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Pavitra Bhagya 14th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Jugnu gets kidnapped

Pavitra Bhagya 14th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Mallika looks at Jungu and decides to have some fun. Jugnu picks up flower petals as well. Mallika starts her drama just then. I know that Jugnu is a kid but she is an illegitimate kid after all. Jugnu glares at her. Her presence at this moment wont be right. Jugnu reminds her how se was willing to accept her when she wanted to marry Reyansh. What happened now? Mallika keeps her hand on Jugnu’s shoulder but Jugnu shrugs it away. Mallika says this is our tradition. We must abide by it. Pundit ji says kids are an emblem of God. Bishambhar supports Mallika. Dadi tells him it isn’t right but he wants everything to be perfect. He asks Pundit ji if the puja is happening by following every ritual thoroughly. Pundit ji denies. The house reeks of alcohol. It isn’t right. Bishambhar stays put.

Reyansh stops Pranati from going anywhere. She says I would prefer to die before hearing what you think. I very well know what you think about women! It is a low grade mentality. Reyansh blocks her way again. She repeats her words at him. He holds her by her neck. Would you like to die by my hands? She says you cannot afford to commit this sin. You are a pawn of your Dadi. How will you do anything else on your own? Don’t show me your attitude. Just follow Dadi’s words. You wont be able to do anything anyways.

Bishambhar insists that he does not want this illegitimate kid in this wedding. Jugnu gets angry. I dint even want to be here in the first place. She slips and hurts herself. Dadi asks her to leave. Why are you wasting everyone’s time then? Mallika says what else we can expect from a bad blood anyways. Jugnu feels bad. Anisha tries to interrupt but Dadi tells her to be quiet. Jugnu glares at Mallika and then heads to her room. She drops a diya on her way. Pundit ji calls it inauspicious but Armaan tells him to focus solely on the puja. Mallika again speaks badly about Jugnu. This is how such kids will behave!

Reyansh warns Pranati not to mess with Khurana’s. The end result wont be good. Anisha comes to call Pranati. Jugnu needs you. Pranati asks her about Jugnu.

Jugnu is boiling with rage. She starts hitting the door and throwing stuff angrily. I was better off in the orphanage. No one worried about rich and poor or auspicious or inauspicious there!

Pranati comes downstairs looking for Jugnu. All the eyes turn to her but Dadi tells them to focus on the puja.

Jugnu breaks an empty bottle angrily. Someone covers her face with a blanket and kidnaps her. Pranati reaches there just then but Jugnu is missing by now.

Riya and Armaan exchange garlands. Pundit ji tells them to sit down. Dadi and Bishambhar speak of their undisputed reign in the alcohol business. Dadi assures him that Jugnu wont be seen in the wedding now. He nods.

Pranati keeps looking for Jugnu.

Armaan fills vermilion in Riya’s hairline and puts mangalsutra around her neck.

Pranati is looking for Jugnu in every possible place.

Armaan and Riya take phera’s around the holy fire.

Anisha asks Pranati if she cannot find Jugnu anywhere. Pranati shakes her head. You told me that she needs me but she is nowhere to be seen. Did someone say something to her? Anisha tells her to focus on her kid instead of trying to solve everyone else’s matters. You don’t see Jugnu’s problems as you are so engulfed in the problems of the family members of this house. Pranati requests her to share what happened. Anisha tells her what happened downstairs earlier. I don’t think this normally affects her but this did upset her a lot today. She was upset and maybe left the house or is hiding somewhere from the members of this family! Pranati recalls Reyansh threatening her earlier.

Reyansh notices Maan all gloomy. What happened? Maan denies but Reyansh asks him to say what’s bothering him. Maan says I feel what Armaan did to Navya was very wrong. He will be punished for it. Pranati holds Reyansh’s hand and takes him towards the door. Everyone looks at them in confusion. Reyansh shrugs his hand away as soon as they step into the lobby. Are you trying to show the world that you are mad? She says I don’t care about the world. He says I am concerned about the wedding but she does not care. She asks him about Jugnu. He refuses to answer her but she tells him he will answer her every question. Just tell me where she is. He repeats that he has no idea. She pushes him. You have hidden her, right? You thought you will insult and mock her in front of everyone and then separate her from her mother for forever, right? This was your plan all along! You and your Dadi want us to be separated but please tell me where my daughter is. She cries. He stops himself from reaching out to her but then pats at her shoulder. She requests him to tell her where Jugnu is. He calmly tells her he is innocent. She shouts at him to tell her the truth. He reminds her that he was with her only. She reminds him of his threat instead. What’s Jugnu’s fault in this? She is innocent. Why are you doing all this? You made this plan as I wanted to stop this wedding. How could you stoop so low? You used my daughter to hurt me. How can you use your own daughter? He retorts that she knows it very well that to what extent he can go. You read the books about best mom so you better know it.

Pranati folds her hands in front of him. Please tell me where Jugnu is. No one has seen her going outside. She is not even in this house. She was called illegitimate in front of everyone today yet everyone kept quiet. She is your daughter too yet she was sent away from here. you all have a problem with me but don’t drag my daughter into all this. Please give me my daughter. Pranati begs Reyansh as she kneels down in front of him and extends her dupatta. Please return my daughter to me. I know you wont go against your Dadi, your family but please do it once for your daughter’s sake. He feels bad to see her thus. He makes her stand. I will tell you where Jugnu is.

Precap: A lady calls Pranati. Meet me alone if you want to meet Jugnu. You wont be able to meet her if you don’t come alone. Pranati reaches the said location alone but Reyansh reaches there as well. Pranati asks him why he came here. He tells her that even he was worried for Jugnu. She is my daughter too. I wont let anything happen to her.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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