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Love never dies EPI 8 By Akansha # RIANSH

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RECAP: breakdown of ridhu & entry of some unknown person . Ridhu informs what happend to her to unknown person and ask about sonal s health , vansh & ragini planning .


It’s morning

Ridhima again gets up first and cooks the breakfast & does puja siliently that no one could hear and after doing it she goes to her forgetting  her phone in the hall only.

At 8 am

Everybody comes in the hall.  Dadi Aryan sia ishani angre were worried that what will be ridhima doing ?

Dadi to Aryan: God knows what will be ridhima doing ??

Ragini to Dadi: dadi why are u wording for that poor girl !!!

Aryan to ragini : I guess Dadi asked me so keep quiet

VANSH to Aryan: Aryan!!!she is your bhabhi !!!( anger )

Aryan to vansh : she is your wife and she is will be my bhabhi or not that I will be deciding am I clear now plz don’t start again with your so called lectures . ( attitude)

Mrs ray one of the servant

Mrs ray to Dadi  : what hhappened Dadi what s happening ?

Dadi : kuch NAHI waise  ridhima no dekha hai aj subha

Mrs ray : dadi aj subha ridhima madam neh hi toh khana banaya hai

Aryan to mrs ray : MATLAB

Mrs ray : sahab ridhima madam kaise roj subha utke ke khana aur puja karti hai unhone aj bhi  unhone wahi kiya .

Sia to mrs ray : acha waise aj unka behaviour kaisa tha ?

VANSH to sia: sia why are u wording about that girl

Siya to vansh : bhai !!! It’s my personal matter that to whom I will ask what ! It’s my right so plz shut up ( attitude & tight smile )

VANSH remain quiet

VANSH be like: haam Kya ghanta hai jab chahe koi bhi kabhi bibhi baga jata hai 😃😃😃😂😂😂😂

Sorry for my lame joke !!!!!!!

Everybody were worried suddenly ridhima s phone rings in the hall

The phone ring tone

Katrina kasan hai

Mera hi tashan hai

Deewane kitne dozen hai

Saare sansar meh

Oo neendo ko udai jai

Har ashique palayi jayi

Thora jimshim karke

Leno eka F I R E se lagegi maat

Tere liye haar ladki ko nah karu

Tere liye ladko se lada karu

Bas teri hi teri parwaah karu

Meh itni sundar hu meh Kya karu

Kya karu ×2

( I know the ringtone is funny but it’s my current ringtone so I thought to give it here to 😂😂😂😂)

And ridhima comes down hopping lightly in the stair

Everybody was shocked seeing ridhima

Ridhima was wearing a jeans jacket a black crop top a baby pink  skirts and white keds with a heart shaped chained a wrist watch other hand a braclet, her hair were open  and a sunglasses top of head a light colour lipstick and black eyeliner and little blush .

She was looking like a young  hot attiude  college girl .

Ridhima comes down and picks up the call

Ridhima: hello yes ridhima speaking

A girl : hello mam am akriti I have a opportunity for u

Ridhima: ya sure what is it

Akriti : mam I guess u applied for releasing your own song right

Ridhima: yess

Akriti : so mam Mr AMIT KHANNA agreed to work with u so are u ready mam

Ridhima: yaa why not as he is the best song  director I will be surely doing with it am really pleasures

Akriti: haha mam but mam we are PLEASURE that the famous bussiness women miss ridhima ray singhania is working with us

Ridhima: it’s not like that

Akriti : so mam can u come today at evening to talk with Mr KHANNA?

Ridhima: ya sure why not , so time

Akriti : at 6 : 30 pm mr khanna office

Ridhima: ya sure so plz email me address

Akriti :  ok mam  sure thank u mam for giving for precious time nice to talk with u

Ridhima: so sweet of u and same to u so now byeee see u soon

Akriti : yes as mam see u soon  take care byee

The call ends

All the singhania s were looking at ridhima

Ridhima: what happened

Aryan: Bhabhi u   i  n   t h e s e     d  r e s s e ( hesitating )

Ridhima: so what , am not anyone s wife or etc that I can’t were these NOW AM SINGLE. ( eyeing towards vansh )

Siya : bhabhi what is the that suit case ( eyeing towards the suit case in ridhima s hand  )

Ridhima: ahh , these , these is some PURANE dil ke chhis the joh mere NAHI hai

Ishani : what ? 🤔

Ridhima: ahh I mean some old things room peh bohot PURANE aur fizul ke chere ho Gaye the so I thought to take it out

Ridhima to mrs ray : Mrs ray take these suit case and keep it in the store room and if u can can u burnt it

Dadi : ridhima why are u burning it ? ( worried and doubt full )

Ridhima: dadi I thought it so

Dadi : hmmmm

Mrs ray takes the suit case & takes it

Ragini : so miss ridhima when are u leaving the house ?

Ridhima: why will be I leaving the house

Ragini : cause u are no one to these family

Ridhima: who told u these.

Aryan : ridhima is my best FRIEND

Siya : ridhima is my sister

Ishani : she is my dance teacher & sister too

Angre : and ridhima is my boss my friend my sister

Dadi : ridhima is like my own grand daughter

Chanchal : ridhima is like my own daughter

Ridhima: I guess these are enough for u miss ragini

Suddenly a ishika comes running to ridhima and hugged her

Ishika : GM ridhu

Ridhu bends to ishika height

Ridhima: GM My drama queen so uthgayi apne beauty sleep as

Ishika : yess

Ridhima   started tickling with her

Ridhima: now go madam and complete brushing am coming ok

Ishika : ok u come soon and choose my dresses and then u have to get me ready and take me to abacus class  then u have to take me to eat ice cream u know na that is Sunday hmm

Ridhima: yes may Drama queen I remember now u go am coming in some seconds.

Ishika goes

Suddenly someone voice comes

Voice : hey jaan did u missed me

Everybody turns to look

done Dana done !!!

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guys what do u think who called ridhima jaan . What will be ridhima & vansh next move . How was ridhima s modern look. If u don’t like the track then tell me.  



TAKE CARE wear mask 

Lots of love 

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