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Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 14th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Kanchan Realizes Shravan’s Love For Suman

Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 14th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shravan cleaning himself in Suman’s bathroom after falling in dirt over phone asks Bunty to save him. Bunty asks what he needs. Shravan asks him to get his blue shirt and jeans from his cupboard and reach Sumo/Suman’s house. Bunty asks what is he doing there. Shravan says he fell in dirt and is hiding in Suman’s bathroom after cleaning himself. Suman knocks door and asks him to get out. He says she should have told this before wetting him. She sees him using her towel and shouts to return it. He says friend’s towel is his towel. Daddu calls Suman and walks to her room. Suman asks Shravan to close the door soon and takes Daddu away. Bunty tries to leave with Shravan’s clothes when Rajender asks what is he taking along. Bunty says clothes, he heard it will rain heavily today, so he will bathe in open to save water. Rajender walks away confused. Suman walks down with Daddu. Daddu asks what will they have for lunch. Kanchan says pani puri as she will not get her favorite pani puri in Indore. Daddu gets sad. Suman says let us enjoy pani puri. Kanchan asks where is Ranveer Singh. Suman says he is in bathroom waiting for clothes.

Bunty brings clothes and asks Shravan to throw rope. Shravan searches rope and making Suman’s dresses as rope pulls bag up. Suman walks to her room. Shravan gets shy in towel and rushes back to bathroom. Suman fumes seeing her messy room and walks away with Shravan’s clothes to teach him a lesson. Beena gets permission from Vijay and takes all students out to pani puri stall. Kanchan sees Suman hiding clothes and asks whose clothes are these. Suman says Shravan, he messed up her room, so she is hiding his clothes, lets see how will he come out. Damroo walks into Suman’s room hearing sound and thinking a thief has barged in. He sees Shravan hiding under bed. Shravan explains him whole situation.

Beena takes all students to pani puri stall and seeing Bunty there asks what is he doing here. Bunty as usual makes lame excuses. Suman thinks lets see how will Shravan manage. Shravan walks to them wearing Damroo’s clothes. Kanchan tells Suman that her BF looks handsome even in Damroo’s clothes. Vijay joins them and asks Shravan why is he wearing Damroo’s clothes. Anish and Devika get happy seeing Shravan in trouble. Shravan says he is trying to practically follow Vijay’s teachings about considering each person equal, he wants to experience how Damroo serves everyone selflessly. Devika asks Anish how Shravan gets out of every situation easily. Vijay says his thought is good, but he needs to thinking something more practical.

Once Vijay leaves, Beena challenges Suman for pani puri competition. Suman says she has grown up. Beena says when she doesn’t mind, what problem she has. Suman agrees. Bunty warns Shravan that he cannot tolerate spicy food, but Shravan agrees for Suman’s sake. Anish says whoever loses will have to accept winner’s one demand. Shravan agrees. Bunty becomes referee. Shravan and Suman becomes buddies while Devika and Anish their competitors. Competition starts. Shravan’s eyes trear, but he continues eating seeing Suman’s sad face. Bunty warns not to do this to make Suman win. Shrtavan says he knows and continues munching pani puris. Suman gets happy seeing Shravan winning. Anish and Devika lose. Kanchan sees Shravan’s condition and realizes his love for Suman. Shravan asks Manish to loudly say he is a loser. Suman says its just a friendly competition. Anish says its okay as he would have done same and says he is a loser. Bunty laughs. Kanchan thinks she will prove that Shravan considers Suman more than a friend.

Precap: Daddu seizes Shravan’s mobile for a day as punishment.
Kanchan taunts Suman that Shravan gifts her things as he loves her. Suman checks Shravan’s mobile and realizes Kanchan is right. She calls Shravan and asks to meet her tomorrow at 6 a.m. where she shows Shravan’s mobile and asks him to confess.

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