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Hi friends, I’m back with the next part. Thaks a lot everyone for your comments. It’s a lil bit short so pardon me for that. Now let’s move inside our story.

Recap-Swasan’s alliance got fixed. Laksh hugged Ragini for the news. Swara and Sanskar said yes for their engagement.

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At Gadodia Mansion

Shekhar is reading a newspaper when someone comes and calls him by his name. Shekhar looks at that person and gets happy.

Shekhar-Arey, bhaiya, bhabhi, come.

(These two characters are played by Rajat’s fake parents, who were in the serial. But they are positive here.)

Parvati-Arey, Prashant, Kalyani, when you’ve come?
Prashant-Just now kaki saa. How are you?
Parvati-I am fine. What about you both?
Kalyani-We are also fine.
Deendayal-How was your journey beta?
Prashant-It was good.

They both takes blessings from Parvati and Deendayal. Prashant then hugs Shekhar and Kalyani hugs Sharmishtha. Swara and Ragini comes and takes blessings of them.

Swara-So I think both of you know about my wedding. So you both have to come to baadi today at evening.
Prashant-Baadi means? You all are going today only from here?
Shekhar-Ha bhaiya as because you both have come. And this is your house not our’s. And now we have to go there as we are here since a long time.
Kalyani-But Shekhar, baadi is not well maintained and clean as you all were not there for a long time.
Sharmishtha-Don’t worry bhabhi we said to Chhotu to clean the whole house. And he has already done that.
Kalyani-So, seriously you all are going?
Prashant-This is your house also.
Parvati-Ya I know as this house’s name is ‘Gadodia Mansion’, and we are also Gadodias and you are also Gadodias.
Prashant-Really kaki saa, when my mom and dad died, you were the one who had taken care of me and made this today. I am really very grateful to you and kaka saa.
Parvati-Stop it Prashant. Don’t you dare to say these again to me. Understand?
Prashant (smiles)-Okay.
Ragini-Kaki, how’s your mom now?
Kalyani-She is good now.

Then after talking about random stuffs Gadodia family leaves for baadi.

At evening

Laksh comes to Sanskar’s room to see if he is ready or not. Sanskar sees him.

Sanskar-So, how was the hug Lucky? Romantic or unromantic?

Laksh gets confused.

Laksh-About which hug you are talking?

Sanskar gets furious and holds Laksh’s collar.

Sanskar-Don’t you know that about which hug I am talking?

Laksh gets angry as well and he also holds Sanskar’s collar.

Laksh-Yes, I hugged her. So what? Can’t I hug my friend?
Sanskar (with blood shot eyes)-She is not an ordinary friend of your’s. She is my everything. Did you forget that? Bl**dy idiot!!
Laksh-Just be in your limits or else I will forget our relation.

Just then Sujata calls them to come. Sanskar leaves Laksh and so does Laksh.

They both set their hairs and shrwanis and leaves. Everybody leaves for baadi.

Precap-Swasan’s engagement.

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