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LOVE, LIFE, SECRETS: Answers lie within – CHAPTER 3

CHAPTER 3: Question and answers

Gauri had her head bent down while she could feel Ranveer’s gaze on her…. He took a glass of water and asked her to drink it…. He had understood that Gauri knew something…. He first wanted her to feel a little relaxed because he did not want her to make any mistakes while she answered…. Mistakes or errors had no place in Ranveer’s dictionary…. He knew that she did not do anything but also that she knew something related to the murder…. He had learnt a lot from experience especially reading body language…. One careful look at Gauri, he could see her biting her lower lip as if not wanting to say something…. Her fingers fidgeting with her watch…. She tapped her feet to not make herself anxious…. Her eyes had some fear and some hesitation…. Ranveer studied her carefully…. But he had to talk to her….

Ranveer: Relax Gauri, you just have to answer my questions with honesty, I don’t want anything else.

Gauri: What will I tell you, I agree the jhumka is mine but I don’t know how it came there? I don’t know anything.

Ranveer: You know one thing Gauri, when a person says they don’t know anything; there are high chances that they know something.

Gauri: But there are also chances that they really don’t know anything.

Ranveer slightly smiled even in such tense situation Gauri used her presence of mind but he could not give up…. He knew she would answer just needed a push….

Ranveer: Gauri, the jhumka can clearly be used to make you a prime suspect and with the power Oberois hold, they would not even think before blaming you to save their reputation.

Gauri looked at Ranveer as the words escaped his mouth…. His face was very hard to decipher…. She could however see a shine which clearly reflected that whatever he said could become true…. They were the Oberois and they could do anything to save their family name and reputation…. She had heard a lot about them and with the power they held it would not be difficult for them to blame her…. And then everything could end for her…. Her company…. Her dreams…. Everything could end at one word the Oberois passed…. She could not let that happen…. Ranveer could sense her fear as a tear escaped from her eye…. He had hit the right spot…. He felt proud that his move was correct….

Gauri: I’ll tell you everything….

Ranveer: Good, you made the correct choice. Now tell me everything you know, do not leave even the slightest detail….

Gauri nodded and Ranveer signed her to speak…. He asked one of the constables to note down each and every word that she spoke…. He did not want to miss out of anything….

Gauri: Pinky ma’am asked me to call Tia ma’am as everyone was waiting for her so they could start with the dinner…. I went to ma’am’s room and knocked the door…. The door was open and getting no answer, I decided to get in…. As I walked inside, what I saw shocked me too the core…. I saw Tia ma’am lying down and blood around her…. I moved back and hit the table nearby with a jerk…. And maybe that is when the jhumka fell down there…. Without thinking anything else, I ran out and then informed the others….

Gauri finished and looked at Ranveer…. Ranveer was lost in his thoughts…. If Gauri is saying the truth that she hit the table and the jhumka fell down, then it should have fallen somewhere near the table, how did it reach Tia’s body…. As far as he remembered, the table was at a distance from her body…. Either Gauri is hiding something more or someone else put the jhumka there so they suspect Gauri…. But whatever it is he has to find more clues….

Ranveer: Gauri, I hope this is true. For now, you can go but remember one thing, you are still a suspect and we may call you for any other queries. Do not leave the city.

Gauri nodded and was about to go but she stopped and looked at Ranveer….

Gauri: I do not know if it is related to the case or not but I have noticed that since we found the body Shivaay sir and Tej sir are behaving differently. They did not want to inform the police stating that it would harm their reputation, only when Omkara sir intervened did they inform the commissioner.

Ranveer: Well that is how these rich people are but anyways I’ll think about what you said.

Gauri nodded and left….


Ranveer was thinking about something…. He walked back to the room…. He saw Abir and Ishana talking…. Even Ranveer wondered how this girl managed to reach at the right time…. He had met her a few times at the crime scenes but barely talked to her because most of the talking was always done by Abir not giving them any chance to talk much….

Ranveer: How is the work going on ACP Rajvansh?

Abir and Ishana looked at Ranveer…. Why was he always in his cop mode Ishana wondered…. She had mostly talked to Abir and had not got much of chance to know Ranveer…. All that she could learn about him was that he is rude, arrogant and short-tempered…. Abir walked to Ranveer while Ishana stayed back….

Abir: Veer, I checked everything thoroughly, nothing except for the knife and the jhumka. We have packed Tia’s body and sent it for postmortem, we’ll have to wait till the reports come. And the knife will also be checked for any fingerprints. The room will be sealed.

Ranveer: Good, now we need to get some answers from the Oberois and Kapoors.

Abir: Should we check the hotel’s CCTV footage?

Ranveer: We’ll have to take a look maybe we get some clues.

Abir: I’ll ask Shinde to bring the footage.

Ranveer nodded and Abir left…. Ranveer then looked at Ishana…. For the first time they were alone without Abir…. Ishana walked towards him….

Ishana: So, what do you think, who could it be?

Ranveer: Not sure, have some suspects in mind but still too early to say anything. We need to dig a lot more to say anything with certainty.

Ishana: Don’t you think these Oberois have too much of a pride.

Ranveer smiled at her statement…. They did have too much of a pride especially that Shivaay Singh Oberoi….

Ranveer: I think it is in their genes.

Ishana: Yeah, I guess that is how it is.

Ranveer: By the way, how do you do this?

Ishana looked at him surprised….

Ishana: Do what?

Ranveer: Manage to reach the crime scenes at the correct time, how do you know when to be where?

Ishana gave a smile at his question…. Wasn’t this the same question Abir would ask her every time they met…. But she too had her answer ready always….

Ishana: I have my sources DCP Randhawa, and if you ever get time, you may find them.

Ranveer: Sure, that is one mystery I’ll definitely solve.

Ishana: I should get going then; need to talk to some other people too.

Ranveer: Yeah, even I have some work.

They both smiled at each other and then walked out of the room….


Ranveer walked to the Oberois and Kapoors while Ishana walked to the hotel staff…. They both had their own questions that demanded answers…. Shivaay looked at Ranveer with some anger in his eyes…. Ranveer reciprocated the same looks….

Ranveer: Mr. Oberoi, I need to talk to you. You have to come with me to the police station.

Shivaay: Whatever it is, we can talk here.

Abir also came there and stood with Ranveer….

Ranveer: Shivaay, you may be an Oberoi or anyone, but we also have a protocol to follow, so I expect you to cooperate.

All eyes looked at Ranveer with some surprise, some shock and some anger…. From Mr. Oberoi to Shivaay, he traveled fast…. Abir let out a sigh he was used to all this….
Shivaay had anger spitting out of his eyes…. How dare this DCP call him by his name…. What does he think of himself…. This was enough, now Shivaay could not keep his cool…. He would show this DCP his right place that was below Shivaay Singh Oberoi’s feet….

Shivaay: Don’t you dare do this again, how dare you call me by name. I have been maintaining my composure but that doesn’t mean you say whatever you wish. You have done and said enough, now you’ll see what I do….

Before Shivaay could say more Om dragged him to the side and Rudra followed them…. Others looked at them…. Ishana also came and stood near Abir asking him the matter…. He quickly told her everything and she gave a small smile…. Two rude and arrogant people against each other with their egos clashing were definitely going to be more intense and this was just the beginning Ishana thought….

Omkara: Shivaay, stop all this, why don’t you understand, Tia has been murdered by someone and we all are in enough mess, why are hell bent on creating more. This businessman arrogance and attitude will help you win a business deal not some crime case.

Rudra: Bhaiya, O is right, please control your anger. Our family will unnecessarily get dragged into unwanted matters. Let us just cooperate with this DCP and find the murderer and get him/her punished.

Omkara: See Shivaay, even Rudra is behaving more maturely then you. Please Bhai; do not do anything that puts you in unwanted troubles.

Shivaay had no other option…. He could not argue with his brothers and moreover they had made a valid point…. Also he could never go against Om whenever he referred to him as Bhai…. Om used this only when matters were way too serious and Shivaay had to maintain his composure….

Shivaay: Okay, only because of you both I am not doing anything to that DCP. I’ll go with him, you both handle everyone here. And Om, just inform Arjun, we need a lawyer to handle the legal matters.

Omkara nodded and went to call Arjun…. Arjun Raichand was one of the most well-known lawyers of the city and Shivaay’s best friend from the past few years…. Shivaay and Rudra walked back to the others….

Shivaay: I’ll come with you.

Ranveer smiled while Abir and Ishana looked at each other…. Ranveer nodded and walked outside…. Abir followed him taking leave from Ishana…. Shivaay assured his family that he’ll handle it and walked out….


Author’s note: So, here starts the journey of solving this murder mystery. I know you all are waiting for many characters to enter and I promise they will be coming soon. Also, one very important thing, “Jaroori nahi ki jo jaisa dikhta ho waisa hi ho”.
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