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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 14th July 2021 Written Episode Update Vibhuti’s business in trouble

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 14th July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Tiwari talking on phone with someone asking for lending money and sees Anu coming from other side of road. Tiwari says to a man go from here your boss is calling and he start painting. The man come back and Anu hear everything and goes to Tiwari and ask what are you doing. Tiwari says he is not an expert so teaching him. Anu asks how is your friend for whom you took money. Tiwari says to Anu I’m business men and got so many friends so didn’t remember and start talking nonsense with Anu about holi snd diwali. Anu says what is your problem why are you talking off topic I’m trying to ask you how is your friend but you are always talking nonsense. Tiwari says lots of money is required for his treatment he will be qell soon dont worry, as he is treated well we will return your money don’t worry. Anu says yes please return it as early as possible because I want to use that money somewhere else. Tiwari says okay and says in air why are you shouting wait I’m coming and leaves. Anu says where are you going and who’s calling you.

Vibhu talking on phone with Chaubay saying I’ll buy more umbrella from you of near around 15 lakhs because a team has join me for distribution and marketing called TMT enterprises and hungs up phone. Pelu sitting beside Vibhu gives him slip saying congratulations. Vibhu says to Pelu you are my well wishers and promise him when I’ll get money I’ll buy install engine in your rickshaw. A man come and shouts Vibhu name and ask did you recognised me. Vibhu says how can I forget you we use to sit together back side I remember Khachydu. Khachydu says you don’t remember my school name but you didn’t tell me why you kept this name. Vibhu says because you are bad omen and tell what are you doing these days. Khachydu says I work in weather forecast and my company has buied a machine which will predict how it’s gonna rain. Vibhu asks him so how it will rain this time. Khachydu says our system told that there will be no monsoon this year you won’t see a cloud too this time. Vibhu says there is no difference you are still bad omen. Khachydu says you use to insult me and still insult me.

Angoori sitting in her hall doing some work Vibhu come and says we need to think about something. Angoori says I was waiting for you I thought something and did planning, whatever money we get from business we will invest in it and earn lots of money tell Tiwari and Anu and make them our business partner and we will buy our own airplane. Vibhu says don’t dream that big and take a deep breath and brace yourself, my friend work in weather forecast told me it will be all dry this time no rain. Angoori gets shocked says what we will do now what about all umbrella, Tiwari is asking for money what I’ll do, you get drowned and took me also with you. Vibhu says yoh know how I’m I’ll do something.

Tiwari near tea stall drinking tea sees Anu come and start acting like talking on phone with someone saying I want to return money. Anu come and says keep your phone and says cold hearted you are he is not well and you are pressuring him to return money tell him he should first take care of your health and can return money afterwards. Tiwari acts like he is dialing a number and talkes on phone what Anu says to him and hungs up. Anu says now listen to me withdraw 2lakh rupees from your account or take from market and whenever your friend return your money you can keep with you because its about commitment, renovation work is going on in my institutions and I have to give them okay 2 laks rupees from your bank account.

TMT selling Umbrella and telling benifits of there Umbrella. Masterji sees them and says boys you are selling Umbrella. Teeka says no this is just a cover but inside its pumpkin. Malkhan says to Masterji you will also get we in rain come grab your umbrella fast. Tillu buy one get one free. Masterji says okay give me that one. Tillu give and says give 100 rs and TMT start selling Umbrella. Masterji says give me free one. Tillu and Malkhan gives them choclate and Malkhan says go now don’t make rush we need sell more Umbrella. Masterji says give me that free Umbrella. Teeka says what are you talking tomorrow you will say give me Taj Mahal with umbrella. Malkhan says see what is written buy 1 get 1 free but its not written something about umbrella. Masterji says take your umbrella back and give me my money. Tillu says we made a board once product sold wont be return. Masterji says you fraud. TMT start shouting for there Umbrella.

Vibhu talking on phone with Chaubay saying you can sell Umbrella any time take my umbrella back.. Chaubay says my umbrellas are like my kid and when I sell them I think like i married them. Vibhu says consider me as your son-in-law I’ll return your umbrella at 10 rs less per umbrella. Chaubay says I also heard news about rain so I’ll not take any loss. Vibhu abuse him and hungs up phone.

Tiwari sitting in his hall call Angoori asking for one glass of water. Tiwari says now tell did you get money because I need to give that money to someone. Angoori says its on way you will get, I told you I invested that money and will get more money then 2 lakhs. Tiwari gets excited and says how much more money we will get. Angoori says 70rs more. Tiwari gets shock and faints.

TMT having drinks with eachother, Vibhu come and says you are eating nice food think so you did great sale. Teeka says its all because of you we won’t forget that. Malkhan says you consider as capable that’s so much for us. Tillu says we are celebrating that only. Vibhu says I can see that. Teeka says you have to drink and eat with us. Vibhu says its ethically wrong bos is drinking with his colleagues and after some time you will dance on my head and days to Malkhan make one my child. Tillu says don’t worry drink it we know the difference between a boss and labour you are not our friend. Vibhu says its cheap but good and says tell me how many umbrella you sold today. Malkhan says we sold 3 Umbrella today. Vibhu says you sold only 3 and partying with that money. Teeka says yes and from next sale you can cut our commission from the profit. Vibhu gets shocked

Anu talking to Vibhu and says how’s everything going. Vibhu says it going on I’m trying. Anu says I think so I have to divorce you.

Tiwari saying to Angoori that Anu is coming tell her that I’m out of town I won’t be able to meet. Angoori says you’ll not me too. Tiwari says I’m in house and will take first 2lakhs rs from you.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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