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Mere Sai 14th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Kulkarni Targets Kashi

Mere Sai 14th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Santa and Panta inform Kulkarni that Sai has decided to help Kashinath rid off alcohol and say if he succeeds, whole village will laugh on Kulkarni that he lost against Sai. Kulkarni slaps them and asks if he pays them to taunt. Santa says he should get alert on time. Kulkarni asks if he thinks he doesn’t have ability to fight, he already planned to defeat Sai. Panta asks how did he plan already while they informed him just now. Kulkarni says he gets info even if a leave falls in Shirdi and informs plan that they should keep Kashinath indulged in alcohol so that he is unable to repay loan and Kulkarni can grab his house. Santa and Panta praise his plan.

Tatya brings carpets to Dwarkamayi. Balasaheb asks why he brought so many carpets. Tatya says today is Ramnavami and he has invited all villagers for bhajan keertan. Bua says nobody should come here as he has started reciting new holy scripture and doesn’t need any disturbance, Sai requested him to stay here and made false promise. Sai enters and saya Bua is right, let him recite holy scriptures. Tatya thinks why Sai is accepting all illegal demands of Bua.

Bhola asks Renu to give him something to eat as he is hungry. Renu gets tensed seeing empty vessels. Mureshwar’s wife Lalita comes to meet them and taunts that they forgot her completely, but she remembers them; she says she brought 2 days left over puran poli for Bhola as she knows Kashinath spends all his earning on alcohol. Renu thinks whether she should tolerate her taunts and let Bhola fill his stomach or send her out. Bhola walks inside to have puran poli. Lalitha starts taunting Renu that Kashinath insulted his elder brother and father and is a black dot on family, Renu’s fate is ill that she married Kashinath while Lalitha married Mureshwar who takes care of whole family and brings them gifts, he bought her jewelry and cycle for son Shiva from town, etc. She continues taunting Renu. Renu gets teary eyed. Bhola goes out to play with Shiva’s cycle. Shiva taunts Bhola and falls down from cycle. Lalitha and Renu rush out hearing him crying. He complains that Bhola made him fall. Lalitha yells at Bhola that an alcoholic’s son will become goon. Renu cries. Tears roll down Sai’s eyes in Dwarkamayi cries seeing Renu crying. Baizamaa asks why is in trouble now. Sai says one cannot escape from their fate and has to go through the pain of their deeds, he hopes Renu’s problems are solved soon.

Kashinath gets heavily inebriated and walks out of arrack shop. Santa and Panta catch him and warn that when his father has disowned him, Kulkarni Sarkar cannot trust him and needs all his money back with interest in 7 days, else they will auction his house on 8th day and make his son and wife as bonded labors. Kashinath falls down in shock and walks back to arrack shop. Santa and Panta follow him and laugh that he will drown himself in alcohol and Kulkarni will grab his house.

Sai asks Shyama, Mhalsapati, Bua, and Balasaheb who is the biggest traitor of family. Shyama and Mhalsapati give their answer. Balasaheb asks Bua what is his opinion. Bua says he will find answer in holy scriptures. Sai says he will not find answer in scriptures as it is found in life’s experience. Bua asks if he knows so much knowledge why don’t he answer. Sai says biggest traitor is inebriation which makes a person blind and mentally injured, even after that a person instead of applying medicine uses alcohol again as medicine. Mhalsapati asks why is he saying this, we are all family men. Sai says it doesn’t matter and they should be alert.

Precap: Bua insults Sai saying Sai has knowledge of just a common farmer and asks if he can prove him wrong.

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