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A special day with my special friend – A RiAnsh OS

Hello guys

Hope you all are keeping fine

So here I go with the OS

I am going to write OS series
Actually I forgot to start it earlier so I am starting this series now
And all the parts of this series will be of friendship and friends

This will be for all my friends don’t worry I will try to include u all

So I started this series from today , due to reason

Today is 14 th July which means today is friendship day according to Venezuela

So here we go

Voice : Who the hell is this

How dare u to take me haan

Just a minute , let me call my family

Then us see

What they will do


Riddhima : No one will come to save u cupcake

Even your family allowed me


Voice : Hain !?

Riddhu is it you !?

If you

Then when you came to Mumbai

You didn’t told me that you will come or I will come to pick u up from the airport


Voice : Riddhu yaar , did the sun rise from West !?


Riddhima : What are you asking Cupcake

Voice : Are how much I know


U wake up after 10 am only or it depends on ur sleep that when u will wake up and yesterday we chatted till 1 am and after that we slept


And now it’s 9:15 and you woke upa nd came here and of u took flight then it will take around 1 hours and 15 minutes to reach and we can count atleast half hour from ur home to airport and from my home to air port so it means ki it would normally take around or more than 2 hours in flight and plus u will do some preparations as we are meeting after much time ans plus u would have take atleast 20 minutes to get ready and …


Riddhima : Shhh.. shut up yaar cupcake to kitna bolengi ( how much u will speak )


Isn’t ur tongue tired of speaking !?

Vioce : Oh hello , don’t blame me only , haan !! You are also a talkative girl like me , don’t forgot that and plus I have heard from ur mom ki earlier she has to ask you if request to stop speaking !! So don’t tell to me only after all in talking HUM DONO TO EK HI HAISE HAINA


Riddhima : Hain ji !? Now keep ur mouth shut or else I will make u smell chloroform and then will take u !

voice : Hawww Meri Riddhu kaha le ja rahi hai tu mujhe !? Aaj koi special day hai kya !? Jitna mujhe pata na hi teri family aur na hi meri family mein se kisi ka Birthday ya anniversary . Aur ek baat bata aunty tujhe yaha aane kaise diya unke nature dekh ne baad mujhe aisa nahi lagata ki unhone tujhe razi razi aane diya hoge !! Tune hi koi bahana banaya hoga ya phir kuch aur matter hoga !?


Riddhima : Bas kar yaar aur kitna bolengi ! Kuch to sabar rakh !! Aur haan mein excuse hi banake aayi hun , aise meri matashree mujhe nahi aane dengi !! Aur aaj kuch special hain , tu apne muh ka shutter bandh karke sochti reh ki aaj kya hai !!


And they sar in the car and went to a place it was like a flat

Voice : Riddhu yaar ham kaha hain


Riddhima : Didi aapko jo kaha hain wo kardi jaldi se aur haan Mehu tujhe apni sunshine ki kasam hai ki tu aankhe nahi kholeni jab tak main na kahu


Vioce : Ok fine Sunshine , yeh teri Mehu ka waada hai ki jab tak uski Uski sunshine uski Riddhu nahi bolengi tab tak ye Menna uski Cupcake apni aankhe nahi kholengi ! Happy bata de na yaar kya hai aaj !!? Please !! Pretty please !!


Riddhima : Are yaar bas to ready ho ja and don’t worry make up normal hi hoga aur phir ham main destination ke liye nikal jaayenge .


Then Menna got Ready and then she and Riddhima went to that place it was like a flat

Their dresses :

The decorations :

The cakes :




Menna : What is this yaar Riddhu !?


Can I please open my eyes !?


Rid : Open



Menna : Wow Riddhu !! It’s so much amazing !! It’s fantabulous , fantastic amazing , awesome , beautiful , pretty and what not yaar am not getting words to express !!






Rid : Menna you just wait and watch


From today to 1st August , in whichever country there is friendship day na we will celebrate that and so only I came here as soon as I got to know about the friendship day of other countries I thought to do something special and interesting so I did this and get ready for other suprises


Menna : Wait Riddhu , you didn’t slept right !? As this much decoration will take time and by seeing decorations I think that you were the one who did the whole celebration and someone was just helping you a bit !! Riddhu am very sad from you !! For this celebration you destroyed your precious sleep !! How can you do this yaar

Rid : Are Mehu chill , I already slept for 2 hours in evening and you know na my problem !! If I by mistake sleep at afternoon or midnight then I will get sleep very very late at night , if I sleep for atleast half hour than also ( I have this problem who else have this problem !? Comment in the comment section !! )


Menna : Ok fine


Rid : And yes today I will sleep by Hugging you amd I will break your bones by Hugging you


Menna : Haan , break my bones !! I would love that


Rid : Are it’s 9:35 let’s cut the cake now

You know why I choosed this time !?


Menna : Why !? Because most of the time you choose 12 am ?!

Rid : Because Venezuela is 9 hours and 30 minutes behind IST that is Indian Standard Time so when it will be 12 am here we will have 9:30 and I amde your entry at exactly 9:30 means 12 am According to Venezuela


Menna : Very impressive Sunshine

Not bad

Impressed a lot from you



So after cutting the cake


Rid : So Mehu


Jaan jab tak hain jaan

Jaane hein ha jaan

Mein tera behna rahungi ( I will be ur sister )

Mein Tera sar ( Brian ) khaungi

Tujhe irritate karungi

Tujhe annoy karungi

Tujhe tere careless behavior par datungi ( Will scold u on your careless behavior )

Tujhe tease karungi

Tera sath na chodungi ( I will neve leave you )

Tujhe shanti dungi ( will give you peace )

Tujhe smile karaungi( will make you smile )

Tujhe hasaungi ( will make you laugh )

Tujhe pyaar karungi ( Will love you )

{From the song jab tak hain jaan.  jaan e jaan mein nachungi , main nachungi }

Riddhima took her guitar and ang this song for Menna


tu jo rooTha to kaun hansega

tu jo chhooTa to kaun rahega

tu chup hai to ye Dar lagta hai

apna mujhko ko ab kaun kahega


when you are angry, who would laugh?

if you are left, who would stay?

when you are silent, I am afraid

who would call me their own now…

tu hi wajah…

tere bina bewajah bekaar hoon main

tera yaar hoon main

tera yaar hoon main


you are the reason.

I am reason-less, useless, without you.

I’m your friend.

aaja laRein phir khilaunon ke liye

tu jeete main haar jaaun

aaja karein phir wohi sharaaratein

tu bhaage main maar khaaun


Come, let’s fight for toys again,

You win and I’d lose.

Come, let’s make those mischiefs again,

You run away and I’d get beaten (by parents/elders).


meeThi si wo gaali teri

sun-ne ko taiyaar hoon main

tera yaar hoon main

tera yaar hoon main

tera yaar hoon…


I’m ready to hear that

sweet-sounding cursing from you.

I’m your friend,

I’m your friend.


sajna de rang rangaaiyaan ve

sagna diyaan shehnaiyaan ve

Dhol wajaange yaar nachaange

lakh lakh deo badhaaiyaan ve


(he’s) colored in the colors of the beloved.

there are shehnaais (a musical, wind instrument) playing.

there will be drums playing and friends dancing,

congratulations hundreds of thousands of times.


khushiyaan ‘ch nachda main phiraan

hanjuaan ton bachda main phiraan…


I keep dancing in the happiness,

I keep fighting tears.

o jaate nahi kahin rishte puraane

kisi naye ke aa jaane se

jaata hoon main to mujhe tu jaane de

kyun pareshaan hai mere jaane se…


old relationships don’t go anywhere,

with a new person coming in.

let me go if I’m going,

why are you upset with my leaving?


TooTa hai to juRaa hai kyun

meri taraf tu muRaa hai kyun

haq nahi tu ye kahe ki yaar ab hum na rahe


if you are broken, why are you still attached to me?

why are you turned to me?

You don’t have a right to say that we aren’t friends now.


ek teri yaari ka hi

saaton janam haqdaar hoon main

tera yaar hoon main…


I have right to your friendship

all seven lives of mine,

I’m your friend.


Rid : Menna I have a suprise for you

The gift ;:


(Hopey remember this Menna )


Menna : Wow Yaar Sunshine you still remember this


Rid : How can I forget it


You wanted this

As it has purple my favourite colour and pink your favourite colour

And you kept it in your mind


So I thought to give you today


Don’t worry still many suprises till 1st August are waiting for you


Menna : But ek shart pe


Rid : And what is that


Menna : The suprise on 1st August will be on my behalf for you


Get that or else I won’t celebrate all these days with you not even today


Rid : Ok cupcake as you wish

Waise I want to learn emotional blackmailing from you as you are expert in that ! Teach me these days


Menna : Sure why not


And you also teach me music and especially your detective Mood and detective thinking


Rid : Sure MAHARANI SAHEBA , why not

It’s my pleasure


And after that they enjoyed and a lot and talked for hours and why not as they both met finally after 2 years !!


Amd then slept at night cuddling each other and the food items that were their favourites !! Sorry yaar @MennaHuseein55 I wanted to write a friendship proposal for you but I wasn’t as I wasn’t free plus you know my health conditions !


So that it’s for today guys


Hope you like this OS


Kindly ignore the grammatical and spelling errors


And yeah Happy Friendship day according to Venezuela


Sorry for late wishing !!


Sorry due to my health and as i was busy due to do work and plus network issues this os is published on 15th July after 12:30 am instead of 14th July 😔

So be-lated friendship day guys !!

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