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Unlimited Love with Devakshi and AnuPre – Episode 9

Hi all!!!!
Scene 1
Dev and Sona stare at the Portrait.

Sona: Dev she is komolika.

Dev: But how can her photo come here?
Sona: We need to ask your friend.
Dev: Yes. I feel some connection here.

Sona: Me too.
Dev: But we have to go from this room. I think we got stucked up. It is dark also. Mobile torch is helping us.

Sona: Dev, I’m scared.

Dev: I know, so only I’m holding you. Don’t worry. We will find some way.
Sona slips. Dev holds her!!!!!
They both have an eye lock.

Dev: What are you doing now? Are you romancing with me now? We will do after finding suha.
Sona: What do you mean? I’m not romancing you. Shut up.

Dev imitates her.
Sona pinches him.
Sona: Let me shout for help. We could have booked a hotel. This looks like a haunted palace.
Dev: No ghosts will come until you be here. You are the biggest ghost.
Sona: Mr.Obodoro. Shut up.

Sona shouts for help.
The servants hear their voice.
They go and open the door.
Servant: Sir, why did you come here? This is a dangerous place.
Dev: Why? What is here?

Servant: Actually sir….
Sona: Please tell us. What is here? And who is in this portrait?
Servant: Mam, pls don’t ask about that to me.
Sona: Please tell us.
Dev: Yes please. Because, the lady in this portrait has kidnapped our daughter. We came here to search her. So only we are asking.
Servant: Sir ok we are telling you as you are worried. Sir, the lady in the portrait is Master’s great grandmother. Her name is Akshara.
Dev and Sona look into each other and get shocked!!!
Servant: She died in an accident. She is a very good woman. She set an example to other women. She took care of everybody in the family. After her death, some haunted experiences happened here. These incidents happened before 150 years back. After that, the family moved to another house and made some puja’s here. But some kind of horror noises will come from this palace daily. But, before 25 years those noises stopped. Master’s parents cleaned this and they come here for a holiday. They were happy. But this room is alone closed as this is Akshara’s room. The whole pathway is closed. Renovations are going, so the painters removed closed board. You came here by mistake. It’s ok. Come now.
Dev: Do you believe in ghosts in these days?
Servant: We don’t know it is true or not. But her death has created a trauma in all the family members. So even that might be their imagination. But the noises will occur often. Everyone has heard the noises.
Sona: It’s strange.

Dev: But she looks exactly like Komolika.
Sona: Yes. Even I’m thinking of that.

Dev: Ok. Come let’s go and find suha.
Dev and Sona go.
Scene 2
Prerna prays to god to give strength to suha to fight bravely and come.
Mohini comes there and sees her. She bends down in guilty.

Prerna: Ma, do you need something?
Mohini starts to cry. She breaks down!!!
Prerna holds her.
Prerna: Ma, what happened?

Mohini: I’m sorry Prerna for misunderstanding you and separating you from Anurag. Thanks to god for again sending a gem like you into our family.

Prerna gets surprised. She too cries.
Mohini: I was too bad with you Prerna. I blindly trusted Komolika. So sorry. I don’t know whether I will get forgiveness from god. But please forgive me. I feel guilty now. I like Suha a lot. She changed me. Her nature has changed my attitude towards you. You have brought up her so well. That shows your character. And suha is such a lovely kid. Everybody will fall in love at the moment they see her. I know the kidnapped. But I got stucked in a situation in which I could not reveal.

Prerna: Ma, please tell me. Is that Komolika.

Mohini nods in tears.
Mohini: She blackmailed me with the proof that even I was too a part of your separation plan.
Prerna: Don’t worry ma. You help me. I’m with you. Let’s tackle her and get our suha back.

Mohini: Every girl will take a Kali form to kill the devils. You and Sona are our Kali and Shakti. I’m with you. When Saas-Bahu join together, nothing will beat them. Come, let’s go.

Prerna hug Mohini in happiness!!!

They turn back and see Anurag and Moloy standing there.
Moloy: You stooped so low?
Anurag: I’m ashamed to call you as ma. Here after I’m not going to accept you as my mom.

Mohini cries!!!!

Prerna consoles both Moloy and Anurag.
Anurag: Prerna, even you hide this from me?

Prerna: Anurag, listen she did everything for you. And I respect her as my mom. How can I hurt her?
Prerna gives moral gyaans to Moloy and Anurag.
Then they accept Mohini. They four share a group hug.

Anurag: Now, whole Basu family is united. Let’s see who wins this challenge. Komolika or Basu’s?
Sona calls Prerna.

Prerna: Sona, did you find suha? It’s clear that Komolika kidnapped.

Sona: Did cops find?
Prerna: No.
Prerna narrates whole incident to her.

Sona: I feel happy atlast aunty changed.
Prerna: Yes. Did you find suha?
Sona: No, it’s a trap laid by her to distract us itseems. We didn’t find suha. But we found something else here.
Prerna: What?
Sona narrates the whole story.
Sona: Prerna, do you know Komolika’s birth year?
Prerna: Wait I’ll ask and tell.
Prerna asks Basu’s
Anurag: She is 25 years now. So maybe her birth year is 1995.

Prerna: Sona, she is 25 years now.
Sona: What? Then my doubt is cleared. I have got a plan. Prerna, put your call-in speaker.
Sona narrates the plan.
Mohini: But is this possible?

Dev: Aunty, we don’t have any other choice. Finding suha is important. More than that, this is important. So that she doesn’t not torture our family anymore.
Anurag: Yes. We will do this.
Scene 3
Bajaj goes to komolika’s house.

Komolika: Welcome home partner.
Bajaj: Don’t play with suha. Leave her.
Komolika: I enjoy their pain a lot. They made to go through same kind of pain when Prerna along with suha snatched my right after my wedding with Anurag. I won’t forget that day.

Bajaj: Komo, leave Anurag and move on in your life.
Komolika: I can’t. Anurag is my dream since my childhood. Everybody planted the desire to marry him. But now, after prerna came, they changed. I won’t leave Anurag.
Bajaj: I know you won’t change. But tell me where is suha?
Komolika: Why, did prerna sent you to spy on me? Get lost from here.
Bajaj goes!!!
While going he see a room which is a new addition in komo’s house as he has not seen that before.
He thinks!!!!

Scene 4
Bajaj hides out. Komo goes out!!!
Bajaj beats the goons and open the door. He sees Suha tied her eyes, mouth, legs and hands.
Bajaj cries seeing her situation.
He goes and removes her ropes.
Suha in an unconscious state ask for water.
Bajaj gives her water. Suha faints. He takes suha and goes to his home.
Bajaj calls Anurag.
Anurag: Prerna, Bajaj is calling me.
Anurag picks the call.
Bajaj: Hello Anurag, I have found suha. Come to my house. Doctors are treating her.
Anurag: Is she fine?
Bajaj: She is fine. You come here soon.
Anurag tells this to everyone.
Prerna thanks Mata Kali.

They go to Bajaj’s home.
Dilshad sees Prerna.

Dilshad: Forgive me Prerna.
Prerna: Aunty please, don’t talk about past things. Where is suha?

She takes them to suha.
Suha is seen sleeping and Bajaj patting her heads!!!
Anurag: Thanks Bajaj for helping us.
Bajaj: Suha is my daughter also. I did for her. Where is sona and dev?
Anurag: They are coming from Rajkot. They will reach here.
Sona and Dev come shouting suha!!!
They hug suha…
Dev kisses suha’s forehand.
Dev folds his hands and thanks bajaj.

Bajaj hugs him.
Anurag and Dev also share a hug.
Prerna and Sona hugs!!!
Scene 5
Ishawri comes there with Asha, Bijoy and shubh.

Shubh: Mama, where is di?
Sona: She is upstairs sleeping. Go and see her but don’t disturb.
Shubh: I won’t.
Dev: Ma, how did you come here?
Bijoy: Beta, we were worried a lot sitting there. So only we came here.

Ishwari blesses Bajaj.
Asha: Thanks Bajaj.
Bajaj: Pls, aunty don’t do this. You always considered me as your son. I did my duty.
Bajaj and Asha hug.
Bijoy also thanks Bajaj.
After some time, sona and Dev tell them about the portrait and the plan.
Bajaj: We ware with you sona. Let’s do this.

Everyone feels happy.
Scene 6
Komo comes late night and sees goons in an unconscious state. She goes in and sees suha missing. She sees the cctv footage. She gets shocked bajaj doing this.
Komo: I will kill the whole family. They are making me to lose often. Tomorrow is their death day.

She thinks evilly.
She sees her and Anurag’s wedding photograph.
Komo: If you are not mine, then you should not anybody’s.
She thinks of the past
(FB starts)
Anurag and Prerna come to India.
Prerna goes to her mom’s home and Anurag goes to his home.
They tell the incidents to their respective families.
Moloy and Bijoy fight in the call!!!!
(Tum hi ho -sad version plays)

Prerna and Anurag is shown crying and feeling.

Anurag gets addicted to alcohol.

Mohini worries. She urges him to marry komolika.
Divorce proceedings begin.
The court does not grant divorce as their marriage not even completed a year.
But seeing Anurag’s condition, Mohini and Moloy arranges wedding with Komolika.
Prerna gets to know about marriage.

She sees Anurag and Komolika closely talking and doing shopping.

Prerna: Is this fair komo? I told you because I trusted you but you snatched my life.
Komo: What did you tell me?
Prerna: About Bajaj and my past.
Komo: You didn’t tell me anything. Anurag, she is again doing drama. If I knew it before, I would have told you. How can I do wrong to you?

Anurag: Shut up prerna. Enough of your lies and dramas. Now me and Komo is going to get married. So please stay away from our life.

Prerna gets shocked to hear this.
Mohini: Did you heard him. Stay away.

Prerna cries!!!

Suha stays there as it is vacation.
Suha: Chachi, lets go to chachu. We will ask him not to marry komo.

Prerna: But how to prove that I’m innocent.
Suha: I have a plan.
Prerna leaves suha in bajaj’s home and she goes to Anurag’s office wearing a mask of police offer. Some other people too accompany prerna as police officers.
Staffs: Mam, MD is not here. Today is his marriage. So please don’t make any issue today.
Prerna: We are investigating a murder case. According to our reports, he came to your office on (She tells the day). So, I need to check the CCTV footage.
Staffs show her cctv footage and get her footage.
Prerna: Thanks for your cooperation. We will come again for investigation.
Prerna leaves.
Suha in Bajaj’s home.
Bajaj: Suha, it’s a surprise you came to meet me.
Suha: I miss you. You are my favorite nah?
Bajaj: Yes definitely. Wait here, ma went out. I will something for you to eat.
Bajaj keeps his mob on the table.
Suha takes it and tries the pattern as S. She knows the pattern as Bajaj loved suha a lot. So, he kept S as the pattern.
She sees komo’s name in call history. She screenshots everything. She also takes screenshots of whatsapp messages and send to Sona. She also types: “Ma, this is suha. Please send these messages to chachi. Don’t message”.
Sona gets the message and thinks what is suha doing with Bajaj’s phone.
Suha immediately deletes all the messages and photos. She keeps the phone as it is. She goes out to play. Bajaj comes and sees suha playing and goes to her to play.
There sona sends the pictures to prerna.
Prerna: Suha, you are smart.
She goes to Anurag’s home. But she finds them married.

Mohini: Why she is here?
She immediately calls lawyer home.
Komo: Now what drama?
Prerna: I came here as it is my husband’s home.
She shows mangalsutra and also reminds about divorce.

Komo gets angry.

Lawyer and judge tell them that this marriage is not legal.
Prerna also shows proof to everyone.
Everyone gets shocked.

Komo is shocked too the core.
Komo: She is lying. She made bajaj to do this.

Suha comes there with Asha.
Suha: No chachu, I went to Bajaj’s home and gathered these proofs.
Komo gets angry on suha…
Anurag slaps Komo and snatches her mangalsutra. He scolds her and throws her out of the house. All the guests badmouth her!!!

Komo glares at prerna and Anurag!!!!

(FB ends)
Komo: I won’t lose now also.

!!!!To be Continued!!!!

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