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Love with a Twist! #Riansh SS by Aayu part 2

Hello! Everyone……..

I know I keep you all waiting for something very wrong…..

Really Sorry!!I am trying my best to update you as soon as possible…

So many of you from many days wanted to update LOVE WITH A TWIST first so…


first part:- https://www.tellyupdate.co.in/love-with-a-twist-riansh-ss-by-aayu/

Here you go…

Vansh went to his room and took out his diary and started writing something very quickly..

he was lost somewhere maybe in himself only..he was feeling something very different. something he never feels like..

on the other side…

Riddhima was very Happy..she Makes a new friend..she wants something like this only..she was an introverted person who wanted to explore herself, from other’s views so she was in search of a friend who can understand her as RIddhima as she is…

After thinking a lot Vansh switched on his phone..

there were many notifications from that website but when he first opened yin’s message he himself doesn’t know why..

When he opened her message an unknown smile crept on his face..

He replied to her and then blocked all the other users who messaged him..

He was really an introverted person who doesn’t want to be an open book…for anyone but why doesn’t he block yin? This was a question he himself doesn’t know….

Days passed and they were becoming very good friends “yin and Yang”..Both were liking each other’s company..They never met but their thoughts, point of view, thinking…they were already met somewhere..

Riddhima was in love with his words…Vansh was in love with her thinking……….Riddhima’s thinking and Vansh’s words..were like MADE FOR EACH OTHER!! They were the perfect combination….

(I really want to elaborate on their friendship..but if I do that it will take more time…so in short..)

One day Vansh was in a terrible mood and he was angry…he was just frustrated..

Vansh:- How can mom do this? I told her many times that I don’t want to Marry!!

(Although Vansh was a calm person and believed in words..but why can’t he control when his mom asks him to marry..he loves his mom a lot, he can do anything for her… his mom also asked him if he loves someone but he doesn’t reply..so the marriage was fixed…He was feeling very low…He doesn’t know what is happening)

On the other hand…………

Riddhima was seen crying badly….she was breathing heavily.. her eyes were red…after a lot of thinking, she got up and picked her phone…


I am extremely sorry for the short update….But I can’t do anything….Hope you will understand..

I wrote this very Quickly..so If there are any mistakes..then bear it…and sorry! for that

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Bye Take Care…

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