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Tujhse Hai Raabta 15th July 2021 Written Episode Update: Malhar blames Ajenkey for being a rapist

Tujhse Hai Raabta 15th July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

In the morning Kalyani is wearing the band which Anupriya presented her, Malhar enters from behind she smiles when he sees her, he exclaims it is nice, then asks what do they say when they are about to forget the things, Kalyani replies it is fovour, Malhar exclaims he feels he doesnot know what is happening as Aai presented her with the satchel and she was also writing the timetable, Kalyani mentions he is sounding like Gungun and Pillu to know everything, he replies he is a police officer so should know, she reveals that the satchel was also a surprise for her and she was writing the timetable because she wants to know at which time all the work is done because Aai would be busy at the NGO and she will work in the house, Malhar exclaims that she would not be able to fulfil the task of the house as it is not possible, she exclaims if he thinks she is not capable and Kalyani starts fighting with him, Aau sahib calls Anupriya, Kalyani leaves saying she will come and finish it, Malhar also mentions he will come back from the police station to fulfil the argument.

Kalyani asks what has happened, Aau Sahib replies she is looking for Anupriya, Kalyani replies she went because of some work, Aau Sahib asks what has happened because she will do all the work, Aau Sahib asks how will it happen as she is not ready to work and cannot do anything herself, Kalyani replies she knows she doesnot know how to work but can do anything after she learns it from Aau Sahib if she teaches her, Aau Sahib agrees to teach her praying she also desires to learn.

Godavari comes with her husband; Kalyani asks her to come inside but Aau Sahib insists that she must not come inside because they have to first perform the pooja, Kalyani mentions she has now learned so will bring the thali, Aau Sahib performs the ritual asking Kalyani to perform the pooja while she leaves to burn them, Kalyani asking Godavari to come inside asking what is she planning for her honeymoon, Godavari is quiet then she hugs Kalyani, who leaves after taking a selfie, Ajenkey asks Godavari to not say a word to anyone in her family.

In the police station Pawar kaka is asking the women to say the truth otherwise they would not be able to help her, she is crying when Malhar asks what has happened, Pawar kaka explains she has come to file a complaint, Malhar asks what the complaint is about, she reveals she has been raped, Malhar asks the lady constable to give her some water then he questions if she knew about the rapist, she replies she was coming to meet her relatives but they are out of town which is why she was searching for a hotel when she was raped, Pawar Kaka exclaims how would they find the culprit when she cannot help them with a sketch, Malhar scolds him to talk politely as it is his duty and not her tension, Malhar explains he will take her to an NGO where she can live peacefully.
Malhar is accompanying the victim when he bumps into Ajenkey apologizing for not being able to come for the function, Ajenkey replies there is nothing to worry about and he is in a hurry so will come back. The victim starts crying exclaiming she cannot ever forget this voice, Malhar understands she will be talking of Ajenkey.

Kalyani asks what Godavari is saying, she replies it is the truth and Aau Sahib would be thinking she is happy however she no longer wants to live with him, Kalyani suggests her to think it through but Godavari exclaims if Aai was with her she would have listened to everything, Kalyani thinks she would have to sort the matter, Kalyani questions if he did anything to her, Godavari replies something wrong happened at the first night, Kalyani tries to explain that she must give him some time because he might have gotten mad because his mother was arrested so she might give him some time, Malhar explains it will never happen then reveals that he has raped a girl, Malhar reveals that the victim recognized his voice and he would have to arrest him, Godavari pleads with him to not arrest her husband, she even places the gun on her head saying she would kill herself if he arrests him, Kalyani tries to stop her but she doesnot listen, Kalyani is forced to snatch it from her hand asking what has happened because she is no longer a child, Kalyani hugs her, Godavari asks what should she do now. Malhar asks Godavari if she has any proud that her husband is innocent, but Godavari asks him to believe her as she cannot reveal the truth, but Malhar is adamant to arrest him if he has the proof, she asks Malhar to leave and asks Godavari to reveal the truth, but she leaves the room. Kalyani receives a call from Aai who is worried everyone and so asks what has happened but Kalyani doesnot tell her, Kalyani ends the call and so think she would have to sort out this matter before Aai returns.

Kalyani exclaims she is sorry for calling him at this time, Ajenkieh asks where is Godavari jee, Kalyani asks Malhar to learn something from him, she sends Malhar away and starts performing the pooja, Malhar asks Pinki if she recognizes him she denies his voice, Kalyani asks Malhar to bring her inside and then goes to light the Día, she requests Ajenkey to help her sit, Aau Sahib coming asks what is happening, She apologizes to him saying Kalyani doesnot know about the rituals, he assures there is no need and leaves saying he has some work, Aau Sahib doesnot even let Kalyani explain so questions what is the reason she called Ajenkey at this house, Anupriya coming from behind questions what is happening she asks why is Aau Sahih scolding Kalyani, Godavari stepping in front says she must first ask her daughter why is she trying to ruin her house.

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