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Silent Whisper With a Devil ( 5th Chapter )

Author ,

p.s. First of all I want to say that Vansh is the lord of the hell ( like Lucifer ) and Ridz doesn’t know it yet…. so she used to call him as an Alien because of his odd behaviour…… so please don’t misunderstand Vansh as an Alien😁😁😁😁


I went to club and began to search for it….. ufff …. I can’t find it…. please god help me…please… suddenly I heard some foot steps coming towards me…. I looked at that side… ufff…. again that man….. that ALIEN VANSH….. ufff god what sin I have done in my previous life to meet this alien again and again…….

”ahem ! ahem! are you looking for this” he said showing me something on his hand……

”MY NECKLACE” I shouted at him try to grab the necklace from him…. ” not so easily…” he said with a smirk and he up his hand making me jump at him like the fox who try to catch the grapes…. oh shittt this alien is too much taller than me…. are Bagavan can you please make every short girl into a taller girl…..

” Mr. Vansh aren’t you ashamed to stole others things?” I asked in an annoying tone.

” oh ho Miss……” ” Miss Riddima Das” I said looking at the opposite side…

”oh ok… Miss Riddima …. I am not a thief to stole and there is saying that things belongs to the one who found it…. that means this belongs to me……”

”but it was mine” I said raising my eyebrow

”if it was yous and now it is mine then that means you also mine” he said with a chuckle

”huh! you crazy alien….  anyway I am just curious …. are you following me” I asked him as I was fed up meeting him again and again

” why ? tell me a reason to follow you” he said raising his eyebrow

”then why the hell I met you again and again”’

”why don’t you like it?”

”like? my foot…. ” I said annoyingly …… within a second he pulled me into a hug which made my heart beat raised ….. his warmness and his sweet smell made me dumb and for a second my full body become senseless…. after that my vision become blur and I think I lost my conscious in his arms…..


Vansh’s Pov, 

”why don’t you like it?” I asked with the intention of to teasing her

”like? my foot…. ” she said annoyingly which made me burst into laughter….. wait….did I laugh….yes I laughed …. I think after 2 thousand years I laughed in happiness…. That’s when I saw a group of demons coming behind her…. I quickly dragged her and stopped the time as there were humans in the club….

( p.s. time stopping only works on humans )

but because of the sudden power came out of my body was too heavy for a human girl like her to bear… so she fell unconscious in my arms…. I made her lay on the corner of ground and turned towards the demons…..

”How dare you ! how dare you to attack the lord of the hell” I groan in anger and that led me to transfer in to my devil look…

''How dare you ! how dare you to attack the lord of the hell'' I groan in anger and that led me to transfer in to my devil look

Vansh’s devil look ( p.s. sorry if I scare you😌 )

They didn’t answered me that made me even more angry…. I began to fight with them… the demons who got touched by wings got burned and become a dust…. I tear them into two parts and I broke the neck of some demons…. these things were that mush easy to me like children broke their toy’s necks and tear them…. everyone got burned into the dust as my hands touched them…. that’s the power of me …. that’s the power of the lord of the hell…. no one can escape from me…..

I quickly get into my human look and reset the time….. but still she was laying unconsciously… I went near her and erased the memory of meeting me here and other incidents and put her necklace on her hand…. I reset the time and left from there quickly


”ma’m ! ma’m !” I opened my eyes hearing someone’s patting on my shoulder…. where am I? ahhhh my head is aching badly….. what happened to me?

”what happened?” I asked the waiter boy

”ma’m we saw you laying on the floor unconsciously …. that’s all we know”

”ahhh ok thanks ” I stand up from there and think carefully what happened….

First I came here to search my necklace and then what happened ? ahhh my head…… I looked wt the hand as I felt something hanging oh it… My necklace…ya it was there…. but how I fell unconscious? ahhhh I think soon I will have to meet a psychiatrist….. or else I don’t know what will happen….

With so many questions in my mind I step out if the club to go back…


”Lord , she is Riddima Das …. 24 years old in human years…. she lives in an apartment alone as she was distracted by the family because of some personal matter….  she is soon to be doctor…”

”Angre , any other special feature ….”

”no Lord…. all I found prove that she is a pure human girl”

”hmmm ok say the prince of black magic to meet now”

”ok lord”

Few minutes later,

” lord have you called me”

”yes…. I want to know about a necklace ” he describe the shape and features of Riddima’s necklace

”Lord , I think you are talking about the Devash 

” God’s gift?” Vansh asked with a surprised mood

”ya that’s it… it’s a gift of god that grants for special ones …”

” what is the use of that?”Vansh asked as he was amused thinking why an ordinary human girl have such holly thing.

”Lord , if anyone has it then he or she can be saved from any evil power…. and they can hide their identity and live a normal life…. and with that they hold so many secrets with them…most important thing is once they bound to wear it , they can’t live without it so long…. ”

” can a human have that?”

”no it’s impossible…. because Devash only grant for demons and angles who is so close to the god”

”ok now you can go”

”ok lord”

”That means she is not a human girl…. because of the necklace she always seems to be pure human…. that’s why my powers doesn’t work on her ….. that’s why she could not bear my powers when the necklace was not with her… if she is not a human then who is she? and why on the earth demons try to attack her”


( p.s. when I thought to erase Ridz’s memory I thought to do time travel but then I felt I have to know so much thing about time travel before I used them  😋😋😋)

so how was this chapter?😊

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