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Udaariyaan 14th July 2021 Written Episode Update: Fateh still have feelings for Jasmin

Udaariyaan 14th July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Jasmin hugging the shirt. Tejo calls her out. Jasmin rushes to put the shirt on the hook. It falls on the laundry bag. She comes out of the bathroom. Tejo asks what happened. Jasmin says we will go, all the old memories, you selected everything, I had told you, whatever happens is good, everything here is of your choice here. Tejo says no, everything is not of my choice. Jasmin smiles. She asks why are you saying this, everything will get fine, time heals everything. Tejo asks are you saying this from your heart. Jasmin says yes, I want to see you and Fateh happy. Tejo says I will change and come, if aunty and Machi comes…. Jasmin says I will wait outside the house. She goes out and greets Amrik. Amrik says you here. She says don’t worry, there is no one at home, I came home to take Tejo, we are going for shopping. He says mum and dad would have got angry seeing you. She says my family is also angry, I m marrying Gippy to get away from everyone, even if I m not happy, everyone will be happy, I have no other way, just send me the DJ number. He says I will do. She leaves smiling.

Fateh asks Tejo to give him food. Amrik says Tejo isn’t at home, she went on shopping with Jasmin. Fateh asks Gurpreet to give him food. Amrik claps and says you are so cool. Fateh asks what’s your problem. Amrik says nothing, did you do anything, I was thinking if Jasmin came here as your wife. Fateh says don’t take her name. Amrik says its my wish, you can lie to others, but not yourself, stop this acting, you still love her a lot. Fateh asks why do you take her side. Amrik says you married Tejo and moved on, but she couldn’t move on, she is marrying someone she doesn’t know, she is marrying for your sake, she wants you and your wife to stay happy.

Fateh recalls Jasmin. He sees his shirt fallen. He picks it. He feels Jasmin’s perfume from it. He cries. He recalls their moments. He gets angry and puts the shirt in the cupboard. He cries thinking of her. He unblocks Jasmin’s contact. He gets her message. Jasmin gets notification. She thinks yes, Fateh has unblocked me. She says Gippy sends funny jokes. Fateh says what’s happening to me, why can’t I control myself, why is Jasmin affecting me. Jasmin says Fateh is coming back to me. Tejo asks did you say anything. Jasmin says I m very happy today. Tejo says Fateh and I are happy for you. Fateh recalls Tejo’s words. He blocks Jasmin’s contact again. He says out of sight, out of mind. Tejo says we will go home. Jasmin says we will shop more. Tejo goes to buy bangles. Jasmin checks if Fateh’s message has come. Fateh calls Tejo. He asks is shopping over. She says almost, why. He asks where are you. She says it will take some time, did you have food. He says I m not at home, I have come to the market to pick you. She asks really. He asks can’t I come. She says you know I m with Jasmin. He says so what, its not a crime to pick up wife. She asks where are you. He says parking. She says I m coming. Jasmin asks why are you blushing. Tejo says nothing, come.

Fateh sees Tejo and Jasmin coming. Jasmin sees him. Jasmin sees Fateh. He smiles and goes to Tejo. Jasmin gives the shopping bags to him. He gets away. He takes Tejo’s shopping bags. Jasmin says this is also Tejo’s bag. Tejo says we have to keep all bags in the car, we will drop you, right Fateh. He says of course, we won’t leave her here. Jasmin says no need to worry, Gippy is coming to pick me, he has come. Gippy comes in his car. Fateh gets angry. Jasmin smiles and signs Gippy to come. Gippy greets Jasmin and holds her. He greets Tejo and Fateh. He asks done with your shopping. Jasmin says yes, I bought many things for you. Tejo asks Fateh to come. Jasmin goes with Gippy. Fateh sees Jasmin. Tejo talks to him. He nods to Tejo. He looks at Jasmin hugging Gippy. Jasmin sees Fateh watching them.

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Update Credit to: Amena

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