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My husband is a millionaire- a millionaire’s love story (Prologue)


A date ….turns into marriage…
isn’t it Enough?

Wait my husband is my boss …or am I hallucinating?
Surely I m!!
Exactly how rich is he?
I hate that vansh raisinghania….

Is he bipolar or what?
God ….he is perfect and am a mess

What do you mean my husband is a millionaire?

Ever thought….

being forced on a blind date by your own best friend….. leading to marriage

she wanted a simple,cute, perfect ordinary life but her husband was everything but ‘ordinary’?😍😍
He has an aura…that captures everyone’s attention…can he be the ‘ordinary’ husband riddhima always dreamt of?👿

join the journey of riddhima and her life full of struggle’s and adventures what will happen when she got to know that her husband is her new boss…and moreover she is unknown to the most obvious fact that her husband is an millionaire….

Encounter a man who is extraordinarily intelligent but lacks in eq

A woman who is emotionally so strong

Get ready to dive in a *extra* ordinary love story

Riddhima and vansh are pole apart but still their faiths are entangled

She had a past

He has some secrets

Will they able to cope up with all problems that come their way

Vansh vihaan raisinghania- the male protogonist

Riddhima’s husband

Sole owner of raisinghania empire

Riddhima vihaan Singhania- vansh’s wife

Had a past

Works under vansh

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