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Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 14th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Mishti makes a plan against Varun

Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 14th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Nirmala saying fine, this marriage will happen and then you will be confessing to police. She scolds Mishti. Mishti says truth will come out. Nirmala and Varun leave. Kaushal asks Ketki to apologize to Abir and Mishti. Ketki and Nidhi apologize. Nidhi says I told so wrong to Mishti. Kunal says Mishti didn’t tell about ringtone before. Parul says I thought she forgot about that night. Kuhu says its PTSD, don’t know what she recollects about the night. Meenakshi says well done, Mishti, we will get some time. Mishti says we have to get proof that Varun was there, we can track that phone, do you know that phone number. Ketki says no.

Kuhu says I m getting a thought, that maybe Varun killed Karan. Meenakshi says we can’t say this without the proof. Abir says yes, we just know loopholes about Varun’s plans. Kunal says yes, he was desperate. Ketki says I was wrong about Varun. Mishti says we all were wrong, your marriage won’t happen with Varun, your happiness is my responsibility. Abir says Varun will know result of playing the game with us. Varun gets a call. He says I will get confession tomorrow, all the property and business will be mine, my family doesn’t know about his number, call me if there is anything imp. Nirmala comes. He asks why did you agree for marriage. She says we all like Ketki, we didn’t know Mishti is the culprit. Varun says company should run smoothly from now. Mr. Soni says we can’t get related to those people. Nirmala says Varun has to do this marriage.

Abir asks Mishti what is she doing. Mishti says mum gave me these jewellery, these are NGO papers, you should be knowing about imp things in case I m not here. He asks why are you being negative. She says I m being practical, I m ready for every situation, don’t worry. He says promise me, you won’t take the murder blame on yourself. She says I won’t let you choose between Ketki and me. He says promise me, you won’t do anything without asking me. Rajshri comes and stops Mishti from hugging her. She says first you need to promise Abir. Mishti promises him. She hugs Rajshri and cries. Rajshri says I told you Abir that I m giving my shadow to you, you became her shadow. Abir says I m so smart, I will never leave her. He greets Rajshri and takes blessings.

Rajshri says Vishwamber is waiting for you, he couldn’t sleep all night. She says I m sorry to leave you in the tough phase. Abir says don’t think so, your blessings and shadow are with me. Meenakshi says we can’t make any mistake today. Nidhi says yes. Meenakshi thanks Vishwamber for coming and encouraging them. Vishwamber says we had to come to encourage you. Mishti says everyone has to act upset with me, so that we get Varun’s phone. Abir says don’t worry, my family is practicing this since ever. Meenakshi asks is everyone ready. Varun and his parents come. Meenakshi says I know, we are going through a tough phase, its haldi today. Varun says I m waiting for Mishti to go to jail. Mishti says it will happen once you get married. Nidhi says we didn’t lose memory, I don’t want to see her face in Ketki’s haldi. Meenakshi says I want the same, Mishti go to your room. Kuhu asks Mishti to go. Abir takes Mishti. Varun says wow, you left your sister for the sake of your wife. Meenakshi says don’t go Abir. Abir signs Mishti to go. Mishti goes. Kuhu says everyone ready for mission. Varun asks mission. Kunal says mission haldi, lets start. Kunal dances with everyone. Banno tera swagger….. plays….

Abir and everyone try to keep Varun busy. Mishti tries to get Varun’s phone. Mishti gives the haldi bowls to Parul. Kuhu says wait, I had made haldi in silver bowl, its different, I feel like someone changed haldi. Parul asks who will do it. Kuhu says Mishti. Meenakshi says yes, Mishti can do this. Kuhu asks Mishti why is she hiding there. Meenakshi says she is hiding there. Kuhu says you changed haldi. Mishti says you are blaming me. They argue. Kuhu says you want to attack Varun now. Nirmala gets angry and asks what’s happening. Abir signs Meenakshi. Kaushal and Abir cover up. The matter gets into a big argument. Abir tries to get the phone. Mishti says everyone hates me. Nirmala says yes, you deserve it, you added poison in haldi. Mishti says I didn’t add anything. Varun says this marriage will happen after confession, I won’t let you go. Meenakshi says be ready for marriage, Mishti will confess. He says I will get justice for Karan. Mishti says I will get justice for Ketki, we will meet in mandap. Everyone sees Abir. Abir says I got the phone. Kunal hugs Abir. They all get glad. Mishti says Kuhu deserves the credit for real fake acting. Kuhu says I told you I will rock. Abir and Mishti smile.

Abir says now we will know if Varun was there, we have to stop Varun from coming here. Mishti goes to Varun’s house. Varun reads… I know your secret.

Update Credit to: Amena

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