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Udaariyaan 14th June 2021 Written Episode Update: Fateh and Tejo’s clashes

Udaariyaan 14th June 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Tejo asking Fateh why did he hold her and acted happy. He says I was teaching a lesson to Jasmin. She says you have hurt yourself by using me, you don’t get me into this. He says I just held you, you are coming in between by yourself. She says it won’t be good if you use me to teach a lesson to others. He says you are threatening me, don’t know what did I think to marry you. She says I m thinking the same, you don’t deserve to become anyone’s husband, use the wiper in bathroom, I was slipping today. He hits his head and goes. Everyone talks about Fateh and Tejo to love each other. Jasmin comes and says keep dreaming. Satti asks how did you come out. Jasmin says you didn’t shut the window, I m not a kid now. She shows the passport. Rupy says we know that. Satti asks did you go to Fateh’s house. Jasmin says yes, he can never love Tejo, he just loves me, you think Tejo will win his heart, impossible, they both can never stay happy. Satti asks what nonsense, we didn’t ask you, why do you care for them after breaking relations.

Jasmin says I m just saying what I have seen. Rupy asks what did you see. Jasmin says Fateh still loves me, its the truth. She says his eyes can never lie to me, he still loves me, he will come running to me on my one call. Satti asks her to stop it, he is her Jija. Jasmin says yes, don’t have false hopes, nothing can get fine between Fateh and Tejo. She goes. Rupy shouts on her.

Fateh’s family is leaving. Gurpreet asks Tejo to look after Fateh. Khushbeer asks Fateh to look after Tejo. Gurpreet hugs Fateh and asks will you stay alone. Khushbeer says his wife is along. The family leaves. Tejo asks Fateh what breakfast will he do. Fateh asks why are you acting when there is no time. She says fine, you can have bread if you want, I m going to clean the room. He says room is already clean. She says its not clean for me, that room is my also, I can’t tolerate anyone messing it up. They argue.

She goes to clean the room. He looks for the bread. He says she said there is everything, but fridge is empty. Bebe says I have emptied the fridge, now Fateh has to eat the food made by Tejo. Gurpreet worries for him. Tejo gets Fateh and Jasmin’s pic. He comes there. The pic frame falls down and breaks. He scolds her. She asks what will you do of these memories now, sorry, its over, accept the truth soon. He says I can never forget this, don’t say this again, you broke this frame intentionally right, vent anger on me, don’t break my things. Tejo asks are you mad, I also love Jasmin, sorry. He goes. He drives and thinks of Jasmin. Tejo sadly thinks of Jasmin and family. She says I didn’t think that life will show me this day, its because of Jasmin.

Dilraj gets food for Jasmin. Jasmin says everyone is treating me badly, its not my mistake, I won’t have food. He says its your fav bhendi. She misses Tejo. Tejo waits for Fateh. He comes home. He gets the pic frame repaired. He sits to drink. She asks will you have alcohol now. He says its my house, I can do anything, why are you asking. She says you didn’t have anything since morning. He says its my life. She says I have made the food and kept in the cooking, have it if you want. He says you want to become my wife, right, get some ice for me. She says go to hell. She goes. He says get some ice, please, you already took over my bathroom and room. She gets the ice and says I m warming the food, have food and sleep, finish this program soon. He thanks her for getting ice. He drinks a lot. She worries. Jasmin cries in her room.

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