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Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani 14th June 2021 Written Episode Update: Shaurya makes a plan to marry Anokhi

Shaurya Aur Anokhi Ki Kahani 14th June 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Shaurya saying fine, I will not accept this incomplete relation, you don’t need this sindoor, you don’t value it right, I will erase it, tell me the truth, else you will see me dead. Anokhi shouts no. He asks who has forced you to do this, tell me. She shouts Tej Sir. She cries and hugs Shaurya. She says I couldn’t see you getting ruined, I don’t want to see you losing everything, you will lose everything if I m with you, sorry. Shaurya cries.

Anokhi says I can’t make you away from your family, I did this for you and our love. He pushes her away. He asks how dare you blame Tej like this. Aastha comes to the college. Shagun meets her. She says I don’t understand about Anokhi, why is Shaurya so disturbed. Aastha says its better to leave him alone. Shagun says Shaan is in his cabin. Aastha says I know, where is Shaurya. Shagun says Anokhi fainted in the campus, so Shaurya went to drop her, I don’t know what is she doing. Aastha answers her.

Shaurya asks is your marriage just of you, is this relation just yours, who did you ask to end this relation. Anokhi says sorry. He says you agreed to Tej so easily, will you donate me, Devi and Shagun will also come to ask for me, will you give me to them also, you better me sorry, you love me, why didn’t you stay strong, I m surprised you are so weak, the girl who used to fight for every right, you didn’t fight for your love, you chose an easy way, you surrendered. He pushes her away. Shagun says Shaurya went to drop Anokhi, don’t know what is she doing, she is with him always.

Shaurya says you really broke my heart, I didn’t feel so bad when mum left me, you couldn’t do anything for your love. She says sorry. He says I m sorry, I can’t tolerate this, I really love you Anokhi, I won’t love anyone else, how can I stay with such a person who can’t stand for love, you can’t even decide it for yourself. He pushes her and says don’t touch me, I m going now forever, from your life. He goes and locks the door. She cries and asks him to open the door. Babli comes home. She says I came to take my phone, I have heard and seen everything, Anokhi what did you do, you should have talked about it. Anokhi says what could I do, I did this for Shaurya. Babli asks why did you lose this chance to get your love. Shaurya is on the way. Dev says Shaurya didn’t come back till now. Tej says Anokhi’s chapter is over, I trust my plan. She says I will call Shaurya. He says no, he has a heartbreak, give him some time. She says I m worried for him. She asks Kanchan where is Shaurya. Kanchan says no, I would have not told you even if I knew. She goes. Devi asks did you hear Kanchan, I will see her well. Tej asks what happened. Devi says I m worried for something wrong to happen.

Ahir says Shaurya called us here. Shaan and Aastha come and say he called us also. Babli says he was angry when Anokhi told him the truth. Aastha asks what truth. Babli tells them. Aastha says Shaan, I m scared, they are trying to do the same thing with Shaurya. Shaan says I won’t sit quiet, I will talk to Tej. Shaurya comes and says no need, it doesn’t matter, come, I will tell you. Aastha asks what will you do. Shaurya says marriage. Shaan asks with Shagun. Aastha says because you are upset with Anokhi. Shaurya says no, I will marry Anokhi again, she was going to make a big sacrifice for our love, I realized that she loves me a lot, I can’t leave her, I have to not let her go away, so I decided, its time to make this relation stronger, I will marry her with the rituals, seven rounds and seven vows, I called you here to discuss this, Anokhi shouldn’t know about it.

Aastha asks what’s the need. Shaurya says she should think that I m marrying Shagun, I want her to regret and get hurt, she was making a sacrifice for love, I don’t want her to think again to make such a sacrifice, I m doing this for my love. Ahir says your love is great. Shaurya asks will they support him. Babli says we have no choice. He says then do as I say. Ahir says strange, you want us to agree. Shaurya says I need your help, are you with me. They all join hands. Shaurya thinks Anokhi, our love will win.

Babli says Shaurya is getting married, I feel bad. Anokhi gets sad. Shaurya says we can take Babli’s help for wedding planning, you also help her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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