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Vighnaharta Ganesh 14th August 2020 Written Episode Update – Ganesh saves veerbhau’s brothers

Vighnaharta Ganesh 14th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The episode starts with veerbhau challenges yamraj to give his brothers lives back to him saying if my devotion is true towards my prabhu & shoots his sword towards yamraj’s bhawan scaring all people in yamraj’s bhawan while yamraj watches what kind of this power is shaking us & sees a sword coming towards his bhawan & feels confused who is it & after searching finds it’s veerbhau’s weapon so thinks now only ganesh can help in this critical situation.
Devsena is in depressed thoughts while the woman is asking her what are you thinking as this was fate to happen but devsena says so calmly she says this was to happen?
Yamraj is praying ganesh while kartik tells to handle veerbhau’s weapon & I’ll handle veerbhau so ganesh leaves & reaches to yamraj’s bhawan as sword is moving towards bhawan but as ganesh reaches the bhawan is calmed & yamraj praises ganesh but ganesh explains this is just calmed but not stopped yet so yamraj asks ganesh what to do then ganesh tells him to give back souls of veerbhau’s brothers then yamraj says as you know this is against our law but then too I do not have their souls as I have not taken & ganesh is confused while kartik comes to calm veerbhau & explains him that how can I make this happen & tells that the souls are safe & veerbhau calms praying kartik while ganesh understands that brother kartik has saved them & they are enjoying in kailash so yamraj asks how come so ganesh explains that he had used powers of swami kartikeya & saved them by which nobody can kill or harm the souls.
Yamraj tells ganesh you can only save their souls now to return back to their bodies so that our problem will be cleared then ganesh tells him problem will persist but I cannot wake them from rishi vidaysagar’s meditation with them as they are born by his help itself only to be with kartik. Ganesh takes a huge vignaharta form to notify rishi vidyasagar by making petal paans flow near him & rishi stops seeing ganesh arriving & prays him while mahadev & paravati are watching smilingly.
Yamraj praises ganesh while veerbhau’s brothers are praising rishi but asks why did you stop meditating so rishi tells them this is wished by ganesh so now it’s your time to leave but one of them asks how can we enter our bodies inspite our brother veerbhau needs us then rishi tells them ganeshji can only help you in this & they take leave form rishi.
All souls enter into their bodies accordingly & all get up as veerbhau is very delighted all getting up while yamraj feels this problem should be cleared unless veerbhau does not call his weapon back & veerbhau accepts his mistake saying I was wrong & now I feel that my swami will always save my brothers & also wrong to send my weapon towards yamlog so asks forgiveness from kartik bending down while kartik says you have to save yamlog & he calls back the weapon as problem vanishes from yamlog & yamraj praises ganesh. Kartik too tells veerbhau praise ganesh who has helped all of you & yamlog too taking by his form of vignaharta by giving example to all the people in this world that whenever devotee prays ganesh purely ganesh will always come for his help & all are praising ganesh in form of petal paan while mahadev – paravati as well as brahma – saraswati are watching all of them smilingly for praising & singing prayers for ganesh.
The woman blames herself telling devsena that because of your mirror is lost so I’ll go & search which you are searching so depressingly & devsena feels good about the woman & as she goes to search while devsena reminds mata paravati itself has accepted me & had told me that I’ll only get married to kartik so smiles thinking about it.
Soorasahi is performing havan & bhanugopan reminds of brothers killed so feels may be we can’t win this war & tries to leave but soorasahi stops him. Soorapadman comes to his wife who had fainted watching her son being killed so other brother tells him she is not getting up & soorapadman wakes her throwing water on her face & she wakes up asking for her son. Soorasahi is explain bhanugopan how to face the war tomorrow but he asks her is it viable to fight this war when there is no sign of winning & she becomes wild asking him don’t faith in my powers?
Kartik & all are watching soorasahi what she is upto now as she is planning big for tomorrow while ganesh explains that it’s something different of soorasahi’s plans as she is not going to spare all the sons of asoors which is her plans.

Precap: Bhanugopan is challenging kartik attacking his weapon but kartik saves himself & pushes his weapon making bhanugopan bend down & also kartik intimates his warning that it’s last time for all of you to save yourselves as he throws his powers of weapon towards all the asoors.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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