You know how I’m.. ok I’m sorry”

“BTW Kunj, koi problem nahi hogi na?”

“Don’t worry Raghav, koi problem nahi hogi.. it’s just matter of tonight.. from tomorrow everything will be changed”… he left from there while driving Raghav’s car..

**Next Scene**

Twinkle was in balcony recalling the past when her thoughts were broken by the sound of door getting unlock.. she wipe her tears off nd went back in room..

“Maria??.. you are here?.. you are supporting Kunj even knowing his real face?.. you know how..”… she couldn’t complete her words bcz she was interrupted by Maria

“Sorry Mam, but I can’t hear anything against Kunj Bhaiya.. so it’s better don’t say it in front me”.. Maria said a bit rudely while keeping the food plat on table

“Why are you calling me ‘Mam’ Maria”..

“Yes Maria, don’t call her Mam bcz she is your would be Bhabhi.. call her that”.. Kunj said from behind who has just came in the room.. Maria said nothing nd left from there leaving Twinj alone..

“So Miss Taneja, how are you feeling now?”

“How can I be with you?”.. she replied rudely

“Oh Yeah, how stupid I’m.. obviously, you must be good after all you always feel better with me”

“Shut up Kunj”

“Btw, how is our this house.. your dream house?.. I hope there is nothing missing”.. He said while closing the door nd coming toward her

“Why are locking the door?.. don’t think I’m going to stay here with you”

“Even you don’t think that I’m going to stop you”… Twinkle was shocked.. she couldn’t believe on her ears what he just said..

“What you said?”..

“Yeah, you heard it right.. I’ll not stop you if you want to go from here.. you can go whenever you want”… she was unbelievably looking at him..

“Why?.. you get scared of police that they will search me here nd arrest you?”.. she said taunting him while he laughed..

“Scared nd me?.. you know I don’t get scared.. nd by the way thanks for your concern for me but for your kind information they’ve already search you on my every place but so sad.. they didn’t found you”.. he said while laying on bed while she was still stood near bed..

“Ok, let me remind you.. it was only your wish that your sorry our dream house should be at a secret place where no one can guess us.. right?.. so my dear sweetheart if I can fulfill your all wishes then how can I forget this one?.. after all I love you more than you”…

“Why are you doing this?.. chahte kya ho?”.. she asked coming to him

“You know Baby what I want”..

“Don’t call me that.. I hate it”..

“But you love it.. aren’t you?… anyways, come sit nd have your dinner.. I know you must be hungry”… he said while holding her hand to make her sit on the bed but she jerked his handaway

“Don’t touch me”..

“Ofho Twinkle, gussa kyun ho rahi ho?.. 2 din baad to tumhein in sabki adat ho jayegi humari Shadi ke baad”..

“Huh.. Shadi?.. mar jaungi leking tumse Shadi kabhi nahi karungi”… kunj get up of bed nd came to her

“Pehli baat to main tumhein marne nahi dunga aur dusri, shadi to tum mujhse hi karogi usi mandap me aur usi din jab us ACP se fix hui thi aur wo bhi apni marji se”.. he said while grabbing her arms tightly..

“In your dream Kunj Sarna.. main aisa kabhi nahi karungi.. never”..

“Tum aisa hi karogi Twinkle Taneja”

“No way”.. she jerked him away.. while he went back to sit on the bed

“Yes.. nd you’ll start it from tomorrow only when you’ll go back to your house.. you will only tell your father about our marriage nd it’s your own decision”..

“Are you drunk Kunj?.. do you have idea what you are saying?.. I’ll ask to my dad for your nd my marriage?.. like seriously.. please Kunj come back in reality.. I’m not going to do anything you want nd you know that”..

“Yes, I know that what you can do nd that’s why I’m saying this”..

“Then you don’t know bcz I will never marry with you.. nd if I’ll go back from here I’ll do only thing nd that is complain against you”.. saying this she proceed to the door nd unlocked it..

“Anyways, now I’m leaving nd as you said you wouldn’t stop me so I hope you’ll keep your words”..

“It’s dark outside nd you don’t know the way”

“Don’t worry Kunj Sarna.. I’ll manage myself.. I’m not that weak.. so you don’t need to show me your fake concern”

“Twinkle you are not going anywhere at this time at least not without listening my whole condition”

“I’m going Kunj nd I don’t want to listen anything”.. she was about to walk out of room but Kunj block he way nd holding her hand he drag her to another room

“Now I’ll show you something that you won’t be in the condition to decide anything against me”…

“Kunj leave my hand.. I don’t want to see anything”.. he didn’t listen her nd open the door of the room nd what Twinkle saw there, left her shocked..

“Chinki?”… this was only word she could speak.. her eyes were filled with tears.. Chinki was laying on the bed unconscious surrounded with many machines as a support system nd oxygen mask on her face.. she was like a lifeless body breathing with the support of these machines..

“How can she be here?.. she was d..”

“You are right, she is dead but just for this world nd your so called legitimately but in reality she is alive nd she will be living in future also it depend on your decision”

“What do mean?”

“As she is already dead according to your law so if she will die in real no one will say anything.. I hope you understand what I mean”.. he stood there taking the support of the door..

“You can’t do this”

“I can Twinkle nd you know only told me once then how can you forget this?.. well, I’ve something else to show you”… he ask Maria to give him something it was a memory card

“So here it is, isme uski recording jo Chinki ke saath hua tha”

“No, you are lying to blackmail me”

“You can check it”.. he give it to her.. her hands were shivering.. she run out of room nd went in her room.. Kun was teary eyed.. he looked at Chinki.. Maria comes to him nd put her hand on his shoulder in concern..

“I’m fine Maria.. don’t worry”.. saying this he also left from there nd came to Twinkle, who was crying.. turning towards the Kunj she wiped her tears off nd comes close to him..

“What do you think.. by doing this you’ll get my love?.. never.. you’ll get just my body not my love”

“What Love?.. Who told you I want your LOVE?.. do I look you that stupid?.. even I want only your BODY Twinkle Taneja.. I want you but not your love.. ek minute.. tumhein laga ki aajtak main jo bhi kar raha tha wo tumhara pyar pane ke liye?.. really Twinkle?.. I know tumhein sapne dekhna achha lagta hai but sare sapne sach ho ye to jaroori nahi hai na?.. how can you think Twinkle that after what happened in my life, I’ll love you with same intensity?..No Twinkle, I’ll never do same mistake by loving you Again not even in dream”.. Twinkle was numb with his unexpected reply.. she wasn’t sure what she was feeling listening this from him..

“Then why are you doing this.. why do you want to marry me?”.. Kunj just give her a sarcastic smile..



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