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Riansh (the saga of truth unfolds) #episode 66

Hey!! Surprise!! double update today. Ese hi likh lia tha to socha post krdu tum sb ke pet dukh rhe honge na.. suspense me..

This one is thoda chota chappy

Kindly don’t mind my precap much ..mera dimg ghumta rhta hai.. so that Raisinghania’s in dubai is discarded.. i changed the track.. hope u will like it..

Let’s start

Scene 1

Same night

2 men in a dark room is sitting in front of each other like a king..

Man 1 – How can i trust you that you won’t back stab me..

Man 2 – You are not in condition to put a condition in front of me..this deal will give you profit only..na mera pehle kuch bigda tha..na ab kuch bigdega..

Man 1- what about that little girl..she is a headache for me..

Man 2 – do hell with that daughter of b*t*h..i have nothing to do with her and her mother..both are useless for me now..

Man 1 – this was expected from you!! Fine! The deal is on..you will give me the most precious diamonds of yours..

Man 2 – done!! But in return you won’t harm anyone from my family..

Both shakes hand and man 2 leaves ..

Scene 2

Vr mansion

In hall

Siya is waiting in hall for vansh as he is not in home till now..

Vansh comes from outside ..

Siya – Bhai ! Where were you at this time..

Vansh- Do you think i owe an explanation to u siya..

Everyone comes to hall

Dadi – what kind of behaviour is this vansh!! Or riddhima kaha hai..

Vansh – I don’t know and I don’t care!!

I am going to dubai tomorrow morning for a business deal..

Angre – which deal bhai I don’t anything about this..

Vansh – you don’t because I don’t want u to know..you are not accompaning me angre..

I am going with my new PA Tarini Rastogi..

Ishani – Bhai why are you doing this..we all are concerned about aanu here and you are doing this bullshit drama..

Vansh – good night everyone…

He leaves yawning from there..

Scene 3

Dadi’s Room

She is crying hugging his son’s photo (vansh’s dad)

Anupriya comes and sit beside her

Anupriya – Maa please sambhaliye khud ko..

Dadi – I am scared anupriya..

Anupriya – why!!

Dadi – Ham atit ko bhle hi chhod de par atit hme kabhi nhi chhodta..

Mujhe dar hai agar hmare atit ka saya hmare baccho pr pda to pura khandaan bikhr jayega..

Ho na ho! Vansh or riddhima ki ladai ki wajah bhi kahi na kahi wo curse ho skta hai..

Anupriya (scared) – Maa! Don’t say like this..i just hope ki vansh ne riddhima ko us wajah se is ghr se na nikala ho .

I can’t loose my children ..at any cost..

Ye raaz kabhi bahar nhi aaskta..kbhi nhi..

Both cry hugging each other..

Scene 4

At morning ( 5 am)

Vansh is leaving for dubai alone..

Only angre is there to bid him bye as everyone is miffed with him..but angre being angre he can’t be disloyal to his boss

Angre – Bhai i don’t know why are you doing this..

Bt i am here as your employee not your wife’brother..

Please tell me.. what happened..

Vansh – Tumhe apne dimag pr zor dene ki jarurat nhi hai angre! Me sb sambhal lunga!!

Angre – then what will i do here without you..

Vansh (chuckling) – I have a golden guitar 🎸 in my room..

Go and play that..you will feel better..

And he departs from their leaving angre in his own thoughts..

Angre runs from there to upstairs but bumped into ishani

Ishani – what happened angre Where are you going in such hurry

Angre ( running from there) – Not now jaan! I will tell you later..

Scene 5

Vyom is pacing in siya’s room.. being tensed

Siya comes and make him sit

Siya – You have to take care of yourself too..vyom..we have to find aanu na..

Vyom – I am so worried abt her..first i was quite relieved as vansh was here..but now what will i do alone I don’t know

Siya – Where is rehan .. didn’t he know about aanu.. ( bhul to ni gye na rehan ko..sejal ka bhai hai..played by shivin Narang)

Vyom – He is out of india..and his phone is not reachable..

Agr wo yaha hota..toh mujhe koi chinta hi  nhi thi..

Siya (holding his hand) – nothing will happen to aanu.. don’t worry..

Done done dana done ✅..

Precap : Dubai!!!

No suspense today…

Hope so you are liking the story..

Comments tapka dena..

Lob u all

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