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Keemat Rishta ki~ Os by Aishu

Here , this starts from when vansh got to know riddima pregnant , and doesn’t accept the fact ,
Starts here ,
Riddima came downstairs and was about to go out but was stopped by him abruptly ,
” What’s your problem Mr Vansh Raisinghania ?? ” she spoke annoyed
” Where are you going ?? ” He spoke
” I am going to meet my friend , by the way , I doesn’t need to explain all this stuff ” she spoke irritated
” You have to as I am your husband ” he said strictly
” Oh really , then why can’t you even claim that you are the father of my baby , as you took me as your responsibility , why can’t you accept our child ?? ” She said mocking him
” Look , don’t always add baby into the matters , just say what I have asked ” he spoke in anger tone
” Actually , not me , but you are stubborn instead , you won’t listen to others , what you want have to be done at any cost , by hook or crook ” she said sarcastically
” Oh really ?? , Then why are you soo stubborn to say the reason ?? ” he said reasoning
” Fine , I am going to meet my friend because today is her delivery , but , due to some issues , she can’t carry the child , and , if she doesn’t abort the child before the time goes out of her hands , she has to abort the child , or she will die within seconds after the delivery , she have only 2 options , 1) either to abort the child , 2) die giving life to baby ” she said sadly
” And what she selected ?? ” He spoke curious
” To die ”
” What ?? , How could she ?? ” He spoke shocked .
” You can’t understand it , when you will be in her place , you could
Understand why she took that step , let me explain , because she is a MOTHER , and no one will be the first priority than her children to a mother not even herself , a mother and a child share a different , special and a unique connection and relation , not even seeing the person , a mother loves her child very much , not even think of gender like old generation people , will pass all the hurdles , and go across all the barriers to save her child , and they doesn’t even care for their life , if it comes to their child , they will die happily , thinking that ,
‘ Finally , I fulfilled the duty of being a mother ‘ , they are great warriors , fighters , sacrificers and saviours , who will risk their own lives to rescue their children , that is what called a mother is , and you can’t understand it even a bit , bye , I am leaving ” she spoke , but was stopped by listening his words ,
” I will accompany you to there ”
” No need ”
” I insisted , not requested or offered”
She has gone with him , hesitantly , as he won’t listen to anyone , they reached the hospital , where riddima gave strength and hope to her friend , tanya , finally , while waiting near the ward ,
” You see , I thought she will get scared , but nah , she is indeed on cloud nine , I must say ” she spoke , but suddenly , her expressions changed and she continued further speaking ” but my wish doesn’t get fulfilled , I thought that she will not live a life like me , and will have her parents beside her , but see , how the destiny played it’s card and she is only having her mother , and doesn’t have her father , and the thing is that , he was indeed hating his own baby ” she choked at her words , and a few tears rolled down from her eyes , suddenly a smile crept on her face , seeing a scenario , vansh doesn’t understand and followed her gaze , where ,
A man is taking a baby from a women who is on a wheel chair , it’s a new born baby , and after holding the baby’s hands , happy tears flowed down his cheeks , while he spoke  “thank you soo much tanya , you gave me the biggest happiness of my life , you gave me a princess , whom I will shower with love ” while the woman on the wheel chair spoke ,
” So you will forget your wife , haan ?? ” Said cutely faking anger ,
” No no darling , you both are equal and are apples of my eyes ” the man kissed the woman’s forehead , ” kitna cute hai , a happy family , teri jaisi father meine kabhi nahi dekha jinhe apni baby se pyaar nahi karti ” she said and walked towards the couple , both are her friends , after having a few talks , she walked out of the hospital , ” you see , all men like to have their babies and will be very excited if they get to know about their wife’s pregnancy , but you are completely different , vansh , you said that you doesn’t want one more weakness rather than me , that means , I am your weakness ?? Not strength ?? , I wanted to be your strength not your weakness vansh , will I make you weak ?? , You have your whole family , won’t they be your weakness ?? , Then why the hell you think me as your weakness , if you think our baby as your weakness , that will make you weak , if I will be in your place , I will definitely leave my business rather than baby , because happiness lies in being happy , not being rich ” she left
In riansh room ;-
Vansh was thinking about her words , when he reminisced the scene which he saw in the hospital , made him regret for his deeds , he decided to surprise riddima , and say that he is ready to accept the baby whole-heartedly , but here as the serial , she gets threatening calls about abortion , laters she escapes , she then fakes that her baby died and exposes the red gloves person , and then ,
In riansh room :-
” Vansh , I wanna say something ” he turns to listen to her with moist eyes as he was sad that their baby died , while she speaks , keeping his hand on her waist , ” Hamara baby safe hai , ” ” hamara baby zinda hai ” while he shouts shocked
” What???!!!!!! ” ” Sorry , jhut bolna pada ” , they hug each other , ” so , patched up ?? ” Both break their hug and turn to see siya and dadi , they nod in approval for their statement , later , riddima speaks ” do anyone listen any laughing sound ?? ” While siya speaks scared ” oh no , it’s night , who knows this laugh is of ghost ?? ” ” Siya!!! ” Dadi , riansh spoke faking anger , later dadi and siya leave , giving the love birds privacy , while siya speak leaving the room teasing both ” Enjoy !! ” While riddima throws a cushion at her ,
” Vansh , I understood who laughed ”
” Who is it ?? ” ” Hmm , lean down , you could understand , ” he kneels down like a obedient child , ” come forward and close ” she speaks and he comes more closer , she keeps his head on her belly , and he could listen some laughs and giggles , he is surprised , ” is it of our baby ?? ” She nods , and brings a tape recorder ,  “what’s this for riddima ?? ” , ” To make memos with my baby mister ” she records his laughs and ,
Happily ever after

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