The mind is puzzled.the heart is sense there trouble. The soul is in search for peace. But the rest is mystery 😎..💘❤️..


Twinkle sleeping peacefully while Kunj entered the room after talking with Rahul.
Good, she slept he murmured.

Off the lights and on dim lights he took his laptop and started doing his work..
Both Rahul and Kunj on call.

Kunj says little loudly yaar Rahul said.. 
Shh Rahul twinkle is sleeping Kunj muttering.

They working both whiles talking with each other’s after they ended the calls..
Kunj checking some details..

Twinkle turned in sleep moving her hand on the bed didn’t find Kunj she opened her eyes and see his side is empty.
Kunjjj she said and turned found him sitting on couch busy in his laptop.

She sits and on the side lamp light looking at Kunj she gets up and tied up her hairs.

Kunjj she called him.. as soon as Kunj listen her voice shocked he looks at her and found her standing coming near him only.He shut the laptop.

Twinkleeee tumm In shaking voice and get up and went near her.

Haan what are you doing at this time Kunj 4 clock she asked him.
Nothing not getting sleep so thought to play the game he lied and give her smile.. while she is not convincing with his answer blinking his eyes.

He went near held her hand.Why you woke up haan?? Your beauty sleep disturbs he said.

Nope, I didn’t found you near me so she added.
Ho so caring wifey my he said and pecked at her cheeks now let’s go and sleep twinkle held her waist he stated and she sensing something wrong.

Hmm, she hummed and both went to bed and laid down..

Kunj closed his eyes while twinkle looking at him.
Kunjjj she called him he didn’t give her any response she shaking him.

Hmm bol twinkle finally he speaks.

Kunj I’m thinking you should go office with papaji Kunj open his eyes and facing to her. Why not you go from tomorrow she said.

At this time you get these things in your mind twinkle soja he said..

Why not kunj you have to work she said..
I will do you don’t worry about me he added back.

Leave this sleep already very late he said and cuddles her hands she looking at his face.
Kunjjj she again Kunj looking at her their face inch apart.
You don’t need to worry about my work twinkle kar lunga if you thinking you will not get good life than don’t worry about this whatever in my hands and I can give you I will provide the best life to you till we are together that’s my promise he said.

I’m not worrying because of myself I’m just saying you should think about papaji wishes today dadu said him which make him sad she said.

Acha let dadu said, anything papa.
papa and dadu Cold War don’t know when it will be over papa his rebel son he added.

Dadu saying this about you too she stated.
Aur side your these hairs very irritating he murmured she chuckled..
sojau meri maa ab Kunj asked.
Yup, she replied both giggles than sleep in each other’s embrace..

At morning..

Twinkle awakens and looking at ceiling Kunj nuzzling his face in her neck hook..

Kunj phone rang twinkle took immediately it’s unknown coming she picked up the call.
Helloo she speaks
Haan Kunjj another side caller speaks.
Kaunnn twinkle asked. As soon as caller listen it’s not Kunj voice cut the call.

Arey who is this nonsense she murmured. Twinkle clicking Kunj Photos and giggling by the time kunj too woke up.

You siyappa queennn he saw her and take his phone and seeing what she click while twinkle giggling..

Twinkle get up good morning sadu sarna ji she said..
What are you doing with my phone he asked.
Huh well I’m not interested in your so called dabba it’s just someone call come I received but he just says Kunj and cut the call so strange koi hogi tumhari girlfriend wese bhi ladkiyo ki kami kaha hai tumhari life mein she added..

Very funny go and bring tea for me remember na today is Sunday so husband day😂👅Kunj showing her his teeth’s.

I know huh she murmured and get up went in the washroom while Kunj gets up and sit there only.
Whose call was he said and check ofish siyappa queen he immediately calls on the same number.
Yes, he speaks.
What yes I call you caller said.
Sorry I was sleeping at that moment anything urgent you call me he added.
Nope just normally who is she he asked. Kunj ruffles his hairs.
MY WIFE, he replied they talk for while then ended..

After getting freshen up twinkle come out of the washroom she looking damn s*xy in her wet hairs which everyday drooling Kunj heart👅..

Teaaa Kunj in squealing voice.
I’m going wait twinkle said and went out of the room and Kunj giggles he loves to teased her..😉

Twinkle come down and went to the kitchen and making tea for Kunj.

She quickly makes and takes for him. She entered the room and found him in the same position she went near him and give him his tea and sit beside him.

At least go and get freshen up she said.
I will later he said and enjoying his morning tea while twinkle too..

Today is Sunday you will stay at home or else today also outside she said..

Meri marzi he said..

She flies her wet hairs water sprinkled on Kunj face..
Kunj took her duppta and wiped his face.

Twinkle get up and folding Blanket Kunj get up please she said..

Twinkle today at least leave me he said.
She makes faces and went to dressing and started getting ready..

She takes out his clothes and gesturing him Kunj throws the blanket and run in the washroom.

Twinkle giggles and set the room Kunj too come later and dressed up.
Anything else twinkle asked him.
Nope, he pulled her where are you going like tv serial bahu’s 😝put numbers of layers makeup he said..

You don’t need to worried about me look at yourself first closed. she closed his pant zipped. And giving him look your zip Kunj sarna she said..

Youuu he about to speaks.
Thanks to me she said and giggling..
He about to place his lips on hers before she palmed his lips..
And teri mein deal me locha hi hai twinkle he said and winked at her removed her hand.

Behave yourself she said and pushing him.
Sunday Sunday he sang.
Sunday hai I know don’t fly samje come everyone must be waiting for us she said.
And run from there.Kunj take deep breathe
Good, finally she went the right way to make her run 😝he think and giggles..

Kunj does one call and then went down everyone having breakfast he joins them..

Today is Sunday let’s go out usha suggested.
Yeah everyone gets ready while tej deny.
And leave his breakfast and went into the room.

What happened to papa Kunj asked his mother.
Don’t know since last night he is little off Avantika replied.

Kunj went behind his father even mother too.

Tej sitting in the room and playing with pen his habit when he is in stress.

Kunj went towards his father and took a seat beside him.

What bothering you he said tej look at him.
Nothing why it matters for you Tej added.

Listen to me papa if you are angry because of me or else because of dadu than please leave we all know dadu you should think before coming here na look at maa he still not accepted us do we feel bad nope na you should happy you having the support of your mother dadi. Look at dadi she is so happy here she getting the whole family love she is there with us for her son but she is not happy fully if she did so much for us then why not you so don’t feel bad about dadu he stated tej smiling after listening to his son talks.

So matured what happened to you on time he said Kunj giggles..
nothing didn’t you heard opposite reaction bas Now don’t be sad he said and give his father side hug. There Avantika comes with a breakfast plate.
See your Mumtaz is here Kunj said and giggles.

Avantika sit beside tej and gesturing him have he nodded in yes and started having

Tej nothing is new for us our family having lott things in their hearts for us you should get happy at least papaji let us stay with themselves my family it’s been years when I entered and rest my head in my mother head so don’t worry she said..

I’m sorry I can’t give you that respect and love which sarna family daughter in law right is he said.

No tej I’m extremely happy for whom I leave my everything at least he is with me we are together she said holding his hand tightly Kunj admiring his parents love..

Twinkle standing near the door she entered with tea..
Good, you bring his tea see you get so caring daughter in law Avantika said Twinkle smiling Kunj making faces.

After sometimes later..
Kunj roaming in garden advik and yuvi playing cricket they calling him he denied it..

Just then a lady along with her son entered she hugged Usha and Anita and they settled down in garden only..

Aur how are you Vihan Usha asked him
I’m all good aunty he answered.

There twinkle come and playing with yuvi and advik while vihan eyes fixed on twinkle only which Kunj saw he closed his fist.Even twinkle too saw him.

What he doing here she murmured and ignored it kunj went from there after Usha took them inside yuvi and advik too went only twinkle and vihan she about to go but vihan called her.

Hey, twinkle kesi ho he said twinkle turned and looks at him..
Good, she replied in cold voice there Kunj come and saw them he went near them..

Hi, vihan how’s you man after a long time Kunj said and keep his arms around twinkle shoulders..
Great, you say he said.
You can see how I m extremely happy with my wife haina twinkle Kunj said she give fake smile.

I have work twinkle said and went from there Kunj and vihan looking at each other.

Kya hua today your face colour is different Kuch Hua hai Kunj said.
Don’t speak too much Kunj sarna if you think you got married to her she is yours she is still mine we love each other’s that you know very well he said. Kunj went near him and keep his hand on his shoulder.

Well, I know this your and her love funda but you remember and fit one thing in your mind now she is not your girlfriend anymore now she is Mrs twinkle Kunj Sarna so better stay away from her and don’t put your eyes on my wife I leave you before but now nope at all she is yours really😂very funny now she is mine in very way he said and winked at him vihan shocked and giving questioning look.

You are enough smarter vihan what I mean to say he said and went from there.

Yah kunjjjjj twinkle aisa nahi kar sakti hai he murmured in anger.

After lunch and all’s everyone sitting together in the living room and seeing their old photos and videos.Kunj seeing devotedly.

Little advik and yuvi photos with their parents and grand father..

We enjoyed lott haina dadu yuvi said..
He nodded in yes..

Only dadi missing yuvi said..

Haan we missed you and tej bhai saab lott every time you people too enjoy there Manohar said..

Haan kyun nahi she said.

How much we teased dadu advik said..

They keep blabbering this and that Kunj listening.
What happened don’t you have anything to say twinkle said..

Nope, itna drama nahi kunj said.
Badi maa even you have old photos avni said.
Yup, she said..

Dadi having Kunj and dadu you both bas khushi added..

Yuvi telling Kunj what they doing when they having holidays.

After dadu get retired from army than we eat dadu head playing with dadu guns yuvi added.

Even we teased Dadi lott she takes us for outing she tells us about everyone old days are awesome Kunj said with a smile..

If you here with us than maze aate saath we will play teen bhai ke jese yuvi said..

Log apne khushiyo ki parwa karte hai
Aur chale jate hai Prithviraj said..

Agar log chale jate hai toh hum unko rok bhi sakte hai nafrat kitni bhi ho dilo mein pyaar humesha rahta hai apno ke liye kunj said while looking his grand father..

Haina dadi she missed everyone there Kunj added and walked out from there..

Scene [email protected]

A man looking at wall photos and having lott emotions in his eyes and heart.
It’s been 5 years you left me still feels like you are near to me Juliet he said.
Than someone come and give him back hug and he smiled and turned.

My Juliet he said and both started dancing there.

A aged lady comes and looking at her son with pain even Robert come.
What you seeing Mumma he said.
Just my son time passed away but he is Same to same look at him he just hallucinating Juliet she added.

True sister never went from his mind and heart he said..

When his hallucination breaks down he gets sad and turned found his two important part of his life.

Mom and Robert you both here he said.

Yup Mahendra mother added and went near him and caress his face.
What you doing here she asked.
What I can do just spending time with my love he said..
He holds his mother hand and they went down there.

Okay, I will come she said and went from there..

Just then Robert brings a phone to him.
He talks and laughing.
What happened brother Robert asked him.
Again muscling in my way he said.

Now what we will do Robert said.

He stands and looking at his own photo.
I’m Mahendra Partap uff MP.
It’s okay Robert I love my little brother lott he said and smirking.

Brother is doing too much now why don’t you Do away with Robert said..

Let him it’s very fun full rat and cat game I loved it you know this he said patting on his cheeks and went from there..

At night..
Ahah don’t call me I told you numbers of time vihan when will you understand this haan twinkle said to vihan on call.

Twinkle why you doing this baby you know na I love you lott even you too after Shadi you Changed this Kunj coming between us did you forget what he has done with you haan vihan added.

Listen vihan it’s none of your business what he did with me it’s my concern, not yours bol chuki hu we are over me nahi karti tum se pyaar ab you don’t deserve my love so stop calling me now I’m kunj wife she stated in anger..

Twinkle no you are mine he shouting.

You have gone mad vihan twinkle said.

You love Kunj now haan he screamed twinkle closed her eyes.

Haan, I love Kunj now happy idiot she said and cut the call in anger.Kunj entered in the room listen everything..

Kunj having an apple and come sit on the couch giggling.
Hey wifey what happened now why you face colour changed like your idiot boyfriend Kunj said.

Youuu Kunj I’m already in anger you making me more haan stop addressing him my boyfriend he is not my anymore what kind of husband you are she said.

Arey why you feel bad I’m just saying because in the evening you were talking with him so asked normally socha patch-up hogya hoga he added..

Huh he just normally asking me how I m that’s it you were there only can see what I’m doing with him Kunj jealous ho toh bol do she said with Tashan.

Kunj takes Apple bite and went near her first I’m not jealous why I will be with that psycho man never he went closer to her..
One more thing he stays in dreams lott you know he said.

Means she asked.
Saying lot twinkle is mine this and that
We love each other’s I really feel bad twinkle he is mad behind you don’t you think it’s unfair here you busy taking advantage of me there he burning in love fire 😝👅..
Kunj never leaves the chance salting on twinkle.. And jealous funny word because he caressing her cheekbones.
Jo mera hai woh sirf mera hai chaahe dost ho ya mohabbat sharing world is not my dictionary 😎he said and winked at her having apple.

He must be jealous seeing you with me lott that for sure m I right Kunj said..
twinkle giggles and blinked her eyes.

See I’m so smart👅😎he praised himself.

Kunj sits and giggling twinkle comess and sits beside him..
Even you too talking to him twinkle said..

Haan, he comes to me not me just clearing his some doubts Kunj said.
Hoo, what? She asked him.
You know what twinkle you asked question lott he is mad behind you kunj said..

Tu kes se baat kar rahi thi kunj asked her?
Vihan Aur kaun I told him not to call me but not understanding she said..

You loving him you can go back to him Kunj said twinkle look at him Shockingly.

Why? And I love him not anymore she said..
I just feel Kunj said.

Okay, even you too clear one thing in your mind I will not go back to him never you don’t need to do anything for me samje now you stuck with me for rest 7 births she added and get up.

7 births really ek mahine me jeena behaal kar diya hai kunj said twinkle laughing..

After changing their clothes they come to bed and laid down.pulling each other’s legs after twinkle fast sleep..

After see twinkle sleep peacefully Kunj get up took his bag and went in study room..

While in sleep twinkle getting a nightmare.
The current went someone entered the room.
Went towards the bed and looking at twinkle and smirked bend down moving finger on her face.And went near her face smells her hairs come above her while in sleep twinkle slightly come in sense she feels the weight on herself.

Kunjjj she murmured in sleep and open her arms. While placing kisses on her neck.
Suddenly she feeling uneasy and started aghast twinkle shocked and pushed with full force.And she screamed so loudly.

Study room next to Twinj room only Kunj heard twinkle voice he shocked and run in his room.twinkle screaming loudly Kunj went towards bed and try to switch on the lights but not got it the light went due to weather.

Twinkleeeee Kunj called her.

Just then light comeback Kunj sees twinkle and get shocked to see her she shivering fully and breathing heavily.

Twinkleee he went near and cupped her face.
What happened to you haan he asked twinkle side him and get up and looking here and there..

Twinkle kya hua yaar why you so scared Kunj said to hold her hands..

Twinkle closed her eyes and try to remember that touch which she felt just now the same touch that night she felt.

Kunjjj hUmhare room mein koi than she said Kunj shocked.
Whattt room mein koi tha what are you saying haan no one is here Kunj said..

No no no she checking whole room.
How you know someone is in our room Kunj asked her.
Kunjjj woh someone kisses me try to touch me.above me she said Kunj stunned.

Are you gone mad maybe you saw dream pura din romance hi chalta hai he said?

You think I’m joking trust me kunj koi tha where are you haan she shouted.

I was in study even power went twinkle it just your misconception maybe he said cupped her face..

Nahii kunj she denied.

you think it’s me he said.

No, it’s not you someone else Kunj that same touch Woh us raat ka she said totally make Kunj confused.

Woh raat what are you saying he asked her.
Kunjj woh farm house woh hi touch tha same to same she said and crying fully.

For you, i was that night means now also Kunj said.

Nahiii tum nahi the I know she said.

How can you be so sure ?? Kunj asked her back.
Twinkle paused looking at Kunj and closed her eyes try to feel..

No, it’s not you kunj I know trust me she said.
Kunj held her arms shh twinkle you scared of darkness maybe if you saying it not me
Then who can enter in our room at this time it’s your dream twinkle he said and try to make her understand.

Tha koi kunj I feel the weight on myself see he touch me here she pointing towards her neck she said and crying fully.

You feel the weight on yourself that moment only you should scream twinkle Kunj said.

I thought it’s you first she said both looking at each other.

Acha main than you saying it’s not me also why so confused man he gets irritated with her. She pushed him and yelling.

Trust me kunjjj it’s not my nightmare and assumption I feel that and sense woh same touch than tum nahi because you touch me never get that vibes from your touch we share everything your touch presence is different which I feel just now Aur woh same to same touch tha us raat farmhouse pe she said Kunj surprise she cupped his face.

Believe me, kunj tumhare mujhe touch karne se kabhi woh vibe nahi aati hai so that night right now I get very uneasy I let you touch myself just to get sure it’s you or not but it’s not you kunj today I get sure woh ajeeb sa hi ehsaas she explaining him and went in the balcony to check Kunj run behind her bring her back in the room.

Mein ek ladki hu kunj in this matter I can’t be wrong she said.

Shh okay fine if someone entered in our room and try to get physical with you and you are so sure then don’t worry I’m here he said

Twinkle falls down and started crying fully she breathing heavily and shivering Kunj shocked after see her condition.

Don’t know what will happen with me again he will come and do something with me she murmured.Kunj sits beside her..

Bas kyun dar rahi hai tu koi nahi hai yaha shayad tujhe feel hua hoga he added.

Nahi kunj koi tha room mein I pushed someone but can’t see who is because of darkness you entered in the room I don’t know but koi tha humhare room Aur us din bhi humare honeymoon suite me bhi she said and sobbing.. Kunj gets confused about what he can say right now she is important for him.

Okay, teri sab baat manta hu mein you are absolutely right if again this happened then I will not leave that person.. but tu aise mat kar yaar haalt dekh apni mein yaha pe tere saath mere hote hue nobody can do anything with you twinkle he said and assuring her..

You will not leave me again promise she said.
Okay I will not go promise he added and wiped her face she cuddles him..

Now let’s go no more crying he said and take her to bed while twinkle almost on Kunj she cuddles him tightly Kunj patting on her back.

Don’t worry twinkle me hu soja tu ab he about to aside her she cuddles him more and more..

Don’t go she requesting him. He wiped her tears and kissed on her forehead caressing her hairs Kunj too busy in his thoughts while twinkle again and again thinking and try to remember..

Yah kunj ka touch toh nahi tha I’m sure today because Kunj ke haat lagane se mujhe woh vibes kabhi nahi aati hai I feel safest in his embrace she thinks in her heart and cuddling him more..

I’m not going anywhere meri maa he said she making pouty faces Kunj giggles and pecked at her lips.Twinkle nuzzled her face in Kunj neck..

Her all fear and anxiety vanished after coming in kunj embrace..

She takes a lot of time to sleep Kunj with her only he feels bad for her even get confused.
I’m not getting anything someone entered in our room okay fine but what she tries to mean us raat ka touch aaj my not same so confused I never get confused in my profession he murmured and kissed on her temple in this position only Kunj too sleep..

At morning heavy rain going on Kunj woke up and looking at twinkle who sleeping peacefully in his embrace like a small baby.

Kunj smiled and caressing her hairs just than twinkle too woke up and look at Kunj first she blinking her eyes. Kunj pulled the blanket on them.

Good morning twinkle he said.
Hmm, she hummed.
What humm now get up the lazy head whole night you troubling me he said and giggles.
Huh, she making faces lost in her thoughts.

Now don’t think about last night leave it whatever forget it like a nightmare he added.

Kunj koi tha but kaun ho sakta hai she said.
How I know maybe ghost hoga tujhe toh ghost hi nazar aate hai everywhere he added.

Now leave me you suffocating me twinkle he said.

Really you suffocate because of me I’m your wife she said.

Haan wife you are my right but you will not cling on me every time he added..

Because I love you lott don’t you know she said and winked at him and smooched him
Maybe your suffocation over now she added Kunj giggles..

You know what you ready to chat up with me and come on to me 😂what a wife flirting with her own husband he said.. both giggles.

They stay like this in each other embrace
Kunj breaks the ice.Twinkle go and get freshen up he tells her she looking at him:

Now you wanna me with you for shower also he asked in a naughty way.
I don’t mind nothing hidden from you 😉she replied and Kunj can’t get over with her boldness 😝🤣..

Behave like normal girls he murmured..
After requesting lott finally she get up but looking here and there. Kunj went to her.

Go without no fear I’m here only if any ghost will be in the washroom after seeing you he will die 😂😂so scarily you are he said giggling just to cheer up her mood.

Ho do I look horrible haan she asked him.
Nahi mene aisa kaha bola hai he said.

You didn’t scare of me checking out me don’t be over smart she said.
Me checking you out no never he said innocently.
Ho I’m not an idiot after see me you lost I saw you everything if still, any doubt come with me she said🤣. Kunj pulled her cheeks.

Kesi ladki hai chii he murmured she went in washroom.Kunj sits and thinking about twinkle words I know one thing about her she will never lie if she feels something than only she saying I need to find out about this soon Kunj think..

After shower twinkle comeback even Kunj too get freshen up they both went down and join everyone for breakfast.

Mummy ji I wanna go to maa house will come back twinkle said to Avantika.
Why not go Kunj drop twinkle Avantika said to Kunj .Kunj nodded in yes

Twinkle went in her room and bring her clutch and she went outside Kunj already waiting for the twinkle in his car.

She went and sit beside him in the car.
Shall we go Kunj said.twinkle nodded in yes.Kunj starts the car and leaves for Taneja mansion.

Twinkle in off mood Kunj can see he didn’t say that moment maybe she needs some time or space.

Soon they reached twinkle come out of the car.
Chalo she said to Kunj.
Nahi you go I have worked so I’m going bye take care of yourself Mrs sarna he added.

Huh, you will never improve maa feel bad If you did not come inside once she said.

I know tell leela maa later bye he said
Okay bye, she replied to him and went inside Kunj seeing her till she didn’t go inside..
After he went somewhere🤔🤔..

Club Mahendra playing golf guards standing inside.
Wow, perfect shot MP Said he busy in his game while just then someone come there and gives him back-hugged..

He smiled after seeing her hands..
MP she said in a very sweet voice.
He hit the ball again.

Awesome MP she said he removes his hands and man come take golf club from MP hands.

How’s you darling my mehreen MP said.
I’m all good you say did you miss us she said.

Lott, he replied both sits in side having tea.

I went to home there mother tells me you aren’t at home so I come here she said.

Good even I’m free let’s go for dinner tonight he said.

Awesome she said and smiling.

.. Twinj room
Twinkle folding Kunj clothes lost in her thoughts thinking about last night only that touch still not leave her mind really shake her soul.Tears escaping from her eyes.

Just than Kunj entered in the room see the twinkle Went towards her.He sits beside her on couch keep looking at her only she still not realised Kunj come back.He snapped the finger twinkle comeback in sense and look at Kunj.

Tum, she said in low voice..

Yup me wifey where are you lost Haan Kunj asked her.
Nowhere she replied Kunj can see her face and voice. even her hidden tears as well a long teardrop coming from her eyes.

How’s your day with your family haan he said.
Good, she said in cold voice..
bas good why what about Aisha naughty girl didn’t she teased her bua after long days he said.

Hmm, she is same to same still she said you tell me where you went she asked him?
I was with Rahul only where I can go he said cupped her face and wiped the tears drops.

Whyyy this tears twinkle haan? What happened tell me please he said.
Nothing Kunj she added He understands

Again you thinking about last night man leave na it just a small thing why are you scared this much haan you are my wife you shouldn’t at least think about my respect he said and giggles.

Always joking never get serious sadu sarna she murmured.

You look nice when you smile not this cry baby twinkle he said she blushing.

Kyun dar nahi lag sakta hai haan agar tumhari biwi hu toh tum kaunse superhero ho jo kesi se nahi darte ho she said.

Woh hi, samjle👅 he murmured..
He joints their foreheads. I will get freshen up quickly he said and went in washroom quickly get freshen up Kunj went down.

While in fear only twinkle went in
washroom get freshen up and she bedding just than Kunj entered in room with food tray..

She sits I will bring Na Kunj she said.
It’s okay he said and sit opposite of her.
Have he said.

I had you have she said.
Acha you had I’m looking idiot twinkle Kunj sarna haan I know you didn’t have your dinner so have with me today I will get my wife company what’s say can you have dinner with me he asked her in a very sweet way and a voice like a gentleman. she lost in him.
Say something man he asked her again.

She nodded in yes and open her mouth..
bachiii👅😛kunj murmured and feeding her food with his hands teasing her as well she giggling even twinkle too feed Kunj.
She lost in Kunj.

Babaji kunj every time he gets me confused I mean sometimes he is rude just act sadu I said him lott of things still he never felt bad maybe he feels in return just show me anger nothing else always think about me first understand me so well unspoken words as well too why I try to hate him but I can’t do every time I failed feels like just lost in him and rest my life in his embrace why?? This question I’m asking since the day I met with him his presence giving me different vibes and utmost happiness no matter how much I deny but something is there and special in Kunj I never feel this for vihan also after loving him she thinking.

Oyee lost beauty have your food Kunj called her.
Sorry, she said and having it with his hands only. Finally done with dinner something is there on Kunj lips twinkle gesturing him to wipe but Kunj tries to do.

Hmm here she said and itself wiped out.
Fine and thanks for dinner she added.
My pleasured even thanks for giving me the company😛he said..

Twinkle keep everything back in the kitchen.
After she closed the balcony door and all windows Kunj giggling after seeing her,

Don’t laugh samje she said and went and laid down beside him.
Why you locked the door he asked her.
Because you can’t run sleep samje every time sticking with laptop-like Sherlock she added.

Sherlock Kunj said.
Haan at night everyone sleep work in the day but you are totally opposite don’t know where you roaming whole day at night busy in your laptop now I will do this only she said to take the room key and keep under the pillow first Kunj giggles..

Smartt siyappa queen he said and sleep both of them..

A week passed way still somewhere Twinkle scared of that night but Kunj cheering up her lott..

Normal day..
twinkle and avni sitting in avni and Yuvraj room.They were besties so she Sharing everything with her almost.
So madam what’s going on you were busy lott in your bedroom only she said avni teasing her twinkle blushed.

Nothing much what about you aren’t less twinkle give her back.
Yup, she said. Aur twinkle everything is fine between you and Kunj I mean still you she about to speak more but can’t.

I know what you try to ask me avni.I give Kunj my husband right haan we having void between each other after that night she said.
Means you and Kunjjjj she asked her twinkle nodded in yes..

But you were toh saying that day you will not let him touch yourself ever what he has done with you after that avni said.
I know everything avni..

He try to force you she asked??
No way avni Kunj didn’t do anything with me. he didn’t force me for anything I itself wanted to take our marriage to next level it’s my own decision she said.

But why?? Avni again asked her..

Why?? At our wedding night, I heard Kunj conversation with someone on the phone..
He was talking with someone I don’t know but that’s sure maybe girl she said.

What tells me she said.

Haan Avni he saying he will never come closer to me not give me his wife rights and place soon he will end this marriage I heard everything I was in anger and hating him after that night so I thought if he will do this and give him happiness his so-called girlfriend Alisha I thought so I tell him I wanted to take our marriage to next level he denied first but I forced he finished me avni I was so angry not getting anything she said tears escaping from her eyes.

Still twinkle than what happened she said.
Then before I was very nervous I take this decision in my anger but when he touched me I went back to that night memory lane buttt avni thing is that I wanted to know and feel his touch she stated.

What are you saying I’m not getting anything twinkle say clearly avni said.

See me and vihan over already that you know what he has done with me still I put a stone on my heart and try to give this alliance one chance before Kunj helps me every time support he understands me so well more than vihan he loved me but he never understands me and my feelings avni..

He told me he liking me even I too started liking him in a very short time.. whatever happened at farmhouse night I never expected this from Kunj he will do something like this with me she crying while saying this all she added.

Don’t cry yaar avni said and wiped her tears.

I just saw Kunj jacket, not his face when open my eyes found him on me that you all know because of maa and papa I get ready to marry in this fire that I will make his life hell he too..

After that incident also avni I having one doubt in my heart that wasnot Kunj touch his presence not giving me that vibes I get sure after we come closer if his touch was same than I immediately pushed him but that not happened avni Kunj touch is totally different.
We argument lott still I hurt his feelings with my words in anger he just saying one thing only he didn’t do anything with me he is innocent but I still not believe on him she said.

This much you bearing still why you take this decision Twinkle You will get pain avni said.

Nahi Avni I’m not regretting on this decision I give Kunj my husband rights.
You know what surprising thing is he is my husband he having all rights on me in every way but still he never crossed his line before my permission he still not touch me he make me feel comfortable I only the one who always taking his advantage she said and both giggles..

You are totally mad twinkle avni said.
Yup, I’m but after that night I’m absolutely sure avni Kunj maybe right she said.

After which night she asked.

Twinkle narrate everything to avni whatever happened that night she shocked.
Means who entered in your room maybe he was Kunj only try to scar you she said.

Nahi Avni he wasn’t Kunj that I’m sure I don’t know who he was but when he touch me I get the same feeling that night on farmhouse I was shocked and I pushed him and screamed Kunj he immediately entered in the room.. then i m sure Kunj nahi tha us raat ko koi aur hi tha she finished.

I’m confused twinkle kese ho sakta hai I mean feel karne se avni said.

I know even Kunj saying this maybe it’s confusing for you but not for me you tell me can you recognised yuvi touch or someone else she asked her.

Haan why not he is my husband yuvi touch is different I can recognise in darkness also avni added.

Like this same way even I too avni Kunj is my husband I can recognise his touch in anywhere lakho ki bheed mein bhi his touch is like this my heart wanted to lost when he is around me I feel like I have everything and safest place you know how much I scared of everything I used to hide myself but now I just wanted to hide in Kunj embrace I don’t know what is this why this happening with me me kunj ki aur khichi chali jati hu how much I tried to stay away from him but end of the day I can’t stay without him I need him she said..

Avni stunned and surprised too after listening twinkle words for Kunj.

Than what’s the problem baby she said

Problem kuch nahi hai Avni bas me confused and I stuck between my mind and heart since that incident my heart saying Kunj is innocent he can’t do this with me while mind not accepting this my eyes my life full messed up now..

Whom I listen DIL AND DIMAAG??? She asked her avni looking at her..

Well twinkle even I don’t have any answer of your questions if you feel Kunj might be innocent than let the things go on the way it’s going most important thing is she holds her hands tightly ARE YOU HAPPY BEING WITH HIM?? She asked her..

Twinkle looking at avni Don’t know what to say she just closed her eyes and remember herself with Kunj.. tears escaping from her eyes she hugged avni tightly.

I find myself happiest with Kunj avni she said.. avni smiled.

Great twinkle she cupped her face see don’t cry and I think to leave whatever happened to listen to your heart not mind I’m happy for you she said and wiped her tears..

At [email protected]
Yuvi listen to avni and twinkle conversation half only not understand what try to mean it.He even told advik both gossiping about Kunj which Kunj heard..

I really feel bad kunj you marry with twinkle still torturing her haan?? Advik said Kunj get confused.

What we can except from him after what he had done with twinkle try to do her rape misguide her now toh at least have some mercy on her she is your wife I don’t know what values and upbringing your parents has given you yuvi said..

Shutttt up yuvi Kunj shouted.

Don’t be loud we know everything feels bad sometimes calling you our cousin brother dadu is right never accepted your parents and even you too advik added Kunj grab his collar.

I said shut your mouth don’t speak anything about my parents I will break your teeth understand about twinkle she is my wife I will do with her whatever I wanted its none of your business get it kunj said in Roar way.

Trio cousin started fighting yuvi and advik showering Kunj this and that calling whatever coming in their mouths Kunj lost his cool and slapped them.

Because of their noise twinkle and avni saw them from balcony both get shocked and run down went towards them.

Kunjjj twinkle screamed his name and went near him. While avni too kunj. Both try to away them.

Kunjjj leaves him twinkle said..

Yuvi what are you doing leave kunjjj avni said..

Why you come to safe him twinkle haan did you forget what he has done with you because of him you bear so much humiliation you shouldn’t marry with him I think vihan is much better than him at least he respects girls unlike him take their advantage yuvi said Kunj blood boil fully he pushed with so hard bumped with side tresses elders come out and see the scenario get shocked..

What’s going on here Prithviraj shouted trio looking at each other with anger.

Daduu he slapped us advik said.. all looking at Kunj.

Why I slapped them first asked this Kunj said..

What wrong we say haan everything is absolutely right yuvi said.

One more work you both speaks I will smash you both trust me kunj warned them..

Kunjjj Prithviraj yells at him..

Don’t at me see them they poking speaking lott about my upbringing and all’s Kunj said..

Yuvi and advik lata said.

You will take his side only dadi not us we just talking normally he started fighting dadu advik said..

Say sorry each other’s end here everything Prithviraj stated.

I will not sorry anyone I’m not wrong why I will say sorry Aur remember one thing that day also I said one thing I m innocent I didn’t do anything with her and if I don’t know how to respect than right now I will not leave you both as well fit this in your mind Kunj said.

This is not the way to talk kunj Prithviraj said.Kunj looks at his grandfather.

They must be right somewhere you can’t accept my mother even me as well as your grandson I don’t have any regret it’s your wish and I’m sorry you both just because of my dadi values and her upbringings he stated and walked out from there everyone looking at each other.

Kunj was so angry he was sitting alone in the study room and fuming yuvi and advik words ringing in his ears and mind..

Everyone scold yuvi and advik they apologised.
Afterwards, tej called Kunj he went..

You called me kunj said.
Yup see this papers he said and give to him Kunj looking at papers and then look at his father.

What is this he asked?
Joining papers you going to London for meeting tej added.
What London but why?? Meeting really when this decided haan he said.
I decided because if you stay here wasting your time go with twinkle as well Tej said.

Kunj closed his eyes.. first listen to me I will not go anywhere with twinkle..
yah office joining papers chhodo aap make my and twinkle divorce papers soon because I wanted to end this marriage every soon he said and tore the papers and throw it in side.Twinkle and rest standing there only tears escaping from twinkle eyes.Kunj went into his room. Twinkle went behind him..

Kunjjj what is this at down she said and went near him. Kunj was extremely in anger.
He held her hands and pinned against the wall red eyes anger boiling in his eyes twinkle scared of him and his anger level.

Kunjj she speaks.
Whattt Kunj haan I said absolutely right I wanted to end this marriage I can’t stay with you for a second you look innocent but you aren’t I must say he said.

What I did haan why you coming on me kunj she said
What you did I will tell you.Biwi bana hai meri great.I told you twinkle end this relationship very nicely you humiliate me already not anymore after this all still you doing this haan I torturing you really you torturing me he said.

Kunj I’m not getting anything Kunj tell her each and everything whatever yuvi and advik said..

Mene socha sab theek ho jayega humhare beech mein I do each and everything whatever you tell me Twinkle still what my crime is ?? Answer tears escaping from his eyes today he gives up..

Answer me damn ittt here in this room you showing me wanted to become my wife but backbiting about me.I never force you to twinkle for anything he said and holding her wrist tightly against the wall twinkle Bangal breaking blood started oozing..
Ahh, Kunj she winched in pain.

I hate you twinkle he shouted and went from there.

Ahah babaji she holds her hands and crying fully..

Kunj comes to Rahul place and sits there Rahul sense didn’t ask him anything.

After composing herself twinkle bandages her wrist both..

Whole night Kunj didn’t come back home weather was already not good.Twinkle worried about trying to call him first he declines her calls.than she missing him no reply back then switched off the phone..

Twinkle running here and there in tension.
Kunjjj kaha ho tum she said sobbing slightly.She went to Avantika and tej room.

Mummy ji and papa ji Woh kunj abhi tak ghar nahi aaya hai even not answering my calls now offed his phone she said..

Wait for beta I’ll call him tej said and he calls Kunj his phone coming off..

Switched off hai tej said. Avantika and twinkle looking at each other’s face.

Mummy jiii he was very angry when he went out if he did something she said.

Shh 🤫 twinkle beta don’t worry she cupping her face he is fine absolutely I
M sure Kunj with Rahul only. Whatever happened today because of that he leaves the place he did this when his anger cools down he will comeback itself you don’t take tension Avantika said.

Mummy ji I don’t know why yuvi and advik said I didn’t tell them anything trust me she said.

We know beta you leave about this go and sleep it’s too late tej said she nodded in yes and went in her room but before she saw yuvi and avni along with advik and Khushi sitting in the room..

She went towards them in anger. Twinkle??? Avni said.
You yuvi and advik what nonsense you speak to kunj haan she yelled they get up.

Twinkle listen to us advik said.

What listen you haan?? Who gives you right to point out any finger on my husband did I come to you both please kunj torturing me please come and help me haan she said.They nodded in no.

We just care about you twinkle yuvi said.

Care what care I can do I m not baby yuvi thanks for your concern I appreciated. But I didn’t give any right to anyone speak nonsense about my husband.

Whatever comes in your mind you tell to kunj haan how much he feels bad did you think about it no why you will do..

but twinkle you taking his side what he did with you still advik said.

I know and remember each and everything I will take his side always because he is my husband and I will not bear anyone misbehaves with my kunj.
About what he did with me. He did with me, not with you all. Only I have right to tell him anything, not you all fit this in your mind you both going to apologise him he still not comeback if something happened him because of you both I will not leave you she said and went from there.

Twinkleeee yuvi called her..

What twinkle yuvi and advik don’t you feel shame on yourself Twinkle is absolutely right you know he is so nice and genuine person you both don’t have any evidence about him he did this only chii avni said and went from there.

Twinkle keep calling Kunj after disheartened. Huh why it’s affecting if he gets angry he went and leave me alone haan Kunj is right this is not a real marriage
Just deal in our anger we did it but why I’m thinking about him my mind just thinking about Kunj only I’m so restless in this worries how he is she murmured and looking at their wedding day photo frame.

I stuck totally in this puzzle babaji My life is so easy why you make so complicated whom I love dreaming about being with him that dream you break down soon then you send Kunj in whom I got true genuine friend than so much happened that brings hate And detestation between us still you tied up us in this relationship she murmured scared slightly she is all alone Kunj kaha ho please comeback home she sobbing..

Rahul brings food for Kunj and gives him who was busy in his work.
Oyee busy man have your food I know your wifey is not here but I’m here he said.

Please right now I’m working I will eat first I have to probe this he said.

Okay, you do while having too Rahul said and forcefully feed him..

Okay you sleep good tomorrow we have to do many things and analysis Rahul said.

Kunj laid down thinking about twinkle only he closed his eyes try to hard not think about her but again and again her face coming in front of his eyes only..

Kunj throw pillow in anger this girl captured my mind and heart never happened before he murmured.

Kunj on his phone and saw her miscalls more than 100 and messages too.
Now what she wanted from me first humiliate me now showing fake concern he said..

Twinkle blinking her eyes last night she again tries Kunj call this time he picks up her call.
Kunjj kaha ho please comeback home she said and crying badly he can listen.

Twinkle I’m fine you sleep I will come when I wanted he said.

Please don’t say this at least we can talk first I know right now you are angry with me it’s fine if you ever trust me in your life than belief on me kunj I never said anything about us and you to anyone haan itself speaks lott but let others please come home I’m waiting for you and sorry she said and end the call.

Kunj closed his eyes he holds his head.
Ahah I stuck in this marriage fully I have to over this drama or else I will mess up he thinks..
to be continued….❤️
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