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Muskaan 14th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Tabassum opposes Aarti

Muskaan 14th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Aarti running to her room and hugging Muskaan. Tabassum runs after Aarti. She knocks the door and asks her to open the door. Suzaine says I will talk to mum, don’t worry. Rakhi says Suzaine is also with Aarti. Tabassum says this won’t work, relations don’t matter here. Sujoy asks is Muskaan Aarti’s daughter. Sapna says yes. Tabassum says your earnings will be cut for a month, everyone will be punished. Rakhi says you also did a mistake, you have hidden the truth, so you should….

Tabassum says you don’t need to say, I will give my earnings to you, happy now. She goes and thinks of Aarti’s lies. Ghosh gets water for her. She throws the glass. He asks why are you angry. She says if you are feeling bad, go to them, who lied to me. He picks the glass pieces and

says I forgot how to feel bad, I don’t feel anything now. He says go and tell Aarti to get ready for the evening. Aarti prays and says don’t let my trust break, save my Muskaan. Ghosh comes to Aarti and asks her to come out, she has to dance and start the evening. He assures that Muskaan will be safe till she listens to Tabassum. Aarti opens the door. He asks her to go and get ready. Aarti performs on Kise puchun…….. Ghosh asks Rakhi not to decide anything, just Tabassum has right to decide. He takes phone from her. Aarti thinks of Tabassum’s words and cries. Lumi, Suzaine and Jaya give their assets to Tabassum and ask her to spare Muskaan. They all agree to do anything for Muskaan’s sake. They beg to Tabassum.

Tabassum throws the jewelry boxes and says don’t tell me how to run this world, you should go and explain Aarti. Aarti wakes up and looks for Muskaan. She sees Muskaan dancing, wearing ghungroos. Tabassum says now this will be her teaching. Aarti gets worried and wakes up. She says I won’t let this dream get fulfilled. She takes Muskaan with her. Tabassum comes and holds Aarti. She says I don’t trust you now, you can’t go without my permission. Tabassum takes Muskaan with her. Aarti runs after her and asks her to stop. Aarti asks Tabassum to open the door, and not make Muskaan away. Jaya and Lumi come. Aarti says mum too Muskaan. Suzaine says nothing will happen to her, calm down. Aarti cries.

Tabassum says Muskaan will do puja of her ghungroos. Aarti says I won’t let this happen. Tabassum drags Muskaan down.

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