Bepannah 14th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Zoya gets engaged to Arshad

Bepannah 14th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Arshad and his family come to Siddiqui House. Wasim hugs Arshad and his father. The groom is looking no less than a hero tonight. They all take a seat. Arshad’s father compliments the preps. Wasim is glad that everything went smoothly. Arshad’s mother asks him if Aditya has done all this. Is he here? He assures her that Aditya wont be seen near the house or them anymore. She is relieved. Where is Zoya? Noor shares that she is getting ready.

Roshnak puts the necklace around Zoya’s neck but Zoya removes it. This is enough. Is Aditya outside? Noor asks her why she is taking Aditya’s name when she is getting engaged to Arshad. Do you want him to be here? Roshnak asks her if she knows what she is saying. Noor denies. Everyone except me knows what’s right and wrong. I am the only fool

here. Zoya asks her how she is talking to her Ammi. I know what I am doing is right. Noor asks her if she is asking her or telling her. Anyways, I came to call you both. Arshad and his family are here. Zoya gives her her phone.

Noor and Roshnak bring Zoya downstairs. Arshad looks at her mesmerised. Wasim compliments her and so does Arshad. Zoya looks hesitant as she walks with Arshad. Aditya’s words haunt her again. Arshad and Zoya sit down on the sofa. Maulavi Sahab starts the ritual. Zoya glances around nervously. Wasim asks Roshnak for the ring. Akansha is confused. Roshnak goes to bring it. Zoya’s phone starts ringing. Noor and Wasim look at it. Wasim tells her not to pick anyone’s phone right now especially not his. He takes the phone from her.

It is Arjun calling. Wasim asks Noor to put the phone on silent. She nods. Roshnak gives the ring to the couple. Akansha’s phone starts ringing. She apologizes to Wasim as he stares at her. Arshad shows the ring to Zoya. She opens her box but it is empty. Everyone is taken aback. Wasim and Roshnak look at each other in confusion. Noor remembers Wasim handing the box to Aditya. Maybe you forgot to take it back from him. Wasim removes his ring. It is our ancestral ring. Make Arshad wear this. The ceremony will be complete then. Arshad smiles. Zoya thinks of Aditya’s words again as she extends her hand to take it. Akansha shouts in the background. Aditya Sir had an accident? When? How? Is he fine? Zoya takes the phone from her. Arjun tells her Aditya is in a bad condition. She agrees to come right away.

Wasim stops Zoya. You wont go anywhere. She requests him to let her go. Aditya needs me right now. I must go. He stares at her but she frees her hand and runs out of the house.

Harsh comes home. He finds Anjana sitting lost and tensed. Anjana shares that she is worried about Aditya. She tells him what he did yesterday. Harsh calls them perfect mother-son duo. You are good contenders for Bigg Boss. This time all there will only be those kinds of couples in Bigg Boss. I am pretty excited. Anjana says me too. What to do about Aditya though?

Zoya comes running to the hospital and asks Arjun where Aditya is. He looks at a ward. Zoya runs inside. How did it happen? Nothing will happen to you. I came running all the way here after knowing you are hurt. Nothing will happen to you! Aditya opens his eyes. She realises he was acting. Nothing happened to you? He denies. She points out that she left her engagement in between. He asks her why she did that. Why did you leave your engagement and fiancé like that? What’s the reason that prompts you to come to me every time? She calls it humanity and her foolishness. You wont realise it as you are a liar! There is a limit of joking. He too tells her to stop her wedding joke. Why did you come running here leaving your engagement in between? You will do it every time. You will choose me every time whenever you have to! You cannot not choose me! It isn’t in your hands! You love just like I love you! Zoya looks at him. Arshad calls out Aditya’s name angrily. If you think you will use lies to gain Zoya then you are wrong. You never understood Zoya then. Aditya points out that he came in Zoya’s life 4 days back. Don’t tell me about my Zoya. Arshad points at my Zoya. It does not make her yours. Aditya nods. Just like she wont become yours after saying yes to marry you. I have no problem with you. I only want to gain my love. She doesn’t understand but atleast you should understand that she loves me. Back off yourself. There will be fewer problems. Fate has united Zoya and Aditya. Zoya tells him to stop lying to himself. He tells her to implement that first. I will keep trying to stop you from making mistakes till the time you understand the difference between right and wrong, just like I did today!

Arshad warns him again. Zoya stops him. Aditya says why stop him. You say you don’t care but you cannot take it even if someone glares at me. Zoya tells Arshad how he said that it does not matter in which ring or hand the ring is worn. It is about commitment. He nods. She apologizes to him. He asks her why she is saying sorry. Zoya turns to Aditya. You have something that belongs to me. He gives the ring to her. She asks to extend his hand. Aditya happily does so but Zoya turns towards Arshad shattering Aditya’s hopes. Zoya asks Arshad to extend his hand. Arshad complies. Zoya makes Arshad wear the ring. Aditya asks her why she is being so stubborn. A tear escapes Zoya’s eyes. Aditya too is teary eyed. Zoya remarks that Aditya was right. Fate united me and Aditya so I can meet you. She holds his hand and begins to walk away.

Aditya stops her. Don’t do anything that you will regret. She says I regret that I was wrong in thinking our friendship is real. Zoya tells him not to create any drama. Arjun tries to stop his brother but Aditya refuses. You only taught me to accept my feelings. You should accept it that you aren’t happy. Arshad steps in. Stay away from my fiancé. She has told you so many times that she does not love you. Don’t you understand? Aditya insists he has seen love in her eyes. It is so much that she is afraid to accep tit. Arshad says the love that you see in her eyes isn’t for you but for me. He asks Zoya to come. We will tell everyone about our engagement. Arjun holds his brother. Aditya demands to know why Zoya is in pain whenever he is in pain. Why cant she bear it? Why did she follow me all the way to the airport when I was leaving? Why did she make me swear never to leave when I was planning to go away again? What else is this if not love? You are afraid of our relation as you are afraid to love again. You trusted your love, married him but he cheated you. You are afraid of the pain of that cheating so you are marrying a guy who is safe. There will be no fear of cheating as there would be no love. You don’t stop living because of your fears. You don’t stop loving because you are afraid of cheating. Aditya is about to hold her face but Arshad pushes him away. Zoys is shocked. Aditya is about to hit him but Zoya shouts his name. Aditya stops his hand mid air. She removes his hand from Arshad’s shoulder and steps in between. Please stop it. I beg you in the name of God. Don’t make a mockery of me please. She again begins to walk away holding Arshad’s hand.

Aditya says that we have done this mistake in the past too. You were married before but there was no love. There was friendship in my marriage but no love. Destiny has given us such a good change today. We are friends and are in love too. Will you let this chance go because of your fears? Zoya and Arshad walk away while Aditya shouts after her.

Precap: Zoya’s mehendi function is going on. Aditya is outside. A tear escapes his eyes. Zoya feels restless. Mehendi girl asks Zoya the name of the groom.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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