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Yeh Hai Chahatein 14th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Rudra reveals the truth

Yeh Hai Chahatein 14th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ahana saying we will know if Saransh passes or fails, Rudra did wrong. She goes. Prisha asks why did you do this, I told you to make Saransh work hard. Rudra says I wanted to get him admission there, you raised him well, Saransh is strong and honest, I gave him chits, but you know what he did. He recalls Saransh refusing to take the chits. He gives the chits to Rudra and asks him to go. Rudra says its good he didn’t cheat, else all the answers would be wrong, it happened because of your values, sorry about that. Prisha gets glad. Saransh takes selfie with her. Rudra says Prisha is ideal mum, he is lucky, not everyone gets such a mum. Yeh hai chahatein…plays…. He thinks what’s happening to me, why do I feel incomplete, Prisha is different, I don’t feel angry on her, I want to become better for her, my feeling is changing. Prisha asks Rudra not to teach anything wrong to Saransh. They take selfies. She asks what’s the matter, why are you staring like this.

Rudra says I don’t know who made you a doctor, you change my mind’s direction by asking so many things. Ahana calls them. Rudra says maybe Saransh’s result has come. Ahana says Saransh’s result is…. Rudra says I can’t wait to see. He says Saransh passed. Prisha gets glad. Ahana is shocked. She thinks Principal dared to do this. Rudra says fine, Saransh passed because of you. Prisha asks when shall we start admission process. Rudra says Saransh would be happy, thanks Prisha. Ahana thinks to do something to stop Saransh’s admission, what to do. She says stop it guys and snatches her phone. She says sorry, there is a big problem, bad news, Saransh’s admission can’t happen in our school ever. Prisha asks what’s the problem. Ahana says sorry Rudra, it slipped from my mind, problem is too big, there is a school policy, kid’s parents must be educated else kid can’t get admission. Prisha says I m a doctor, what else is needed. Ahana says I know you are overqualified, what about Rudra. Prisha says he is educated, he is a big rockstar. Ahana asks don’t you know, Rudra its so wrong, she is your wife, she has a right to know. Prisha asks what.

Ahana says I don’t know how to say this, but Rudra isn’t educated, he didn’t do graduation. Prisha asks how can this happen. Ahana says really sorry, its just that, school police was made before I joined the school, authorities are strict about policies, I wish I could help you, I m so dumb, I wish I remembered this before, I would have not kept this difficult entrance test, Saransh would be hurt, he will never get admission in this school. Rudra gets sad and goes. Ahana says you lost Prisha, none can change Rudra’s past, I will fire this principal now. Saransh asks about the test result. Prisha says you passed. He gets happy. She says you won’t go to that school, go out and play, I have to talk to Rudra. Saransh goes.

Prisha asks Rudra to answer, did Ahana say true. Rudra says yes. She says you can start graduation process online, school authorities will give admission to Saransh, I will help you in entrance exam. Saransh looks on. Rudra says I can’t give the entrance exam. She asks why. He shouts my schooling didn’t complete, dad didn’t let me complete schooling, I didn’t even pass 10th standard. Saransh thinks they are fighting, I will ask Dadi to help. Sharda asks did you pass the test, finally you got the admission, I kept your gift ready. He says but admission didn’t happen. She asks why.

He says its my mistake, mum and Rudra are fighting. He takes Sharda. Rudra says I wanted to go to school, but I wasn’t allowed, I couldn’t miss any music class. He recalls Balraj beating him. He says he wanted me to fulfill his dream of becoming a successful singer, I became a big rockstar, I couldn’t become anything for myself, I never got the confidence by studies, my dream was left incomplete. Sharda comes and says I couldn’t do anything, being his mum, Rudra used to get beaten up when he wanted to go to school. Prisha cries. Sharda says I m also responsible for this. Saransh hugs Rudra and says you won’t face all that now, Prisha is your superwife, she will save you from Balraj, I m also with you, none can hurt you. Prisha says no one will be sad now, we are a family, we will take care of each other, but everyone will smile first. Saransh asks her to hug. They hug. Yeh hai chahatein…plays….

Rudra says I will complete my studies in Saransh’s school. Balraj says I won’t let you do this. Rudra says you have to pay a big price if you stop me. Balraj raises hand. Prisha stops Balraj.

Update Credit to: Amena

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